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Little Palms Soft Play: Upping the Kids Party Game in Montclair

by The Montclair Girl Team
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As a parent, you want what’s best for your kids — especially when it comes to their physical safety. Thanks to Little Palms Soft Play, a mobile soft play rental company based in Montclair, you can create a safe and colorful play area within your own home. Whether you choose from a set package or a pick-and-mix variety of play equipment, your next indoor or outdoor children’s party or playdate is sure to be a hit with the little ones and parents alike. Read on to learn all about Little Palms Soft Play (+ an exclusive offer for MG readers.)

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All About Little Palms + Its Packages

Located in Montclair, Little Palms Soft Play delivers soft play to New Jersey and NYC residents for short-term rental use. With over 15 years of experience in event management,  founder Karlene Palmer-Mcleod and her team provide rental equipment for your little ones— maintaining a high standard of cleanliness and using non-toxic disinfectants after each rental.

The padded, colorful exploratory play equipment is functional indoors and outdoors with parental supervision and helps stimulate children’s gross motor skills and movement, increase their ability to engage and learn via play, and assist with special/developmental needs.

The soft play rental company provides a variety of packages and customizable ball pit options for children aged 0-6 years old. Whether your child is a crawler or an active little one, you can choose set packages or a pick-and-mix variety that best suits your needs.

“Our most popular package was our monochrome-black/white/gray playset, but 2021 was [the] year for nudes/browns, so I invested in three new packages with beige, browns, mint green, and white which are named Mocha and Wild Ones,” said Palmer-Mcleod. “I have a new exciting package coming to coincide with the Little Mermaid Movie release, which I am predicting to be a big theme trend for 2023.”

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How Little Palms Started

After working over a decade in experiential marketing, Palmer-Mcleod decided to open family-owned Little Palms Soft Play in October 2020 — in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a mother of two active boys herself, Palmer-Mcleod deemed the company a solution for parents with children trapped at home. She sought to help provide a safe yet fun opportunity for kids to develop the gross motor skill needed.

“Setting up Little Palms during the pandemic was a gamble, but I had a strong sense that parents would always celebrate their little one’s special day,” said Palmer-Mcleod. “As the world returned to normal, families wanted to amplify the parties with different themed playsets, so I have kept ahead of trends and catered to their needs by increasing my inventory and designing bespoke packages for families with customization.”

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Creating Memorable Experiences for Families

Little Palms Soft Play seeks to “create memorable experiences” for families and children, delivering safe play equipment to customers’ homes or event spaces.

“Little Palms Soft Play evolved when human connections were forbidden, but fun at home was the only way to stay sane,” she said.

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Additionally, Palmer-Mcleod set up a group for other soft play owners around the country to support each other and create a community. With long-term goals to franchise Little Palms, Palmer-Mcleod hopes to create industry standards to allow others embark on the entrepreneurship she has found so rewarding. 

“It is a very labor-intensive process, and we are mindful of keeping consistency in pricing and quality of service packages,” she said. “We care about our local community and families.” 

Additionally, Palmer-Mcleod prides herself in keeping up with trends and thinking ahead. In fact, Little Palms Soft Play has the only heart-shaped ball pit, glitter disco ball pit, and bubble ball pit on the market. 

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Don’t forget to mention ‘Montclair Girl’ to receive $50 off your first booking (new clients only). Returning clients can also receive 10% off their next rental when you mention ‘Montclair Girl’. 

Little Palms Soft Play is based in Montclair and serves the New Jersey and NYC area.

 For any client inquiries, call 305-467-6556 or email info@mylittlepalms.com.

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