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Mystic Lobster Roll Co. to Open in Montclair

by Diana Cooper
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The “tastiest lobster rolls on the East coast” are making their way to Montclair. The seafood restaurant, Mystic Lobster Roll Company, will be opening at 145 Valley Road in town. This will be Mystic’s sixth location in the Garden State — with additional locations in Basking Ridge, Bayville, Brick, Bridgewater, Cranford, and Jersey City coming soon. Read on to learn more about the restaurant, Mystic Lobster Roll Co. and its plans to open in Montclair.

mystic lobster co montclair

(Photo credit: Mystic Lobster Roll Co.)

Mystic’s Montclair Takeover

How did Mystic Lobster in Montclair come about? Co-owner Amy Barakat tells Montclair Girl that her stepdad, Gerard Tretola, owns a painting business in Montclair, and he brought the idea to his daughter. Mr. Tretola’s brother, Philip Tretola, and his wife, Renee Tretola, happen to be the original owners of Mystic Lobster Roll Co., who began the business almost 30 years ago.

From there, Barakat found a spot that was open to leasing, and she and her sister, Amanda Barakat, and their mother, Lori Barakat, got to work setting everything up for the franchise.

“We just all-in-all love Montclair. We’re always in Montclair. We were happy to get a location there,” Amy Barakat tells us. “I like the diversity of everyone. Every time I’m in Montclair, everyone is so welcoming and friendly. I just fell in love with the town.”

Mystic Lobster

(Photo credit: Mystic Lobster Roll Co.)

While construction is underway, the Jackson, NJ resident shares what the inside is going to look like upon opening. Hint: it’s going to be beach-themed with a huge “surfboard.”

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“When you walk in, there’s going to be a counter where you’ll be greeted. You place your order and then we’re going to put a little bar [for eating] and stools where the big windows in the front are,” she says. “It’s not going to be a dine-in place, but people will be able to sit at the bar to eat their food or to wait for their food. There will be a stand where the UberEats and DoorDash pickups will go.”

Barakat also says there will be a section in the restaurant to pick up drinks and snacks. The owners plan on getting creative with the menus. One is going to be on a big surfboard, which will be hanging against the wall. They also will be installing TV screens that will have the menu on them as well.

mystic lobster roll mac and cheese

(Photo credit: Mystic Lobster Roll Co.)

About the Menu

Mystic’s location in Montclair plans to serve the same food that’s served at its other locations since “everything has to be exact,” we’re told.

The original owners, Mr. and Mrs. Tretola, per the website, stated the mission is “for everyone to experience what a true Maine lobster roll tastes like. We strive for perfection only using the best and freshest in Maine cold water lobster meat.”

With that being said, everything on the menu is lobster-based. There are classic Maine, New England, and Connecticut-style rolls. Then, there are the specialty rolls and lobster tacos. For example, the Hawaiian is a roll made of fresh lobster with mango caviar, coconut mayo, and fresh coconut (pictured below).

Mystic Lobster

(Photo credit: Mystic Lobster Roll Co.)

The Southern Heat lobster taco consists of Maine lobster meat, candied jalapenos, jalapeno hatch chili jam, and mixed greens. And then there’s the Surf and Turf, for example, which is fresh lobster, filet mignon, and mayo on a lightly buttered roll.

All the rolls come with coleslaw and a pickle or house-made fries, called “Yukon Golds.”  The French fries are cooked in salt brine and butter, with the choice of rosemary and herbs, sea salt, loaded garlic, or crab-style flavoring.

Other sides include lobster bisque, King Crab and corn chowder, or white cheddar lobster mac and cheese. Even the kids are in for a treat – the kid’s menu offers white cheddar mac and cheese and chicken fingers.

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“Everything we make takes no more than five to seven minutes to make and prepare, so it’s great for people who are looking for something delicious and fast,” the co-owner says.

For guests following special dietary instructions, lettuce wraps are available to swap out for a roll. Those following a gluten-free diet will be happy to know that GF rolls are available. The chocolate cake available on the dessert menu is also GF, so save some room.

MTC, Coming Soon

The new Montclair restaurant is expected to open by October.

“We are oh-so-very excited to be opening in beautiful Montclair. We really can’t wait to open and serve Montclair!” Barakat says.

Mystic has additional locations in Florida and will be expanding to other states including Colorado, New York, and South Dakota in the future. Franchise opportunities are available with “one of the lowest start-up fees in the industry, under $50,000.” For more information, visit the company’s website found here.

To stay in the know, follow Mystic Lobster Roll Co.’s Montclair Facebook page, click here.

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