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The Best Ramen Spots in New Jersey

by Christina Mastroeni
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Winter, snowy, crisp weather adds a special kind of chill to North Jersey. Gloves and puffy jackets can only add so much to warm up a chill on a cold day. Warming up during the winter season sounds like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be: soup season has come and it uses inviting savory smells, warm broths, and tasty noodles for all who need a minute to get nice and cozy. The Northern New Jersey area is filled with places for warm, savory, brothy soups, some of which are referred to as ramen. Keep reading to hear more about Ramen restaurants to warm up in the Northern New Jersey area.

7 Doors Down Ramen Co. | 271 Glenwood Avenue, Bloomfield


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7 Doors Down Ramen Co is located near the intersection of Glenwood Avenue, Conger Street, + Lackawanna Plaza. The Team consists of Executive Chef Lawrence Talis and Head Chef, Luis Blasini-Sinchi. Its ramen menu consists of dishes like mushroom, duck, chicken, pork, and a combination of chicken and pork broth. There’s also Mazemen, which is breathless ramen, for those who want warmth without the soupy mouthfeel. In addition to ramen, the menu also includes small plates, ceviche + sashimi, main courses, and desserts. Try the Duck Ramen (roasted chicken broth, miso tare, chili oil, duck confit, caramelized onion, corn, + poached egg, scallion).

Ani Ramen House | 511 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair

best ramen new jersey ani ramen

One of the multiple ramen spots in Montclair, Ani Ramen, is located on Bloomfield Avenue. Its storefront is in Montclair Center. Ani’s mission is to provide a relaxed and comfortable experience for all to enjoy. The menu has ramen options including Spicy Miso + Vegan Ramen. Ramen aside, Ani also offers big bites, sides, and bao buns. Start with the pork belly bao buns to share with a friend. Then try the Shoyu Ramen (classic chicken broth, shoyu tare, kakuni (pork belly), cabbage, chives, scallions, + black garlic oil). There is also a brothless ramen option available.

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Fujiya Ramen | 413 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair


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Fujiya Ramen exists because of the passion of Father and Son duo Minoru and Zen Yoshida. Minoru has 40+ years of experience making ramen in and near Tokyo. Its menu consists of ten different types of ramen including Yasai Ramen (pork broth with noodle, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, + kikurage mushrooms), Tonkotsu Ramen (pork broth with noodle, pork belly chashu, bamboo shoots, scallions, + seaweed), and Chashu Ramen (pork broth with noodle, extra pork belly chashu, bamboo shoots, scallions, + homemade special soy sauce). There are also bowls and appetizers available on the menu. Try starting with the Yaki- Gyoza (fried or steamed dumplings — pork or vegetable) before diving into any of these delicious bowls of ramen. Gluten-free folks should inquire about rice noodles, as those can be swapped into a Ramen bowl.

Inspiration Roll | 106 Central Avenue, Westfield + 46 South Park Place, Morristown


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Inspiration Roll has two locations in Westfield and Morristown. The menu consists of ramen as well as sushi burritos, poke bowls, and salads. Try the Pork Shio (10-12 Hour Pork Broth (salt-based), Braised Pork, + Black Garlic Truffle Oil) if looking to order ramen. Sides like Edamame, or Takoyaki (Fried Wheat Cakes with Octopus, Topped with Asian Style Worcestershire Sauce, + Japanese Mayo) are also available.

Kawa Ramen | 133 South Street, New Providence

A newer location on this list, Kawa Ramen was founded in 2021. Its Ramen menu consists of a few items: Special Miso Chicken, Vegan Explosion, Traditional Tonkotsu Shio, Queen, and Special Chili Lime. Each of these options has a set list of ingredients, but customers also have the option to select one of the many add-ons under each item, making a customized bowl of Ramen for each new face that walks through the door. Kawa also has options like noodle specials, curry platters, rice bowls, + appetizers. Try the Scallion pancake as an appetizer, then move into The Queen Ramen (Tonkotsu pork soup, shoyu, + dark roasted leek with crushed garlic oil, roasted pork, bamboo shoots, scallion, wood warm mushroom, red ginger, + a seasoned boiled egg).

Menya Ramen House | 76 North Maple Avenue, Ridgewood


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Menya Ramen is located near the three-way intersection of North Maple Avenue + Marshall Street. The establishment came to be when “a collection of corporate hack/has-beens” decided they loved ramen and wanted to make their own quality version. Menya has multiple menus available for diners: Value Set (which is built for couples and families), Appetizers, Ramen, Add-ons, Beverages, Dessert, and Lunch Specials. Start out with the Takoyaki (Fried octopus puffs topped with seaweed powder, + bonito flakes) from the appetizer menu, then try the truffle Shio (Chicken broth flavored with truffle oil topped with marinated chicken, scallions, onions, + bamboo). End the meal with Mochidoki (available in original or vegan). Gluten-free noodles are also available.

