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This Family Owned Deli Serves Jewish + Italian Specialties in Livingston

by Jodi Cirincione
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Nana’s Deli is a family-rooted deli serving Jewish and Italian specialties located at 127 South Livingston Avenue in Livingston, New Jersey. Walking in the door will give visitors a wave of sweet nostalgia as the atmosphere is warm, inviting, and reminiscent of family dinners and holidays. Antiques and quirky signs cover the walls and the establishment’s emphasis on family is clear. Read on for more about this beloved community spot in Livingston.

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The Inspiration

Owners Marc Dworkin and his son Jason Dworkin, credit their Nana Rose for the inspiration behind the deli and its famous tuna salad. What could be so unique about a tuna salad? Nana’s tuna salad is comprised of approximately 10 secret ingredients that haven’t been guessed correctly in decades. Marc Dworkin chuckled and stated to The Montclair Girl, “Over the years I have been offered crazy things for the recipe, but I will never divulge it.”

The Ivy at Chatham

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Nana Rose created the recipe in her Jersey City apartment circa 1950’s and her tuna was the talk of the neighborhood. The Dworkins remember neighbors popping in with a can of tuna so Nana could work her magic, secretly of course, as they would return later to a freshly made tuna salad. Years later, Marc opened a restaurant, The Cutting Board, in Bayonne, and a top seller was “Tuna by Nana.” The Dworkin family understood that this salad was truly a phenomenon and four years later, Nana’s Deli was born. To get the word out, the owner placed platters of tuna and rye in all of the beauty parlors in Livingston and a new neighborhood was hooked.

About the Deli

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Nana’s Deli serves delicious Jewish staples like matzoh ball soup, brisket, and chopped liver as the Jewish holidays are very busy for the deli. Nana’s Deli offers an array of catering platters, including a dessert platter, and often caters to Kiddushes in the area. In addition, Nana’s Deli is known for its baked herbal sour cream chicken, poached salmon, and sweet and sour meatballs.

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There is a long list of sandwiches including the sloppy joe, the freshly roasted turkey sandwich, and the classic Reuben with a twist. The deli’s chicken cutlet sandwich has been previously featured on ABC’s Neighborhood Eats. There is truly something for everyone at Nana’s. For more information, visit the deli’s Instagram via @nanasdeli.

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