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Where to Find Vegan Food in Montclair

by Sarah Griesbach
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Montclair is up to its tucked-into-the-shirt-collar napkin with vegan abundance. The truth is that pretty much every restaurant here has at least one decent vegan dish and a few good vegan sides. But the trust factor goes way up when restaurants write up a separate menu for plant-based options. Not all of the restaurants on this list specialize in vegan fare, but they all offer enough tasty choices to be prioritized when picking a vegan spot to brunch, lunch, or dine. Read on to plan your next vegan meal out in Montclair, New Jersey.

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The Corner | 115 Grove Street


The Ivy at Chatham
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The Corner Cafe does not identify its few, but delicious, vegan dishes on its menu as such. However, the options are very very good. Like the charred kale and hummus toast and the baguette topped with chocolate and strawberry marmalade.

Cuban Pete’s | 428 Bloomfield Avenue

cuban petes resturant montclair

Cuban Pete’s makes one dish designed specifically with the vegan explicitly in mind: the Vaca Feliz, an impossible meat sandwich. However, the salads (avocado, papaya, mango, jicama) and the sides options (fried or sweet plantains, several rice dishes, veggies, beans) can be combined to make a fine feast with a variety of terrific tastes. There are also a few normally vegetarian offerings — like the Garden Paella — that don’t lose their appeal if you leave out the cheese. The festive atmosphere inside and outside at Cuban Pete’s is worth the effort to piece together à la carte offerings of delicious dishes.

Faubourg Restaurant + Bar | 544 Bloomfield Avenue

faubourg restaurant montclair nj

Faubourg is accessibly  fancy. This modern French brasserie in the heart of Montclair has a full, separate vegan menu. Vegetable fricassee, mushroom tarte flambé, beet + plum salad, linguine prepared with artichokes, asparagus, fava beans, tomato confit, and arugula are just a few of the fantastic French-inspired dishes on their special menu.

Jackie’s Grillette | 614 Valley Road

jackies grillette

Vegan eating at Jackie’s Grillette is good eating when the order is for samplers with multiple mezze appetizers, or the fresh delicious salads of fava bean, grilled cauliflower, beets, cucumber, eggplant, tabouli maybe with stuffed grape leaves, portobello mushrooms, grilled veggies, mujadara lentils, spiced brussel sprouts, falafel, freekah (chickpeas and smoked green wheat), baba ghanoush, rice pilaf, or a few of those yummy vegan options stuffed into a pita or bowl.

Le Salbuen | 97 Walnut Street


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Le Salbuen has designed its menu to make excellent eating easy for those seeking vegan (and gluten-free) fare. Vegetable croques, curry roasted vegetables, vegan versions of Eggs Benedict, and a variety of perfectly composed main dishes mean repeated visits are required. A highlight of MG’s visit was the vegan patty on walnut raisin bread. The distinctly marked vegan menu with scrumptious vegan gumbo and vegan pasta du jour means that guests can rest assured of their meal’s ingredients and just focus on the yum.

LuLu’s Artisanal Cafe | 406 Bloomfield Avenue


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LuLu’s delicious, organic, mostly plant-based menu includes dishes diners won’t find elsewhere: pineapple and orange baked yams, grilled watermelon salad, sliders, a key lime pie shake to dream about plus gluten-free sweet potato pie, and gluten-free cocoa pudding. The restaurant’s highlights are often special versions of classic comfort foods, like vegan grilled cheese.


Marcel Bakery + Kitchen | 631 1/2 Valley Road

marcel montclair nj

Just next door to the legendary Veggie Heaven is Marcel. Marcel was born out of the legacy of its much-beloved predecessor Mishmish. Its great atmosphere and service that runs like a well-oiled machine make Marcel a welcoming, cozy place. The low rumble sound of smoothies in the making is a near-constant inside as are the opportunities for people watching outside. The incredible menu boasts delicious variety for vegans and includes quite a number of gluten-free options.

Mesob Ethiopian Restaurant | 515 Bloomfield Avenue

Nobody beats Mesob for extraordinary vegan (and gluten-free!) fare. An evening out around a shared platter of perfectly prepared Tikil Gomen (cabbage and potatoes), mouthwatering Atkilt Alicia (green beans and carrots), and spicy Misir Wet (split red lentils) is one night in heaven. Give at least two hours notice for the kitchen to prepare its fabulous traditional gluten-free injera.

Samba | 7 Park Street

Samba Montclair offers vegan entrees guests will find nowhere else. The Bolinho de Vegetais (vegan yuca pastries stuffed with spinach and roasted hearts of palm); yuca gnocchi; and sautéed okra and collard greens are utter perfection. The entire restaurant is certified gluten-free and the fun but romantic atmosphere of the place attests to the aptness of its name.

SLA Thai | 596 Valley Road


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SLA stands for “Simple, Love, Authentic.” The delicious Northern Thai fare is characterized by fresh herbs and well-balanced spices. The distinct vegan menu provides the trust factor every vegan hopes will accompany a delicious meal. The restaurant is both cozy and elegant inside with a casual, fun seating area outside.

Sweet T’s Southern Eatery | 387 Bloomfield Avenue

sweet ts southern eatery

Sweet T’s Southern Eatery may be the only restaurant around with a vegan lasagna. And it’s very good. The vegan candied yams, collards, and black-eyed peas put the Southern in the Sweet T. It’s healthy food to feed your soul.

Veggie Heaven | 631 Valley Road

veggie heaven montclair nj

Veggie Heaven is just that. For a vegan who fears accidental consumption of something undisclosed on the menu, the massive menu of vegan-only options makes for relaxing and exciting plate perusal. First-time customers will often ask “It says chicken? It says beef, shark fin, and duck. Is that actually vegan?” And it is. The faux animal products are part of a traditional Chinese culinary art form of transforming bean curd, taro root, mushrooms, yams, and other vegetables into taste-alike versions of classic meat dishes.

worldFLATS | 58 Church Street

world flats

The menu at worldFLATS features 11 varieties of flatbreads inspired by cuisine + spices from around the world, soups, salads, and desserts. Consistent fan favorites are the Roma, Athena, and Rio Grande flatbreads. The restaurant aims to help more people choose to include plant-based meals in their regular routine.

Other Vegan Options in MTC

A number of fast-casual restaurants like Bareburger and Sweetgreen are reliable spots for scrumptious vegan fare. Montclair’s Playa Bowls and BoomChia aren’t really restaurants, but rather dessert bowls cafes. Still, the fact that they are fully vegan puts them on the map for great vegan go-tos. The dessert bowls formula is always fresh and fun with bases like açaí, pitaya, or chia pudding topped with granola, fruit, nuts, and seeds, and a sweet drizzle on top. BoomChia also serves excellent coffee and kombucha on tap in its welcoming storefront space.

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The Future is Plant-Based

There’s more good news coming for plant-based eaters in Montclair. Newark’s popular fast-casual all-vegan restaurant — Brick City Vegan  — is on its way. Its vegan buttermilk biscuits, burgers, plantains, coleslaw, big bowls, and fruit shakes are tried and truly delicious.

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