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JaiPure Yoga: Creating a Community Through Wellness

by Skye McDonald
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Yogis of all levels are welcome at JaiPure Yoga located at 575 Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair. This yoga studio offers classes and amenities to center the mind and balance the body. The welcoming environment and array of class types ensure that regulars and newbies alike will find a home at this cozy studio. Read on to learn more about JaiPure Yoga and why it’s a go-to for locals. 

Creating a Community

JaiPure Yoga

Owners Marcie Wallace and Loryn Riggiola opened JaiPure in 2013. The name, JaiPure, combines English and Sanskrit to translate into “Pure Victory.” The name is also an homage to Jaipur, India, which is “painted pink to welcome all visitors,’ according to JaiPureYoga.com. In short, Wallace and Riggiola created a space designed to be welcoming to the community.

The Ivy at Chatham

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JaiPure Yoga “invites you to journey on your own personal path. To practice physically, mentally, and spiritually until you reach a state of personal peace. Enjoy the journey and embrace the practice.” Everything from the symbolic logo to the warm colors of the studio works together to give students a comforting space in which to explore themselves.

JaiPure Yoga

Jim Poris, a Montclair local and long-time student at JaiPure, praises the environment that Marcie and Loryn have created. “[JaiPure is] welcoming, which one would think describes any and all yoga studios. But having attended classes in studios around the country, and in Canada, that’s not the case. Through its welcom[ing vibe], JaiPure creates another essential for a yoga center: community. Lastly, it’s challenging, encouraging and guiding students to do things they never thought possible.” 

Another student says, “Loryn and Marcie make it special. The colors, the lighting, the infrared heating, the candles… It’s like church but not. If you’re looking for spirituality and harmony without religious denominations, you’ll find it in this supportive community. The facilities make it very comfortable for women and men. People support each other here. It’s not a competition. Everyone wants to help each other.”

The Classes

JaiPure Yoga

JaiPure Yoga has two main studios. One maintains a comfortable temperature of around 74℉. The schedule for this room includes basic flow, Vinyasa, Iyengar, and many other yoga practices for all levels. Ropes are attached to the wall for Iyengar classes, and although not offered currently, eight aerial slings are secured to the ceiling. 

The other studio is the Infrared Heating room. JaiPure’s website explains the FAR heating system, which uses infrared heat instead of forced air to produce a more natural internal heating of the body. While the room is also used for non-hot classes and has more ropes attached to the wall for Iyengar yoga, hot classes are conducted in a closed-door room to keep the temperature anywhere from 80-90℉ depending on the class. Infrared Mindful Flow, Infrared Pure Power Flow, and Pure Hot 26×2 are all heated-room offerings. 

JaiPure Yoga

Bikram fanatics be advised! Pure Hot 26×2 does indeed follow the general outline of a Bikram class, but JaiPure’s studio is not intended to reach the extreme heat found in many traditional Bikram studios. While you will indeed drip sweat, it is not nearly as intense as the 100℉+ rooms found elsewhere. 

If going to a studio isn’t in your comfort zone at this time, JaiPure remains committed to helping you get your flow on. Virtual classes are offered daily. Many live classes are hybrid as well. As parents with school-aged children know all too well, hybrid classes are when instructors Zoom with at-home students while also leading a live class in the studio. Finally, if you’re traveling or simply want to try it out, JaiPure has a handful of audio classes you can try for free on the website here. Pop in some headphones wherever you are and check it out!

JaiPure Yoga

If sweating and stretching aren’t enough of a detox for you, JaiPure is proud to offer the Himalayan Salt Room as an add-on feature. Book this room and settle into a lounge chair or floor cushion. The room is lined in Himalayan salt bricks which are lit with warm lighting. During a session, “pure, pharmaceutical-grade salt [is ground] into microparticles, and the salt-infused air is dispersed in the room.” The website goes on to explain the naturally detoxifying benefits of salt therapy and offers resources where those interested can learn more. 

No matter what your session at JaiPure holds, the space is sure to accommodate your practical needs. A mat, towel, and water bottle are the usual fare for attending a yoga class, but if you’re short on materials and time, all can be obtained at the studio. 

The studio also offers yoga blocks, straps, and blankets to support modifications and deepening poses. There are two bathrooms, one of which has a shower, and towels are also available. 

Mat cleaning spray is stationed right outside the heated room, and the front of the studio is a store. Browse the clothing and yoga accessories available for purchase, grab water and settle into one of the chairs and tables to wait for class to begin. 

Membership + More

JaiPure Yoga

Pick the package that’s right for you. JaiPure offers monthly sessions, blocks of classes, and even weekday-morning and virtual packages. The new client discount is excellent: a month of unlimited classes for $57. Full-time students get discounts as well. Salt packages are also available. 

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JaiPure is strongly supportive of yogis who want to be instructors. The studio offers regular training classes for beginner and advanced instructor certification. New classes begin in September and October respectively. Find out more here.

If you’d rather give back to the studio in exchange for classes and discounts, inquire about the Karma Yoga and work-study opportunities. Complete shifts of clerical and social media duties and receive two things. One, a sense of satisfaction from helping this wonderful community, and two, free classes and discounts on products. 

Follow the studio on Instagram to stay in the know with its latest happenings.

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