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Where to Get a Massage in Montclair

by Jordan and Joelle Hernandez
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Relaxation is something everyone wants. Booking a massage appointment can be one of the best ways to achieve a state of Zen. Whether relieving pain, combating sleep trouble, or simply looking for a calming day, massage practices throughout Montclair offer options for all needs. Here is a list of locations to book a massage in Montclair.

hand and stone

Deborah Villegas Massage Center {605 Valley Road}

Deborah Villegas Massage Center offers numerous massage services. With options ranging from traditional Swedish massage to deep tissue, sports massage, and hot stone—the opportunities to customize a massage are plenty. The Massage Center is open Monday-Saturday from 9AM-6AM and on Sundays by appointment.

Elements Therapeutic Massage {496 Bloomfield Avenue}

Self-declared the “best massage in Montclair,” Elements Therapeutic Massage is all about a personalized experience. In order to make the experience fit specific needs, Elements Therapeutic Massage offers a variety of massages including prenatal, trigger point, deep tissue, Swedish, sports, and more. To improve even further on the experience, add-ons such as Himalayan salt stones, aromatherapy oils, and hemp-infused oils are available. Pricing starts at $79 for new clients and membership options are available. 

Hand + Stone Massage and Facial Spa {648 Bloomfield Avenue}

hand and stone

Migraine, tension, and stress relief are all benefits of massage, and Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa promise to make this a reality. Hand & Stone offers a variety of massage techniques including deep tissue, traditional Swedish, trigger point, prenatal, decompression, hot stone, and more. In addition to massage, Hand & Stone offers a line of facials and hair removal services. Memberships can also be purchased and pricing starts at $69. 

Head to Toe Harmony Massage Therapy {108 Orange Road}

Pain and trouble sleeping are some of the top concerns across the country. And Head to Toe Harmony Massage Therapy offers relief from some of the most common concerns such as TMJ, insomnia, back pain, fibromyalgia, and more. The practice uses popular techniques like traditional Swedish, trigger point release, hot stone, and reflexology. Head to Toe Harmony Massage Therapy is based in Montclair while also serving in multiple locations throughout Essex County as well as offering availability for house calls. Pricing starts at $90.

The It Girl Massage Therapy {292 Bloomfield Avenue}

“Five-star quality” is the term The It Girl Massage Therapy uses to describe the experience. The It Girl Massage is owned and operated by a certified massage therapist, Bichelle Harrison, L.M.T. Bichelle has been in the industry for a while and has certifications in specific types of massage therapy such as Elemis Deep Tissue, Elemis Body Sculpting, Bamboo Massage, Ayurveda Wellness and more. Her passion is in helping her clients become stress-free. The It Girl Massage Therapy offers a variety of services such as Indian Scalp Massage, Deep Tissue, Thai Table Massage, Traditional Swedish Massage, and Couples Workshops to name a few. In addition to coming into the practice, ‘The It Girl’ Massage Therapy also offers outcalls allowing clients to enjoy the art of massage at home. 

Massage Montclair {103 Park Street}

Board-certified massage therapist, Marie-Christine Lochot, has worked with patients since 1994. Specializing in personalization for conditions that can cause pain, trouble sleeping, and anxiety such as cancer, traumatic experiences, sports injury, and more, Marie-Christine practices techniques that are clinically proven to help with these concerns. Choose from specialties like oncology massage to support current cancer patients as well as those who have recently recovered, trigger point massage, and basic Jin Shin Do just to name a few.  Massages start at $60 for a 30-minute session. 

Montclair Massage Therapy {105 Grove Street}

With 20 years of experience, Kelly Jump is a certified massage therapist practicing in Montclair. Kelly offers four variations of massage techniques at Montclair Massage Therapy including deep tissue, Swedish Massage, MyoFascial, and Raindrop, which includes Young Living oils and hot towels. Pricing starts at $110 for a 1-hour massage and packages can be purchased for multiple sessions. 

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Montclair Massage Therapy + Wellness {33 Plymouth Street}

Director of Montclair Massage Therapy + Wellness, Terry Andino, has been in the business for more than 15 years. Her work spans across various cities and has landed her in Montclair, NJ where her practice has been open since 2010. All the massage styles offered at Montclair Massage Therapy focus on pain management and relief. With methods incorporating stretching, CBD oils, neuromuscular therapy, and more, these massages are perfect for those suffering from conditions like TMJ, frozen shoulder, migraines, those who are pregnant, and more. 

NJ Relaxation Station {516 Bloomfield Avenue}

With more than 15 years of experience, the massage therapists at NJ Relaxation Station are ready to eliminate tension and stress. As the name suggests, this practice is a one-stop-shop for all things relaxation. Enjoy custom massages in styles like traditional Swedish, deep tissue, raindrop technique, and hypno-massage. Or, further customize the experience by incorporating add-ons like a hot towel press, aromatherapy, hot stones, or a back scrub. House-calls are available for a more personal experience or, throw a spa party with an in-home masseuse. Pricing for services starts at $100. 

River Green Spa {197 Pine Street 2nd Floor}

River Green Spa provides services using ancient Asian techniques. The Spa’s massage therapists are skilled in various massage types such as deep-tissue, Swedish, Shiatsu, Oriental Traditional Massage, and reflexology. River Green Spa is open every day from 9AM-10PM. Pricing starts at $60 for a 60-minute service. 

Smart Integrative Massage Group {94 Valley Road—Suite 2A}

Smart Integrative Massage Group was founded by Darcy Doggett in 2004 and provides a wide range of services to accommodate the physical needs of clients. Darcy’s practice offers four categories of massage—sports, restorative, medical, and Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy. Additionally, Darcy offers oncology massage to relieve stress and anxiety—two of the most common side effects of a cancer diagnosis. After understanding the options, clients can choose the best options for their bodies. 

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