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The Best Hot Yoga Studios in North Jersey

by Risha Jagadish
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The art of yoga has spread out near and far. With its numerous benefits such as improving strength, balance, flexibility, and not forgetting stress relief and relaxation — having a yoga practice is something we can all benefit from and there is a particular style for each individual. One such form is hot yoga. This was originally started by Bikram Choudhury and the hot temperature in the room was created to replicate the heat and humidity of India — where yoga found its roots. Today, there have been various modifications to the traditional practice while staying true to the mission of preparing the body for movement and removing impurities in the mind.

This vigorous form of yoga is performed in a warm, humid studio. The warm temperature makes it easier for the muscles to stretch and increase the range of motion with each pose. And your skin will seriously thank you for the sweat and post-yoga glow.  Read along to discover some of the hot yoga studios in North Jersey.

Essex County

Good Vibes Yoga & Kombucha Bar | 237 Franklin Avenue, Nutley

Good Vibes Yoga

The Ivy at Chatham

(Photo credit: @goodvibesyogabar)

As the name rightly suggests, this gem in Nutley is all about bringing people together and building a sense of community through a shared love for health and well-being. The entrance is a Kombucha bar in a pure vibrant setting where practitioners can engage in conversations, and the yoga room is referred to as “Satsang” and is focused on creating union via the community. The studio uses infrared red heaters in the studio which provide a natural feeling of heat that is comfortable to practice in. This heat plays a key role in detoxification, pain relief, and lowering blood pressure.

Flux Yoga | 410 Pompton Avenue, Cedar Grove

Yoga beginners and experts are welcome in this yoga studio. In every hot yoga class, students can expect these classes to be composed of an individualized series of poses and meditation exercises, accompanied by music. Whether you’re just dropping in or want to take part in a series of classes, Flux Yoga accommodates all kinds of yoga needs and there are a plethora of classes to enjoy regardless of your experience with yoga.

Indigo Yoga | 351 Bloomfield Avenue, Caldwell

Indigo Yoga

(Photo credit: @indigoyogastudio)

Indigo is all about bringing in positive intentions to the yoga practice, and its group of yoga teachers brings in their unique flair and knowledge to make it a memorable practice. The Hot Power Vinyasa Flow is a fitness-based approach to vinyasa-style yoga and the room is heated to 90-100 degrees. Indigo is currently offering a ‘Try 3 for $30’ package for all the classes.

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Jaipure Yoga | 575 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair

Jaipure Yoga

(Photo credit: @jaipureyoga)

Jaipure — a combination of both English and Sanskrit translates to ‘Pure Victory.’ The studio aims to bring in a sense of calm and relaxation amidst the busy life we have around us. The studio has two yoga rooms, one each with and without infrared heat. The FAR infrared heat system is similar to the sun or solar heat and allows one to reap maximum benefits from the practice. There’s also a salt room.

Juniper Yoga Fitness | 213 Bellevue Avenue, Montclair

Juniper Yoga Fitness

(Photo credit: @juniperyogafitness)

Whether your body is craving a relaxing massage or an invigorating hot yoga flow, Juniper has it all. The Bikram-style hot yoga class is taught in a heated room of about 105 degrees and is sure to work every muscle, tendon, and joint in your body. The studio also offers an Inferno Hot Pilates class which is challenging yet fun.

Hudson County

Powerflow Yoga | Multiple locations

Powerflow Yoga

(Photo credit: @pfyhoboken)

Jerry LePore founded Powerflow Yoga in 2008 after discovering the healing and transformative effects of a consistent yoga practice. The goal is to empower members to deepen their physical practice as well as inspire them on their personal journeys. The Hot power hour session can be taken at any one of the two locations in Hudson County (Hoboken + Jersey City) or other multiple locations.

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Real Hot Yoga | 1414 Grand Street, Hoboken

Real Hot Yoga

(Photo credit: @realhotyoganj)

If you’re looking to deepen your yoga practice and have a supercharged experience, then Real Hot Yoga might just be the studio. It’s looking to reinvent how we practice yoga — by breathing deeper, stretching further, and melting away in the warm studio. The classes are rooted in Vinyasa flow and the heat from practice helps purify your body of all the toxins. We especially like views of the Empire State Building during practice from the gorgeous studio space.

Surya Yoga Academy | Multiple locations

Real Hot Yoga

(Photo credit: @suryayogaacademy)

Whether you’re new to yoga or have a strong practice, Surya yoga’s welcoming environment is a great fit for all. It offers a rich variety of hot yoga classes with multiple locations in the area. The classes are subdivided into two categories: Hot flow, which is an open level Vinyasa flow; and Hot Power, a more intense workout flow with intermediate level postures.

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