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A Guide to Prenatal Massages in the Montclair Area

by Brooke Nuzie
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Pregnancy is a beautiful experience, and mamas-to-be deserve a little pampering leading up to delivery day. The aches, pains, and cramps are a lot to deal with for 9+ months. We have rounded up Essex County-based spas that offer prenatal massages for soon-to-be-mamas to indulge in a little self-care. Read on to discover where to get a prenatal massage in and around Montclair.

prenatal massages essex county

Bangz {23 S Fullerton Avenue, Montclair}

Bangz offers a b Well Pampering Prenatal massage for anyone in their second or third trimester. This 50-minute massage focuses on easing lower back pain and all-around relaxation. In addition to massages, Bangz hosts a full menu of spa and hair services for a well-deserved full day of pampering.

Empyrean {96 Pompton Avenue, Verona}

60-minute massages at Empyrean are offered during all three trimesters. These massages are designed to alleviate pain in your changing body. Empyrean was included in The Best of Essex County in 2018 {silver winner} and 2019 {gold winner}.

The Ivy at Chatham

Flic Spa {288 Broad Street, Bloomfield}

Flic Spa

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Flic Spa is a self-proclaimed “vacation without the flight” with an environment based on the owner’s lives in the tropics. The spa offers a 60 and 90-minute prenatal massage, as well as a postnatal massage for a little break once the baby is here. The prenatal massage focuses on increased circulation and reduced pain. 

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Hand & Stone {648 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair}

hand and stone

Hand & Stone has a prenatal massage that focuses on the needs and relaxation of both mom-to-be and baby. Pillows and cushions are used to ensure maximum comfort for both body and mind.  

Massage Center {605 Valley Road, Upper Montclair}

This one-hour pregnancy massage reduces stress, improves health, and releases muscle tension from a spa that has been in Montclair for over 20 years. If you have never been, Massage Center offers a $50 one-hour introductory massage.

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Massage Envy {285 Pompton Avenue, Verona}

Massage Envy’s prenatal massages focus on three key areas: back, neck, and leg cramps. Of course, massages can also be customized to individual needs. Massage Envy is known for its membership packages, so if you want to be consistent with massage appointments, this is a great option.

SKN {408 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair}

skn montclair

SKN offers 60, 90, and 120-minute prenatal massages that focus on the full body. This is a side-lying massage, supported by maternity pillows to help enable optimal relaxation. SKN also offers waxing and facials if you want to treat yourself to a little extra.

Woodhouse Spa {56 South Park Street, Montclair}

The Woodhouse Day Spa

Woodhouse Spa offers the accurately named “Mellow Mama.” This massage focuses on dehydrated skin, exhaustion, and puffy hands + feet. It will also focus on easing tension in the lower back. You can purchase a pack of six 50-minute or 80-minute massages to make sure you have pampered your entire pregnancy. 

So, mamas, treat yourself! Your body’s working overtime right now and a little relaxation at a prenatal massage is just what you deserve.

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