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The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Spots in Montclair

by Erica Commisso
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Nothing satisfies a sweet tooth like chocolate. It comes in many forms and recipes, but the classic chocolate chip cookie is a surefire favorite. Done perfectly, it’s both salty and sweet, both crispy and chewy, and paired with a coffee or a glass of milk. The classic chocolate chip cookie can be an instant crave quencher or a party favorite, and there are many places in Montclair that offer up chocolate chip cookies. Read on to find our favorite spots for this classic treat in Montclair. 

Java Love Roasters | 244 Bellevue Avenue + 49 Church Street

Java Love Roasters

Both Montclair locations of Java Love Roasters offer chocolate chip cookie packs. The bags come in 3, 6, or 12 cookie packs and pair well with the wide selection of coffee available at these Instagrammable cafes. With locations in both New York and New Jersey, the local business is expanding, and providing sustainable coffee, and baked goods that are as delicious as they are picture-worthy.

Jayce Baudry | 17 Church Street

Of course, this classic French bakery is going to give even the basic chocolate chip cookie the royal treatment. The chocolate chip cookie at Jayce Baudry has double chocolate chips, and the chocolate is Valrhona chocolate, one of the most premium chocolates available. The bakery is open seven days a week.

Le French Dad Boulangerie | 10 Church Street

Located at 10 Church Street, this delicious bakery serves up some scrumptious baked goods and some other lunch fare too — but if we’re talking chocolate chip cookies, the cookie buckwheat is not to be missed. This treat features organic buckwheat whole grain flour, and Valrhona 60% chocolate chips.

Nicolo’s Italian Bakery and Deli | 6 Baldwin Street

These chocolate chips are a different take on the classics: they’re made with almonds and walnuts. Each cookie costs 85 cents, and a pound costs $12. There are a lot of chocolate chips on the menu, too. Double chocolate chip muffins meet chocolate croissants, chocolate crumb buns to round out a cocoa delight. Other menu options include sesame cookies, seasonal pies, zeppole, and taralle. Take them to go, and pick them up with sauces, pasta, or deli sandwiches for a full meal. 

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The Corner | 115 Grove Street

This bakery first opened its doors to the Montclair community in April 2015, and owner Jeff Munoz is a local resident. The bakery makes the “230 cookies, “chocolate chip cookies made fresh daily at 2:30PM, in the open-kitchen dining room.  The cookies can be enjoyed in the window seating that spans the south and west corners of the eatery. 

The Little Daisy Bake Shop | 622 Valley Road

Each delicious treat at this quaint bakery is made from scratch, with no tree nuts or peanuts. The baked goods are crafted with homestyle recipes and with ingredients found in regular kitchens. Among the selection of cookies, the chocolate chip ones stand out: they come in singular portions or can be ordered in a cookie box, which includes four cookies each of three different flavors. 

Sweet Kitchen Montclair | 533 Bloomfield Avenue


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Founded in 2000, Sweet Kitchen aims to revolutionize the way people think about and consume food. The company’s slogan is “chasing the new flavor,” so its aim is to create unique twists on classics. The bakery is brimming with sweet treats both unique and classic, including chocolate chip cookies, cream puffs, kataifi, spinach pastries, and more. Stop in for brunch, get a meal catered, or pick up a sweet treat to go at this local eatery.  

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Vesta Chocolate | 598 Valley Road


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Husband and wife team Roger and Julia serve up chocolate chip cookies that are crispy on the outside and soft and chewy in the middle. The craft chocolate factory and cafe uses artisanal French techniques to develop the chocolate that goes in each recipe. People took notice, too: the cafe’s hot chocolate was voted one of the best recipes in the country.

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