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The Mother Daughter Duo Behind B+W Sweets Bakery in Bloomfield

by Diana Cooper
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B + W Sweets is a small business based in Bloomfield run by a mom and daughter. Having just launched during the pandemic, B + W has gained recognition across Essex County, and there are even some people in other states who have ordered the custom goods online. Owner Brianna Wong’s popular custom icing cookies are very well designed and so pretty to look at that customers are scared to take a bite and ruin the artistry that goes into making them. Read on to learn more about B + W Sweets and the mom + daughter duo behind the baked goods

Launching B + W

B + W Sweets launched in the spring of 2020 by Brianna Wong, 28, and her mom Annette Bangaree (the B stands for Bangaree and W stands for Wong). Like many bakers, Brianna turned her hobby of baking into a full local business. She would make cakes for special occasions at her job in advertising. She still works full-time as a Director of Global Client Services, balancing her career with her baking business. 

The Ivy at Chatham

“As the pandemic became more of a reality, I had the idea of [making] ‘Care Kits’ – six cookies and a custom-painted card that people could order for their loved ones they hadn’t seen because of the pandemic,” Brianna explained to The Montclair Girl about her business launching.

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“It was a way to bring people closer and spread love in such trying times. Additionally, at the height of the George Floyd protests, I offered a 50-people discount on all of my items to incentivize people to order because I was donating all of my profits to local bail funds for protestors.”

Once people wanted more and more, she kept her business going and hasn’t stopped since. Luckily, she has her mom to thank. “Running B + W would be impossible without my mom. She does so much,” Brianna shared. “She’s always been my #1 fan and supporter in every aspect of my life. We’ve gotten into a good rhythm of working together!”

Brianna, who actually has never dreamt of having her own bakery, got inspiration from her grandma who used to have a small bake shop in Guyana where she sold traditional Guyanese baked goods and snacks. 

^ Pictured: B + W Sweets’ Founder Brianna Wong

About B + W’s Cookies and Cakes

If you haven’t checked out B + W’s custom royal icing cookies, found on their social media, you’re in for a treat – no pun intended. The designs are on another level and look like they came straight from a competition show on Food Network. Brianna has never applied to be on, but she loves The Great British Baking Show

Some fun designs include beach-themed cookies (car, sunglasses, tote), bachelorette-themed (engagement ring, champagne, Miss to Mrs.), Winnie The Pooh (honey, honeycomb, Winnie), gender reveal (giraffe, lion, elephant), and many more.

“I really enjoyed learning how to decorate cookies. Who knew you could fit so much detail onto such a small piece of dough?” Brianna, who spent her adolescents crafting and drawing, told MG about teaching herself how to design cookies. “I never thought my hobby turned side business would amount to so much but I love it! In the future, I hope more people can enjoy my creations!”

Apart from custom cookies, customers can also order custom cakes made with whatever flavor and filling requested. The events B + W caters to are across the board – from birthday parties, holiday parties, and graduations to baby showers, bachelorette parties and weddings.

“I’m always open to experimenting with flavors and will often try out new combinations whenever I have the chance,” Brianna said. “I [also] love the wide variety of events – it really makes me feel special when people choose me to help celebrate the milestones in their lives.”

Check Them Out

If you are interested in having B + W Sweets provide goodies at your next party, fill out their form online to get a custom quote. Orders must be placed at a minimum of two weeks prior to an event and there’s a one-dozen order minimum for cookies. Brianna says that she tries to bake two to three dozen cookies a day, but on rare occasions, she’s had to bake “hundreds in a day.”

Delivery is available in New Jersey and New York, and certain items (such as cookies, hot chocolate bombs, and cakesicles) are available for shipping nationwide. Items that have to be delivered include macarons, cakes, cupcakes, and chocolate-covered strawberries. 

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For now, Brianna and her mom will be baking from home since she doesn’t have plans to open a storefront in the future. The entrepreneur added: “I spend a lot of time on each custom order – from communicating with potential customers to capturing their vision, to actually bringing designs to life. I love the relationships I develop! Sometimes I really get to know them and their likes, and because of this, we end up brainstorming for all their big events.”

For ideas for what you can order, follow B + W Sweets on Instagram or Facebook.

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