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Nicolo’s: Montclair’s OG Italian Bakery + Deli

by Alexa Martin
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Some of the best delis are the ones that have a history in the towns we love. In the heart of Montclair lies a bakery and deli that has been serving up delicious bread, deli meats, and Italian specialties for more than half a century. Read on to learn more about Nicolo’s, Montclair’s historic Italian Bakery + Deli, located at 6 Baldwin Street.

The History


Nicolo’s Italian Bakery and Deli in Montclair was established by its namesake Nicolo Zecchino in 1967 and is still family-owned and operated to this day. Customers expect the same amazing quality of freshly-baked bread at Nicolo’s today that the deli and bakery has had every day since the shop opened. The family has kept the same baking principles that were first implemented in the business back in the ‘60s, and the loyalty proves that the owners are still staying true to these skills.

The Ivy at Chatham


While change can often be a good thing, this tradition is a compilation of the knowledge and skills Nicolo’s has gained over time and the reason why people keep coming back for more.

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When customers walk into this neighborhood spot, they’re greeted with the camaraderie of a business that’s served locals for years and has a mutual love and respect for their customers and what they do. It’s hustling + bustling, and you need to know what you want — because the pace of ordering is quick but cozy. 

The Menu


Nicolo’s bakes fresh Italian bread daily for both its retail and wholesale customers. The team doesn’t stop there, though. Nicolo’s is a go-to spot for lunch and dinner platters, catering, pizza, deli sandwiches and salads, and Italian specialties including pasta sauces and dishes.

Bread + Bakery


The spot specializes in traditional Italian and Semolina bread that is hearth-baked and made fresh daily. For generations, Nicolo’s has worked to perfect its standards of bread-making and it is evident from the second you break open a loaf. In addition to the Italian and Semolina bread the shop specializes in, Nicolo also offers ciabatta, braided rings, pizza bread, French baguettes, rye, and Panella bread.


Whether you’re planning to entertain or simply make a sandwich, Nicolo’s rolls are the way to go. The team bakes fresh every day round Italian, kaiser, hot dog, club, and party rolls. The bread you really don’t want to miss, however, is stuffed. Visit Nicolo’s for a variety of stuffed bread from the traditional pepperoni to sausage, onion, and mozzarella.

Deli + Catering


Nicolo’s is more than just a bakery. The deli counter is a truly old-school experience — where you can order soppressata, Italian sausage, and parmigiana sandwiches, to name a few. If you’re in the mood for something new and different, check out the daily specials that include frittatas, pulled barbeque pork, chicken cutlets, and more. Top off your deli meal with any one of the homemade salads or hot soups.


If you’re looking for quality Italian catering, Nicolo’s will cater to any occasion. Whether it’s a large party or a football game gathering, Nicolo’s serves sub sandwiches by the foot, trays that can serve 10-12 people, cold salads, and platters of stuffed bread, bruschetta, cold antipasto, and more.

Pasta + Sauces


As if your mouth isn’t watering enough, Nicolo’s also offers a wide variety of pasta and sauces. You can shop for homemade frozen pasta such as cavatelli, ravioli, stuffed shells, and more. Additionally, you can purchase dried and pre-packaged pasta like penne, orecchiette, and potato gnocchi, to name a few.

It doesn’t stop there. While you’re perusing pasta, you may want to consider picking up marinara, vodka, and prosciutto sauces or one of the ready-to-bake lasagna sheets as well.



No meal is complete without dessert, and at Nicolo’s, you’ll be in good hands. In addition to everything else made in-house daily, Nicolo’s makes a ton of different Italian baked goods made each morning. For breakfast, there are muffins, crumb buns, or chocolate croissants. For lunch or dinner, pies, pastries, and cookies are go-to’s.

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Nicolo’s really has it all and if reading through the plethora of menu items hasn’t quite convinced you, pay the bakery a visit and see for yourself. Open Tuesday through Sunday beginning at 6AM, Nicolo’s is a spot you don’t want to miss.

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