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A Guide to Montclair’s Best Coffee Shops

by Gabriela Lachapel O'Brien
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There is certainly no shortage of great coffee shops in Montclair — each with their own particular specialities. Whether it’s part of your morning routine or for a midday pick-me-up, one of the perks of small town living is having a local coffee spot that knows just how to make your order to perfection. To highlight some Montclair favorites, we’ve rounded up a list of locally-owned coffee shops right here in Essex County, taking note of coffee options, specific menu items, milk selections and substitutes, baked goods, and of course, ambiance. Keep reading for the list of Montclair coffee shops.

Disclaimer: This list is growing, so if you know of one that we missed, email [email protected] 

Bluestone Coffee | 123 Watchung Avenue

You didn’t hear it from us, but word on the street is you might catch Montclair native and celebrity Stephen Colbert stopping by for his AM brew at this local café. Bluestone Coffee is a unique addition to this list as an Australian-owned spot, roasting the beans in-house, which are also available for purchase. It’s rich and strong, which is perfect to fuel your morning. 

Non-dairy milk available: coconut, almond, and soy

Boho Cafe | 113 Watchung Avenue


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The Boho Cafe is a sister business to the Boho Hair Salon, and was founded with a mission to connect people and create an inviting space. The shop brews organic Canyon Coffee, which is also available for purchase. Boho Cafe has a variety of syrup add-ins to customize your coffee experience. Some favorites include the coconut cream and the salted caramel, and there is always a house-made seasonal syrup to check out. 

Non-dairy milk available: almond and oat   

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Eagle Rock Cafe | 202 Bellevue Avenue #1B


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Eagle Rock is more than just a pretty face. This Insta-worthy shop brews Intelligentsia drip coffee and espresso drinks. The shop also hosts Sip + Learn events open to the community and are available for private events. 

Non-dairy milk available: almond and oat

Java Love | 244 Bellevue Avenue + 49 Church Street


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Whether uptown or downtown in Montclair, there is a cozy corner to enjoy a cup of joe at Java Love. All the coffee is either organic and/or sustainably farmed, fair trade, or rainforest alliance-certified, which means the best of the best. Java Love also has great seasonal specialty drinks as well as both sweet and savory baked goods. On top of serving customers a daily dose of caffeine, Java Love also serves the surrounding community by hosting coffee classes, live music, game nights, and other events.

Non-dairy milk available: coconut, oat, almond, and soy

Local Coffee | 107 Watchung Avenue


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Local Coffee is family-owned and operated, and is brewing hot beverages and bringing decadent pastries from some of the best vendors throughout New York and New Jersey. All of the coffee is sourced from Irving Farm Coffee Roasters, the tea is harvested from Tay Tea, and you can find an assortment of treats from Balthazar Bakery and Granola Lab. The mid-century aesthetic is goals.

Non-dairynmilk available: oat, almond, and soy

Mattarello Bakery + Cafe | 254 Bellevue Avenue

Mattarello Bakery

Mattarello’s offers dozens of baked goods and specialty coffees. Some delicious menu items include Nutella bites, ‘St. Joseph’s Cream Puffs’, and gluten-free chocolate Caprese.

Non-dairy milk available: oat, almond, and soy

Paper Plane | 194 Claremont Avenue


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The coffee served at Paper Plane has origins over 150 years old, beginning on a family farm in the mountains of Colombia. The shop also offers all the classics but also provides a unique selection of pour-over coffees, coffee soda (think cherry-vanilla soda and espresso), and an entire section of the menu dedicated to science. Yes, science. The drinks found in this section experiment with temperatures and complementing flavors like chocolate, spices, and fruits. Paper Plane takes the traditional coffee break to a whole new level. 

Non-dairy milk options: oat, almond, and soy 

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Red Eye | 94 Walnut Street


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When there’s time to sit down or take a stroll, we recommend doing so with a cup of joe from Red Eye. Located in the heart of Walnut Street, this Montclair staple brews organic, fair trade, and rainforest-alliance certified Kobrick coffee and espresso. Try the signature ‘sludge’ made from cold-brewed espresso and cardamom or add organic CBD to any beverage.   

Non-dairy milk options: almond, oat, and soy

The Corner | 115 Grove Street


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This popular brunch and rendezvous spot serves up all the best La Colombe blends, but don’t feel obliged to stay and eat. The coffee bar menu is simple and to the point, however, there is a little secret and it is the draft latte. There will not be any effects of alcohol however, this rich and creamy coffee is coming out of a tap… just give it a shot (pun intended) and it will shake up your routine. This spot also has the cutest Instagram-worthy decor, inside and out.

Non-dairy milk available: almond and soy

Vesta Chocolate | 598 Valley Road, Suite 2


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Come to revel in endless amounts of chocolate decadence and then stay for the extra caffeine boost from a delicious coffee. The couple behind Vesta Chocolate has served some of the most prestigious restaurants and brands in the food world and feels strongly about bringing luxury to everyday treats, like chocolate and coffee. Albeit a simple menu, the coffee drinks are rich and work well to compliment all the bonbons, baked goods, and bars. 

Non-dairy milk option: oat


Cedar Bean’s Coffee Joint | 575 Pompton Avenue, Cedar Grove

Just minutes from downtown Montclair, this coffee spot creates a fun, family-friendly environment. There is ample seating, bookshelves lined with children’s books, and Pac-Man for game enthusiasts. After being done with the various activities, this coffee shop has a cinnamon-roll-inspired espresso and also a French toast-inspired drink, among other options to choose from.

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