Momoya Ramen | 390 Broad Street, Bloomfield

Momoya Ramen is located on Broad Street, one of Bloomfield’s busiest streets. Its menu consists of ramen as well as bao buns and other appetizers, milk + fruit teas, salads, and desserts. Options to try here are the Spicy Shrimp or Spicy Crab Bao Buns, the Kimchi Seafood Ramen (Chicken and pork broth, shrimp, fishcake, ear mushroom, scallions, bamboo shoot, sweet corn, + kimchi), or the Chashu Ramen (Pork chashu in rich + creamy tonkotsu broth (made over 12 hours), ear mushroom, sweet corn, scallions, + bamboo shoot).



Muteki Ramen | 533 Washington Street, Hoboken + 100 York Street, Jersey City


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Muteki Ramen currently has two locations. One is on Washington Street in Hoboken, and the other is on York Street in Jersey City. Its menu consists of ramen, appetizers, salads, rice bowls, buns, and desserts. Try the purple sweet potato tempura to start, then move into a bowl of Volcano Miso Ramen (noodles in a spicy miso pork broth, pork chashu, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, kikurage mushrooms, butter corn, cabbage, scallion, eg, fish cake, + nori). Finish this meal by trying the Matcha cheesecake.

Ramen Green | 420 Grand Street, Jersey City

Ramen Green is located on Grand Street and has a variety of ramen options as well as rice bowls, appetizers, and drinks. Ramen options include famous versions of ramen like miso, vegetable, and tonkotsu. There are also more unique options to try like the Sweet + Sour Cold Ramen (Dashi shoyu base, vinegar, five pieces of toro chashu, cucumbers, green onion, red ginger, sesame oil, + mustard), and Tomato Beef Ramen (pork broth, tomato base, sliced beef, fresh chopped tomato, cabbage, spinach, carrots, green onion, + cilantro).

Ramen Matsu | 207 Closter Dock Road, Closter


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Ramen Matsu is located on Closter Dock Road across the street from So Good Korean BBQ. Its menu mainly consists of ramen options and beverages. Some items to choose from: Wafu Shio Ramen (Salt flavored wafu Japanese style broth. Included toppings: Pork shoulder, bamboo shoots, scallions, dried seaweed, shiitake, or the Original Shoyu Ramen (Soy sauce based clear broth. Toppings include pork chashu, bamboo shoot, scallions, + dried seaweed). There is also the option to order a ramen + side. Those coming here hungry should try the Ramen + Sous Vide Pork Chashu Don Set (Pork chashu with chashu sauce and scallions over rice, + choice of ramen).

Samurai Sushi | 245 Paterson Avenue, East Rutherford + 467 Communipaw Avenue, Jersey City


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Samurai Sushi has two locations; one is in East Rutherford, and the other is located in Jersey City. Samurai Sushi has an extensive list of menus for various types of sushi and sashimi, appetizers, ramen, hot dishes, and drinks. It’s a good place to come hungry and with friends. Consider some apps like the Tuna Tataki (Seared tuna sashimi with sesame seeds, + vegetable salad), and the Yellowtail Jalapeno (Thinly sliced yellowtail sashimi, jalapeños, tobiko, ponzu sauce, + white truffle oil). Move onto the Chicken Ramen (Miso broth, chicken, wood ear mushrooms, baby bok choy, + poached egg), or consider other hot dishes like Teriyaki (available with chicken, salmon, beef, or tofu).

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Sushi Koshi | 109 Watchung Avenue, Montclair

Sushi Koshi is on Watchung Avenue in Montclair, very close to Watchung Plaza. The restaurant is known for using fresh ingredients to serve sushi, rice bowls, and noodles to hungry patrons. There are many menus available for different sushis, sashimi, + rolls, teriyaki dishes, rice bowls, ramen, and more. Ramen + Udon (a thicker noodle) options include Miso Ramen (with vegetables, pork, + egg), Seafood Udon, and Chicken Tempura Udon. Finish the meal with green tea ice cream or bubble tea.

Wasai Bistro | 232 Centennial Avenue, Cranford

Wasai Bistro is located on Centennial Avenue, one of Cranford’s most popular streets. Wasai’s promise is that it uses seasonal, local, + imported ingredients. There are a variety of menus to choose from including Sushi/Rolls, Noodle Bar, Donburi/Rice, + Desserts. Ramen and Udon options vary from modern dishes like Spicy Clam Udon Soup and Uni + Bone Marrow Ramen to more traditional dishes like Tonkatsu Ramen. Finish this meal with an order of Mango Mousse for dessert.

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