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The Most Unique Fitness Classes in Montclair

by Lauren Wilson-Policke
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With summer steadily approaching and our collective energies increasing, now is a great time to try out something new. If checking out an unusual way to exercise or getting into a healthy workout routine is at the top of your to-do list, you may be interested in these. There are activities for all kinds of personalities and interests. We compiled a list of fun, local fitness classes to help keep you motivated and shake up your regimen. Read on to learn about the most unique fitness classes here in Montclair.

“Signature Row” at Row House | 638 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair

row house montclair

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The Ivy at Chatham

Rowing is one of those Olympic sports that everyone forgets about until the next go-round, but it always looks so sleek and cool. The Row House in Montclair has figured out how to have the rowing experience without the river. “Signature Row” is one of Row House’s most popular classes and is ideal for everyone from first-time to experienced rowers. This low-impact, 45-minute full-body workout combines rowing intervals, low-impact, and full-body floor exercises guaranteed to leave you sweaty and spent. This class helps to build aerobic endurance, increase flexibility and improve posture all while giving a great cardio workout.

“Heels + Sex Appeal” at Caos Fitt | 130 Valley Road, Montclair

No matter the season, the crew at Caos Fitt will take students to the tropics. This studio offers Caribbean, African, and Latin-based dance fitness classes that feel more like a night out at the club than a workout. The “Heels & Sex Appeal” class teaches participants how to “strut your stuff,” hold a pose, and learn exotic pole dancing moves. There is live DJ interaction with every class, making each workout part fitness, part party.

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“Gimme Twenty” at D*FIT | 4 Erie Street, Montclair

d*fit montclair

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There’s no way to sugarcoat this: the ‘Gimme Twenty’ class at D*FIT means business. If you’re looking to step up your workouts with some high-intensity training to get your heart pumping and muscles burning, “Gimme Twenty” at D*FIT is for you. This innovative, boutique studio tucked away in “The Mill” at Walnut Street Train Station has nine exceptional Personal Trainers who are dedicated to offering personalized workouts. “Gimme Twenty” alternates between cardioblasts (jump rope, jumping jacks, or high knees) and Gimme Twenties (press, curl, lunge, and more), targeting all major muscle groups. It’s a full-body endurance challenge guaranteed to bring out the athlete in you.

“Aerial Mindful Flow & Meditation” at JaiPure Yoga | 575 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair

jai pure yoga

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JaiPure Yoga offers a variety of classes in the two full-service yoga rooms so students are bound to find a class that works best. The “Aerial Mindful Flow & Meditation” class offers the opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with aerial yoga silks, which are suspended like a hammock and sit approximately 4 feet off the floor. JaiPure’s group of talented instructors will guide students through sun salutations, standing postures, supported inversions, and restorative postures using the hammock. The class concludes with a guided meditation in the air resulting in deep relaxation from being wrapped in a cocoon and the effects of antigravity. Afterward, book a session in the Salt Room which is lined with pink Himalayan salt bricks.

“Group COREFIRE” at COREFIRE | 211 Bellevue Avenue, Suite 201, Upper Montclair

corefire upper montclair

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Students will warm up from within during a highly personalized, form-focused, sweat-inducing, strength training workout in the heart of Upper Montclair. The Corefire workout centers around the Megaformer, a machine made up of a gliding platform, straps, and springs. The carriage is spring-loaded with resistance to give participants a total body, strength training workout. These fun, 45-minute sessions on the Megaformer introduce form-focused strength, energy, and balance by guiding your natural ability to resist and counter-resist movements in various positions. Since this is a low-impact workout, it’s great for all fitness levels. The highly trained instructors will guide you through a variety of movements like “Skater,” “Teaser,” and “King Cobra” that will leave participants sweaty and sore for days after.

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“All Things Back Bendy” at Studio Air | 180 Bloomfield Avenue, #3A, Montclair

studio air montclair

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The workout at Studio Air is as much about the mind as it is about the body. This will really shake up your normal fitness routine with one that makes you feel strong, challenged, confident, and sexy. “All Things Back Bendy” at Studio Air is a pole fitness class that gets you up close and personal with your new dance partner, the pole. Pole fitness offers a variety of benefits like increasing strength, improving coordination, toning abdominals, burning fat, and most importantly increasing self-esteem through the freedom of self-expression. In addition to the pole fitness classes, Studio Air offers several Aerial Arts classes.

“Prenatal & Postpartum Core Essentials” at Montclair BABY | 113 Walnut Street, Montclair

If you are newly pregnant, full-term, newly postpartum, or years postpartum and interested in easing into a fitness routine, Montclair BABY has designed a class to help you re-align, strengthen, and tone your core and pelvic floor. The “Prenatal & Postpartum Core Essentials” class is a great fitness option during pregnancy as proper core training can help alleviate pregnancy pains and may prevent injuries, pelvic floor issues, accelerate your postpartum recovery, and even create a healthier environment for your baby in utero. Postpartum core training is ideal for moms who want to focus on healing their core from abdominal separation as a result of pregnancy and pelvic floor weakness. Montclair BABY is dedicated to supporting the well-being of expectant moms, new parents, and their families by offering an array of classes aimed to empower and provide them with educational tools.

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