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This Montclair Cafe is Famous for its Chocolate Chip Cookies

by Lisa Batitto
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The Corner, located at 115 Grove Street in Montclair, has gained a reputation as a must-visit destination for foodies. While the restaurant serves a variety of delicious dishes, their famous chocolate chip cookies have everyone talking. Thick, gooey, and packed with flavor, these cookies can only be ordered twice a day. Read on for more about the chocolate chip cookies at The Corner in Montclair.

chocolate chip cookies corner montclair

About The Corner

After opening in  April of 2015, The Corner outfitted itself to be a mix of “urban eclectic sensibilities,” all while reflecting Montclair’s suburban charm, according to the website. Designed by interior designer Nicole Roantree, The Corner combines the industrial feel of the city with the comfort of the suburbs. A neon sign reading “good vibes only” and colorful art prints decorate the walls.

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The open-concept kitchen and tables with rustic wood table tops and industrial table legs round out the look of the cafe. The large front windows and glass doors of the cafe allow for sunlight to naturally light the interior and make for the perfect spot for watching the regular hustle and bustle of Montclair pass you by.

The cafe serves up a wide variety of coffee styles, from the classic drip coffee to its signature Corner Cold Brew on Tap. For those who don’t drink coffee, The Corner has a selection of teas like Earl Grey and herbal chamomile. The Corner also has house-made sodas and juices.

If you are hungry, the spot has a selection of pastries and other snacks. You can get breakfast classics like croissants, scones, and buttermilk biscuits — or enjoy a baguette from the pastry board, which comes with a selection of fruit dips and preserves to enjoy with your bread. For those are stopping by for lunch or an afternoon snack, there is also a selection of sandwiches. The Corner BLT features thick-cut bacon, greens, sliced tomato, and aioli — or the smoked BBQ Chicken sandwich has barbecue chicken with purple coleslaw and house chips. The Corner also has a bone marrow broth soup and a soup of the day for those chilly afternoons.

The Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Corner’s chocolate chip cookies are unlike any other cookie you’ve ever tasted. Made with premium ingredients, including top-quality chocolate chips and pure butter, they’re the perfect balance of crispy on the outside and soft and gooey on the inside.

chocolate chip cookies corner montclair

But what sets The Corner’s chocolate chip cookies apart is their exclusivity. The cookie is only available at 12PM and 2:30PM, daily. MG pro tip: ask your waiter to reserve one for you.

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Whether you’re stopping by The Corner for a quick brunch or a leisurely dinner, make sure to save room for dessert.

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