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Dry Goods Refillery: An Eco-Friendly Grocery Store Opening Montclair

by Victoria Marie Moyeno
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An eco-friendly grocery store called ‘Dry Goods Refillery’ is opening a location in Montclair, in addition to its Maplewood outpost. The Garcia family are the founders of the environmentally-conscious shop and hope to inspire others to make changes in their day-to-day lives that would help protect the environment, like refilling a glass container with pasta rather than purchasing a new box of it at a grocery store. Read on to learn more about the Dry Goods Refillery opening in Montclair at 193 Bellevue Avenue.

How Dry Goods Refillery Came to Be

dry goods refillery montclair

“We have recently become increasingly aware of the impact that we have on the planet and have become more conscious of the trash and waste that we produce. Over the last few years, we have made gradual changes and started small when implementing them. We started by packing school lunches in reusable containers, committed to carrying water bottles and coffee mugs with us everywhere we went and switched over to cloth napkins and paper towels in our kitchen,” the Garcia family stated on the website.

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Dry Goods Refillery

“After several years of making changes in our family to reduce our waste, we still found that there was one aspect of our daily lives that was super hard to change — the way we shopped at the grocery store. Despite bringing our own shopping totes, eliminating plastic produce bags, and utilizing the local farmers’ markets year-round, we were still forced into buying lots of groceries in plastic wrap or cardboard boxes with cellophane windows. There simply wasn’t another option in our community for so many of the products on our shopping list! And when we did find bulk suppliers, they did not cater easily to the idea of BYOC (bring your own container) — which we feel is truly the way to repurpose, reuse, and reduce waste. This is the way that shopping used to be generations ago, but had easily become lost in the era of convenience and online purchasing.”

And so, in an effort to change all of that, Dry Goods Refillery was born.

Dry Goods Refillery

The mission is to bring the idea of package-free shopping to the community by sourcing products from some of the best suppliers we could find. The team works with eco-conscious companies who work to push the mission of sustainability and partner with brands that give back to the planet, promote carbon neutrality, and focus on their efforts to make a difference through fair trade practices, small family organic farming, and electric delivery vehicles.

What to Expect

Dry Goods Refillery

Dry Goods Refillery will carry an array of food products. Customers can shop for grains like rice (several variations), wheat, pasta, cheese, milk, teas, and even fresh bread from Montclair’s very own Le French Dad Boulangerie, coffee beans from Paper Plane — all of which are in packaging free of plastic. Customers can bring their own containers to refill or purchase glass jars/bottles, tea tins, and organic cloth bags.

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Dry Goods Refillery will open its doors in Montclair on September 2nd. Follow the brand on Instagram for more updates.

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