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Jackie’s Grillette: A Popular Middle Eastern Deli in Montclair

by Eva Grall
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If you grew up in Montclair, then you know that a lunch trip to a local deli was a rite of passage in high school. It meant that either you were old enough to drive, or cool enough to know someone who had a car. Picking up a sandwich had caché: it was an exciting way to spend your allowance, and the deli offered more options than the food trucks or cafeteria foods. It was also an experience: standing in line with your friends, picking your go-to sandwich, and taking it back to Montclair High’s amphitheater to hang out and be seen. The delis in town are every bit a part of our Montclair community as we are, and Jackie’s Grillette is no exception. Read on to learn about the new deli with a long history in Montclair. 

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The Ivy at Chatham

Montclair Roots 

Longtime Montclair residents might remember a particular deli in Watchung Plaza called the Plaza Shoppe. Located in between Mr. Dino’s and Blue Stone Coffee, this deli and convenience store was owned by generations of Middle Eastern immigrants. Families were nurtured and supported by that store, first jobs were had, and in the case of Jackie’s Grillette, a deli dynasty was born.

When the Arsheed family first purchased the Plaza Shoppe more than a decade ago, they developed their relationship with the town. Then, as their business grew, they moved to the new store a few years later in Upper Montclair. They named their uptown delicatessen Jackie’s Grillette, after their daughter. It was the beginning of the Arsheed family delicatessen business.

Now that the Arsheed parents are mostly retired, their children have taken the reigns. Having worked tirelessly at their parents’ delis from a young age, the siblings, Jackie, Wassem, and Labeeb, manage and work at the store. They also operate a second location in Little Falls.

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Local Impact

Jackie's Grillette

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Montclair locals appreciate being regulars at Jackie’s Grillette because the Asheed family and their staff know their customers and care about the town. During the height of Covid last year, the family converted the store into a mini-mart to offer produce, bread, rice, and other conveniences for the community. 

It continues to be a fantastic restaurant for fresh Middle Eastern food and delicious sandwiches while spreading the kindness that we’ve come to love from our local shops. So whether you’re taking food out to a soccer game, eating salads in the cozy restaurant, or grabbing a smoothie for a road trip, Jackie’s Grillette is a great place to dine.

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For anyone who has moved to the U.S. to start a life, running your own small business and being able to pass it down to your children is its American dream. Thanks, Jackie’s Grillette for choosing Montclair to make it happen!

Favorites From the Menu

Jackie’s Grillette

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Known for the wide variety of fresh food options, the Middle Eastern dishes are some of the most popular. Here are our picks from the menu:

Side Sampler Appetizer with Falafel, Hummus, and Stuffed Grape Leaves

If you’re new to foods from the Middle East, consider trying a few of Jackie’s homemade appetizers. The authentic flavors will ease you into trying other dishes like Freekeh, Baba Ghanoush, and Gyro. You won’t be disappointed.

Taste of Home

For an authentic breakfast from the Mid-East, try this bowl full of flavor. With two eggs, labneh (yogurt), za’atar, and a chopped salad, you will start your day with a perfectly balanced meal.

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Signature Sandwiches & Wraps

It’s hard to choose which one is best, but each sandwich has its unique mix of ingredients and flavors. The wraps are delicious, and there are plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans!

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Shawarma Bowl

This rice-based bowl is topped with fresh arugula, salad, pickled cabbage, feta, and, of course, everyone’s favorite, chicken Shawarma. 

Greek Wrap

Bursting with flavor and a few olives, you will go to Santorini and back with this wrap.

jackies grillette

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Fresh Juices and Smoothies

You can’t go wrong with any of these drinks, especially if you need a refreshing beverage to go. Try the latest date smoothie with almond milk, mixed berries, banana, honey, and tahini. Yum!

The Classic Roast Beef Sub

Whether you’re on the fence in the whole hoagie vs. sub sandwich debate, we can all agree on one thing: Jackie’s Grillette has the perfect roast beef. Fresh, juicy, and unmistakably delicious, the roast beef sub needs nothing more than lettuce, tomato, and a touch of mayo. So grab a bag of chips and make memories by the swimming pool.

This family-run deli with fresh flavors and incredible service is a story of the American dream. Hopefully, you’ll find just the right meal to keep you going back for more!

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