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Kreme + Krumbs in Bloomfield Broken Into After Just Reopening

by Eva Reid
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Kreme + Krumbs, an ice cream shop in Bloomfield, reopened on April 10th after a winter break, according to its Google page. But sadly, just as the spot was reopening for the season, the owner shared on its Instagram account that they were robbed this week. Located at 162 Glenwood Avenue, the shop is known for its ice cream and ice cream sandwiches known as the “Kremewich.” Read more to learn about Kreme + Krumbs, the latest updates after the robbery, and what you can expect at that shop. 

The Robbery

kreme krumbs

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The Ivy at Chatham

On the weekend of its seasonal reopening, Kreme + Krumbs posted that it had been broken into, with its glass door being completely shattered. The ice cream shop posted a video and photo on its Instagram account. 

The Kreme + Krumbs bike was also stolen, which made the dessert shop easily mobile. Dozens of comments were displayed on the video posted, with the community showing its support.

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In the next video, Kiahna Malloy, owner, and creator of Kreme + Krumbs posted a photo of the locks and door being fixed and shared her thanks to everyone for being supported and “sending good energy” her way.


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The Backstory

In 2012, Kiahna began to brainstorm about a unique way to approach an ice cream sandwich.

“I wanted to create a non-traditional ice cream sandwich by combining the classic celebratory desserts cake and ice cream. It was important that my ice cream was creamy and full of flavor. Using all-natural ingredients, the best artisan vanillas, chocolates, and Jersey’s best seasonal ingredients,” Malloy shared via the website. 

In 2014, Kiahna served the “Kremewich” for the first time and it has left its mark on the world of ice cream ever since.

In 2017, Kreme + Krumbs opened for business in Bloomfield.

{Photo credit: kremeandkrumbs.com}

The Eats

Kreme + Krumbs is known for its “Over The MOOn” ice cream flavors and its Kremewich, which is an ice cream sandwich with both cake and ice cream — and includes a variety of flavors to choose from. 

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Some of the ice cream flavors that Kreme + Krumbs has brought to the table are Peanutbutta Milk and Kookies, which is made with peanut buttermilk and peanut butter cookies; Junk Kreme, which is vanilla ice cream, brownie chunks, caramel, and salted pretzels; and Jersey Turnpike, which is Kreme + Krumbs’ Rocky Road flavor. 

The famous “Kremewich” also has come in many flavors, such as the Apple Krumb Kremewich that contains vanilla ice cream, caramel swirls, and Cinnamon Apple Krumb Kakes. The Mint Chocolate Dipped Kremewich is made with Valrhona chocolate ice cream, dark chocolate cakes, and is lowered into minty goodness such as mint chocolate and peppermint chips. 


{Photo credit: @kremeandkrumbs}

Hours of Operation

Kreme + Krumbs is open for all to enjoy, and orders can be made by pre-order or mobile pick-ups. The shop is open on Saturdays from 1-4 PM. 

Every Saturday morning at 8 AM, the weekly inventory is up on the website. The business encourages those who come to wear a mask even when being served outside of the storefront and stay socially distant.

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To stay in the loop, follow Kreme + Krumbs on Instagram @kremeandkrumbs or check out the website kremeandkrumbs.com which also includes the shop containing items such as a bag, a t-shirt, and a cap.

If you want to be in the know about other dessert places in the Bloomfield and Montclair area, be sure to check out Montclair Bread Company, Vanilla Heaven, and opening soon — Il Laboratorio del Gelato.

How You Can Help

While the community quickly came together to support the owners, the bike is still missing. If you have information about the robbery or bike’s whereabouts, Kianha asks that you report it to the Bloomfield Police Department.

And of course, as lovers of all things local, it’s without question that we ask you to #shopsmall for your ice cream this week {and every week!}.

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