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Stuffed Grassfed Burgers Rebranding to ‘Dan and Day’s’ in Upper Montclair

by Rosaria LoPresti
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A new addition to Montclair’s food scene is on the way from a familiar face. Dan and Dayanna Campeas are the husband and wife team behind Stuffed Grassfed Burgers and are now pivoting their energies into a new venture called Dan + Day’s Burgers and Shakes. The new spot will be located at 598 Valley Road in Upper Montclair and feature some of the highlights from Stuffed Grassfed Burgers. Locals won’t have to be without their stuffed burgers, however: Stuffed GB is staying open until the move. Read on for more about this new spot serving burgers and more in Upper Montclair.

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The Announcement

Attentive pedestrians in Upper Montclair might’ve noticed a small sign posted at 598 Valley Road. The sign read “Coming Soon,” detailing the latest gastronomic venture from the owners behind Stuffed Grassfed Burgers. A little digging revealed more details — on Instagram, the local burger haven announced its rebranding + relocation, and Stuffed GB’s website features a note from Dan, introducing the concept behind the new business.

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As for why, the note states: “The simple answer is that it’s where our heart is, but in business that’s not always the best choice. The truth is that since COVID, I (Dan) lost a lot of passion I once had for this business. It’s labor-intensive, relentless, and stressful. On top of that, the reward is not as lucrative as many might think. So without the passion for the concept and without the reward that justifies the stress, I’ve been feeling like I needed a change for a long time.”

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About the Owners

Dan Campeas is a lifelong Montclair resident who brought his burger concept to his hometown with Stuffed Grassfed Burgers. Dan started Stuffed Grassfed Burgers nine years ago when he was 24 years old. Having run the restaurant with his wife, Dayanna, this endeavor taught him a lot about the ins and outs of the business world and life itself.  Dan described in the letter how he would take everything he learned from the former business and implement it into Dan and Day’s Burgers + Shakes.

Dan expressed his excitement about including his wife in the new business name where the married couple will be running the establishment together. For years, the idea of moving uptown had been a lingering dream for the pair but the timing was never right. That all changed with a newfound commitment to their vision and a turn of events that led them to what Dan has described as the “perfect” location for their new upcoming business.



What We Know 

If there is one thing that frequent customers and burger lovers can agree on, it is the way Stuffed Grassfed Burgers are stuffed — hence the name. Some notable favorites from the menu include the bacon jam burger (stuffed with Havarti cheese, bacon jam, roasted garlic aioli, and arugula) and the Montclair blue burger (stuffed with blue cheese, chipotle aioli, and sautéed mushrooms).

The menu also currently features options for non-beef fans and vegetarians such as turkey burgers, fries, sandwiches, and salads. All of the ingredients are homemade and sourced from local vendors which will continue to be so in the new restaurant. 

Stuffed GB will remain open until the move, but around Thanksgiving, will start to make menu cuts — though 65-70% of the menu will stay the same (much to the relief of locals, the bacon jam is staying put). Dan + Day’s is aiming for a January opening, though a date has yet to be confirmed. 

The new spot will keep 75% of the menu from Stuffed Grassfed Burgers, especially the burgers, but also introduce something sweeter, such as a variety of milkshakes with 12 flavors available to choose from. Customers can also look forward to enjoying live music during their restaurant experience at the new spot, too. 

For a while, the couple contemplated the idea of preserving “stuffed” as the name of the business. However, given the expansion of the menu, the name no longer resonated with the new culinary direction. 

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Grand Opening

The opening of Dan + Day’s Burger + Shakes will represent a tasteful addition to Upper Montclair’s expansive culinary landscape with a bigger menu and new items to choose from. While details about the impending arrival of the restaurant in Montclair remain limited, it is confirmed that preparations are underway and the restaurant is “aiming for a January opening,” per an Instagram post. Accordingly, the team is building out an entire kitchen at the Upper Montclair location, which is estimated to take two to three months. The grand opening date will be disclosed shortly, so stay tuned for further information. As Dan stated in the letter, “I’m excited and ready to start over and create again.”

For more updates and information about the grand opening, follow Dan and Day’s Burgers + Shakes on their website and Facebook, and keep up with @themontclairgirl on  Instagram + TikTok.

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