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Meet the Finalists of Montclair Girl‘s Puppy Bowl 2022 — CAST YOUR VOTE!

by Hoboken Girl Team
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Following the impossible task of deliberating the cutest pups in Essex County, the top nine finalists for our 1st Annual Montclair Girl Puppy Photo Bowl 2022 have been chosen!

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Voting will take place from Wednesday, February 9th to Sunday, February 13th at 11:59PM and the winner will be announced on Tuesday, February 15th. You can vote as many times as you want within that time frame.

Thank you to all the dog parents who submitted photos of their fur babies AND who donated to Hounds in Pounds! Keep reading to cast your vote and crown one dog as the winner (of some amazing local prizes!). We will also be donating a portion of the sponsorship fees to Hounds in Pounds.

The Ivy at Chatham

VOTING BELOW – first, a look at our top 9:

The Finalists

Phoebe, the Pug

IG: @Phoebethelovepug

montclair girl phoebe

Phoebe’s owner shared with us:

Phoebe is a sweet and sassy 10-year-old pug. She’s a seasoned traveler who loves going on road trips to pug meetups, taking walks, napping, and (of course) snackies.”

Darwin, the Terrier Mutt

montclair girl darwin

Darwin’s owner shared with us:

My sweet toothless ten-year-old terrier mutt, Darwin rescued me just as much as I rescued him! Darwin came into my life two years ago when I needed him the most. Since then, he has learned to twirl like a ballerina, dingle his potty bell, and poke his snooter on command. Darwin has taught me to savor a nice nature walk, appreciate the simple comfort of a warm blanket, and that love is best shared far and wide. We almost lost Darwin last year to pancreatitis, so our whole family and all who love him cherish every toothless smile and big snore our sweet boy shares with us.”

Ruby, the Labrador/Pit Bull Mix

montclair girl puppy ruby

Ruby’s owner shared with us:

Ruby is a 6 (ish) year old Lab/pitbull mix. We rescued her when she was between six months and a year old. She lives in Montclair and loves going on hikes with her dog pack, chasing the groundhog who lives in our backyard, eating, and sleeping. She tolerates her brothers (3 and 5-year-old boys) and enjoys swiping bread products off of counters. She makes us so happy!”

Wally, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

montclair girl wally

Wally’s owner shared with us:

“Wally is a 1.5-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He is playful, spunky, sweet, and sassy. He is eager to please and is the talk of the neighborhood! He loves all the treats and playing Keep-Away.”

Roxie, the Boston Terrier

montclair girl roxie

Roxie’s owner shared with us:

“Roxie, aka Rox, aka Rox Rox, is a Boston Terrier. Our vet thinks she is between 4 and 6 years old, though we don’t know for sure, since we adopted her when she was already an adult. This tiny, 15-pound lady was a puppy mill mama. Despite what we think was a rough start to life (evidenced by the scar tissue on her eyes and on her back), this little lady is the biggest love we’ve ever met. All she wants are treats, food, goat’s milk (she refuses to drink plain water), and a lap to snuggle on.”

Louie, the Australian Cattle Dog

montclair girl louie

Louie’s owner shared with us:

“He is a 50lb Australian cattle dog and beagle mix who just celebrated his 7th birthday on January 15th. I was able to adopt him at 8 weeks old, and he has literally never left my side. He’s full of personality and too smart for his own good. He loves hiking, the beach, and walking around the neighborhood on both sunny and snowy days. As active as he is, he also loves a good snuggle session.”

Ace, the Corgi Husky

montclair girl ace

Ace’s owner shared with us: 

“Ace is a crazy 12-week-old Corgi Husky. He has the body of a corgi and the face and personality of a husky. He is super soft and is basically a teddy bear! Ace absolutely adores butt scratches and playing fetch.”

Lentil Katz, the Labrador/Bloodhound Mix

montclair girl lentil

Lentil’s owner shared with us:

“Lentil is extremely food-motivated and uses her skills to sniff out food-portunities at every chance she gets! Her favorite activities include cuddling, eating from puzzle toys, going on sniff walks, and running around with her puppy pal, Barley.”

Max, the Labradoodle

montclair girl max

Max’s owner shared with us:

“Max is a 2-year-old Labradoodle who was born in New Jersey. He lives with his mommy and daddy who tell him he’s the most affectionate and playful dog they have ever seen. Max likes to retrieve and play catch but fetching balls is his favorite thing of all! One of Max’s favorite pastimes is to play with his human grandson who comes to visit and snuggle.”

Submit your name + email below and then you’ll be able to VOTE for your favorite pup. (You can vote as many times as you want, now until 11:59PM on Sunday, 2/13)

The Prizes

L&B Healthy Pet Markets | 15 South Fullerton, Montclair

IG Handle: @lbhealthypetmarkets

Giveaway Gift + Value: $150 gift basket of goodies from @openfarmpet, @bravopetfoods, @einsteinpets, @oc_raw, @boccesbakery, @fabdoginc, @bossdogbrand

Montclair Pet Girl | 41 Watchung Plaza, #301, Montclair

IG Handle: @montclairpetgirl

Giveaway Gift + Value: $100 gift card toward pet services


Cast your votes starting today through Sunday, February 13th at 11:59PM.

Stay tuned for the crowned winner on Tuesday, February 15th of our first annual Puppy Bowl Photo Contest .

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