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Breaking Bread at Montclair’s Le French Dad Boulangerie

by Jean Lee
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Take dad with a passion for baking, add a desire to build community. Mix in a fun location in Montclair to create the perfect recipe behind Le French Dad Boulangerie. The end result is something special that all of Montclair can enjoy. Located at 10 Church Street, this delicious bakery serves up some scrumptious baked goods and some other lunch fare too. Keep reading for more about Le French Dad Boulangerie.

Le French Dad Boulangerie

(Photo credit: @lefrenchdadboulangerie)

The Owner

Arben Gasi is the founder and owner of this bakery. While he is now the head baker and owner, he came to baking after a career as an engineer. After being an engineer and working across the country, he decided it was time to reset and catch up with his young children. During this time Arben picked up a few hobbies, including brewing and also baking. Arben enjoyed baking for his family, and he wanted to make it into a livelihood.

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After taking to the books (to learn about professional baking), Arben headed to France to spend time learning from the experts at a bakery there. “Baking for my own family is one thing, but doing it in a professional setting…is a different story,” Arben said.

Le French Dad Boulangerie 2

(Photo credit: @lefrenchdadboulangerie)

Arben took the time to learn how to bake and create various French masterpieces during his time in France. “As soon as I stepped inside and smelled the bread baking and the croissants proofing, I knew that was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”

The Vibe

When customers enter the Montclair storefront, they’re immediately hit with the smells of flour and butter, just like in a classic French bakery. The welcoming staff is always available to help customers, even offering opinions on the best bread for a dinner party.

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From the croissants to the tarts and even the loaves of bread, everything baked in this boulangerie is very Instagram-friendly. It looks so good, you might forget to actually enjoy it!

While customers cannot eat inside the store, there is outdoor seating available, weather permitting. Arben and the team hope to offer cooking classes and kids’ parties again.

Menu Musts

Customers can visit the store, order online, or even taste a pastry or bread at a partner establishment including local favorites Paper Planes Coffee, Faubourg, and Van Hook Cheese & Grocery Co. (check out the website for a full list of partners). The fluffy and airy croissant is delicious, but that’s not the only kind of flaky pastry. Pain au chocolat, pain aux raisins, and almond croissants are just a few other options to choose from.

Le French Dad Boulangerie 3

(Photo credit: @lefrenchdadboulangerie)

If you’re looking for bread, there are so many options to choose from as well including different types of baguettes, campagnes, olive bread, and more. If bread and pastries aren’t enough, Le French Dad Boulangerie also offers sandwiches (obviously with the freshly baked bread and croissants) and soup (try out the vegan lentil soup with french lentils).

There are a few menu items that aren’t available during the week, only on the weekend due to the baking schedule. Visit Saturday or Sunday to try the loaves of honey-spelt almond cranberry, buckwheat kalamata olive/rosemary, and many others. The bakery frequently has specials, so be sure to keep an eye out on social media for what’s new.

To keep up with Le French Dad Boulangerie, follow along on its Facebook and Instagram.

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