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CARS: Sandwiches & Shakes – Home of the Fat Sandwiches

by Taylor Duncan
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Jersey style and overstuffed – that’s the motto at CARS: Sandwiches & Shakes, located at 150 Valley Road in Montclair as well as 114 East Main Street in Ramsey. The eatery serves both fresh and creative eats to satisfy all of your cravings, and it’s just another reason why we love NJ dining. The menu includes everything from sandwiches to wings, milkshakes, and more. To learn more about what CARS has to offer all North Jersey residents, read on for details on the menu and backstory of this Jersey gem.

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About the Owners

In December of 2011, Rich DiBenedetto and AJ DiBenedetto opened their first standalone store in Montclair, New Jersey. Then, in October 2014, CARS Ramsey opened at 114 East Main Street. It was a “pinch me” moment for Rich and AJ, both Ramsey High School alumni, to open a store in their hometown.

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The idea for CARS started when Rich was with some friends at his dad’s bagel store after hours. There, he started whipping up some creative eats. After a few bites of his unique creations, he started to think about the idea of opening up a late-night, fast-casual restaurant. And from there, CARS was born.

The Menu

If you’ve ever found yourself wanting a “fat sandwich” (overstuffed with ingredients that will make you happy — you know, those masterpieces that you craved in college), then CARS is exactly what you’re looking for. Aside from fat sandwiches, the menu also includes some sandwiches, wings, and shake classics.

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Mac + cheese – two words that everyone loves – is a must-try at this local spot. The Mac & Cheese Burger holds bacon, a homemade mac + cheese patty, and the CARS secret burger sauce. Vegetarians can also enjoy the Mac Patty Sandwich that comes with burger sauce, a mac + cheese patty, lettuce, and tomato.

There are two “fat” sandwiches – the “Solomon,” which is a vegetarian fat sandwich option that holds mac + cheese bites, french fries, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, and ranch dressing. Talk about a mouthful. The “Patrick” is another fat sandwich take on mac + cheese, served with mac + cheese bites, onion rings, chicken fingers, waffle fries, and chipotle mayo.

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(Photo credit: @eatatcars)

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If you’re not really in the mood for a sandwich, CARS can offer wings in seven different flavors, milkshakes in 12 different flavors (anything from banana split to peanut butter cup), plus some other sides and desserts. If you’ve never had a funnel cake ball — we definitely recommend that for the next time you visit CARS.

CARS also delivers to the surrounding area, so you never have to leave your house to taste this goodness.

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