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Thought in Motion Waterbar: A Coffee Shop + Wellness Space in Montclair

by Olivia Fisher
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Located along Valley Road in Montclair is a special spot that serves up crystal-infused water that energizes and inspires those who drink it. It’s part coffee shop, part wellness center, and completely one-of-a-kind. A spot with a passion and a purpose, the Thought in Motion Waterbar provides a space for people to recharge, reconnect, and grow. Read on to learn more about Thought in Motion Waterbar and what this local gem brings to Montclair.

About Thought in Motion Waterbar

Thought in Motion Waterbar is a crystal-infused water bar located at 127B Valley Road in Montclair. Since 2005, founder Jaye has been empowering those who visit Thought in Motion by urging them to utilize their energy to create a life they love. Everything here is designed for guests to recharge, reconnect, inspire, and develop new ideas. Open weekdays and weekends, Thought in Motion has an eclectic interior, free WIFI, and ample space for those interested in working and studying.

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The Menu

Water is the star at Thought in Motion. This spot features a custom-built 11-step filtration system where the water for its Crystal Charged Water passes through. After the water is cleaned, it is passed over volcanic rocks for natural minerals, shungite, and a mixture of quartz crystals. This process ensures that the water served is balanced, restricted, transmuted, and charged with the highest vibe intentions. Visitors can purchase the water to go, bring their bottle, or purchase a BPA-free bottle in-store. Thought in Motion offers a monthly water refill program featuring three and five-gallon options. This program allows unlimited bottle filling throughout the month.

Similar to a wine or coffee-tasting flight, Thought in Motion has a Water Flight featuring each of its Elixirs. These Elixirs include Tropical Fruit Hibiscus, Blood Orange Ginger Cinnamon, Matcha Ginger Pear, Rose Lime Butterfly Pea Tea, Blueberry Blue Agave Basil, and Pomegranate Cherry Berry.

As any coffee shop does, Thought in Motion also serves espresso, cappuccinos, Americano, cold brew, hot chocolate, and unique lattes like turmeric and matcha. We suggest ordering the Mexican Hot Chocolate, served with cayenne, chili pepper, cinnamon, chocolate chips, and a pinch of Himalayan salt. And yes, the coffees are made with the charged water, so all of the benefits are incorporated. Thought in Motion has house-made crystal-charged almond milk and cashew coconut milk in addition to dairy options.

A creamy or sweet drink is always best paired with a little sweet treat. Here, diners can try overnight oats, matcha chia pudding, and banana bread bites. For something more savory, Thought in Motion has Turkish Tapenade Toast, chicken salad sandwiches, and cheddar tomato melts. We suggest ordering the coconut mango chia pudding, a dish featuring chia seeds soaked in coconut milk, layered with mango and pineapple, and topped with coconut flakes.



The Experiences

Water-infused drinks and fresh food are not all Thought in Motion has to offer. It hosts interactive events like Evening Experiences, Mapping Experiences, Epic Novels Experiences, music, and more.

Looking ahead, Thought in Motion’s next Evening Experience on Friday, February 2nd, 2024. This event will help guests understand how choices create and shape their lives and allow them to uncover who they are. The event will take place at 4 Lackawanna Plaza in Montclair at the DiRasa House of Diversified Arts. This interactive experience will begin around 7PM, but will open at 6:30PM for refreshments and socialization. Tickets cost $88. Click here to book tickets.

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Every Wednesday and Saturday, Thought in Motion has Mapping Experiences where one can master their inner reality by identifying the coordinates of where they are and where they want to go. This mapping activity helps one understand how they are reaching their potential. This journey helps one understand more of who they are today and how to become the best version of themselves. These 60-minute sessions cost $115. Click here to book your appointment.

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