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A Guide to Workout Studios in Montclair

by Gabriela Lachapel O'Brien
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It’s been proven that incorporating various styles of exercise into a workout regimen will produce greater results and it’s incredible that the fitness scene around Montclair is so diverse. Whether it’s breathing and meditation, high-intensity interval training, cycling, and toning, or strength training, there is a studio or gym out there that fits your needs. Here is a roundup of all of the best studios in Montclair — and a few in Bloomfield — for your next workout. 

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Hit The Barre | 50 Upper Montclair Plaza, Suite E

Come for basic barre toning and sculpting but stay for the all-ages ballet, hip-hop, and contemporary dance classes, “Hit The Bounce,” which is entirely on a trampoline, and Hit The Floor, which is a high-intensity dance cardio workout. There is plenty of variety here to keep even the busiest routines, fun and exciting.

The Ivy at Chatham

Pure Barre | 650 Bloomfield Avenue, Suite 5

This barre studio promises a low-impact, high-intensity workout from head to toe. Sessions will focus on strengthening and lengthening muscles while improving cardiovascular endurance. Try the Pure Empower class for a cardio boost or the Pure Reform class for added resistance.  

The Bar Method | 493 Bloomfield Avenue, 2nd Floor

Inspired by ballerinas, the Bar Method’s technique is proven to tone arms, legs, and midsection while improving posture and core strength. No matter how addicting, be sure to utilize those rest days because you will have spaghetti legs the next day, if not immediately after.


Bridge Athletics | 130 Valley Road

The group at Bridge Athletics maintains an inviting and challenging learning environment, which has its members coming back for more. There is a four-week Fundamentals package for first-timers to help learn the moves and get into the swing of things. Beyond that, what changes is the difficulty and level of intensity of each workout, the moves stay the same.

Guerrilla Fitness | 19 Elm Street

Join one of the most experienced Crossfit communities in New Jersey and become the strongest and fastest version of yourself. Build strength and have fun being fit. Guerrilla also offers classes designed for kids and teens to keep the whole family strong.


Corefire | 211 Bellevue Avenue, Suite 201

The philosophy at Corefire truly embodies mind, body, and spirit. The instructors, who are often spotted taking classes themselves, promise the strength and empowerment gained during your workouts will carry into life past the studio doors. With consistent practice, owners Angela and Cait, promise results in just 30 days. 

Equilibrium | 42 Park Street

At Equilibrium, the class sizes are intentionally small and focused to give each customer the individualized attention needed to make the most out of their sessions. The studio offers tower and mat classes as well as Gyrotonic, which is a blend of yoga, tai chi, swimming, and dance using a weight and pulley machine. 

Offering group classes via livestream.

Longevity Pilates | 522 Valley Road

There are only private and duet lessons at Longevity so guests can rest assured they are receiving the most attention possible. Aside from strengthening muscles, practicing alongside pilates instructors with over 20 years of experience can offer patients relief from everyday aches and poor posture to those suffering from chronic or short-term pain.

The Movement Place | 33 Watchung Plaza, 2nd Floor

After a few body conditioning sessions at The Movement Place, students will experience improved balance, posture, and circulation. The matt pilates classes offer the opportunity for increased flexibility and strength while warding off future injuries and other health problems.

The Pilates Link | 7 Park Street

Trained through the Certified Romana’s Pilates Certification Program, the instructors at The Pilates Link are changing the bodies of clients one session at a time. Take a combination of matt and tower, private and small group classes to balance difficulty, focus, and fun. 

To Be Pilates | 47 Park Street

To find the latest generation pilates equipment, look no further than To Be Pilates. Owner Barbara Morini offers classes on the mat, reformer, Cadillac, combo chairs, and even on trampolines for her signature Cardiolates. 

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CycleBar | 656 Bloomfield Avenue, Suite 8

CycleBar Montclair makes it easy to stick to a routine, which sometimes is half the battle. Riders can reserve a bike ahead of time, get {free} biking footgear, and ride! The studio is dark, the beats are pumping, and the energetic instructors are pushing everyone to the limits. If you’re worried about staying hydrated, water bottles are on the house. If you need some post-workout protein, snacks are included. The thrill of the ride plus all the amenities make it hard to consider skipping that workout.

Row House | 638 Bloomfield Avenue

Row House, a boutique fitness concept is revolutionizing the way people view indoor rowing. By offering a variety of classes, those of different strengths and abilities come together for a synchronized group fitness experience in an environment that is always welcoming.


Architect Studios | 4 Lackawanna Plaza

There are eight different types of HIIT classes that can be found here mixing up the equipment used, like kettlebells and spin bikes, and varying levels of strength vs. cardio. The results are the same in the end, giving 110% for a set amount of time to increase the heart rate and improve strength and endurance. 

D.FIT | 4 Erie Street

What’s great about D.FIT is the range of amenities and scale of the facilities similar to that of a franchise gym with the addition of various, specialized class types and spaces dedicated to recovery and stress management. It’s still a unique, boutique studio, however, the comprehensive and innovative approach makes fitness feasible for everyone. 

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JaiPure Yoga | 575 Bloomfield Avenue

JYP {as the yogis call it for short} aims to provide a physical workout, mental focus, and spiritual study throughout the range of yoga classes. Some classes are hot, some are not, some are even in the air. We recommend the Infrared Pure Flow to remove toxins from the body while relaxing the mind.

Juniper Yoga + Fitness | 213 Bellevue Avenue

There is an array of traditional yoga, Bikram yoga, hot pilates, and barre classes offered at Juniper. There are also numerous massage services, which combined with a yoga class, make for the ultimate self-care Sunday.  

Yoga Mechanics | 107 Forest Street

This studio is named after the foundations in anatomy and biomechanics that support yoga alignment. Through this connection between the physical body and the mind, the rigorously trained staff at Yoga Mechanics provide tailored experiences for each of the students.  

Zura Yoga | 604 Valley Road, 2nd Floor

Yoga. Strength. Movement. These are the primary goals of the practice at Zura Montclair. There are both non-hot and hot yoga studios, where there are about 10 different styles of classes, guaranteed to satisfy a wide array of styles.


THE MAX Challenge of Montclair | 516 Valley Road

THE MAX Challenge is a group training program that combines fitness, nutrition, and motivation to help members achieve results. The program includes unlimited fitness classes for all levels, a nutrition program, and more.

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