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Good Bottle, New Jersey’s First Refill/Zero Waste Shop Open in Montclair

by Jennifer Tripucka
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With more than eight million tons of plastic being dumped into our oceans each year, waste reduction is likely the most needed and simplest step that everyone can do to improve the well-being of our planet. The idea for a refill shop called ‘Good Bottle’ first came to Deanna Taylor-Heacock in January 2018, when after looking at her year-end credit card statement — as she was appalled at the amount of money she was spending at big box stores. Now, the business is has expanded to a location in Montclair. Read on to learn more about Good Bottle’s mission and what to expect.

Good Bottle zero waste shop montclair

She decided she had to spend less and was very much interested in the minimalist lifestyle. She came up with a plan to spend less, buy less. After following this model for a year, she ended up saving $10,000. Inspired by the changes her family made, she decided to take it to the next level as she still had a pretty hefty amount of single-use household goods to buy each month. After trying to find ways to cut them out, she started researching sustainable versions of the single-use items her family was using each month. Through this process, she stumbled upon the zero-waste movement.

She became more educated about the impact all our trash has on the environment and reading about our recycling not actually getting recycled. Heacock realized there should be a way to refill rather than buy new, but there was nowhere like this in New Jersey or even New York City. This idea stayed with Taylor-Heacock and she found herself researching and writing a business plan while her son was in school and her daughter had playdates. With over fifteen years experience as a buyer at retail giants Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s, and website, BareNecessities.com, she channeled her business acumen and found vendors, created a product list, and spent time securing a retail location. In September 2019, the Good Bottle Refill Shop officially opened its doors to consumers.

Now, after several years of growing the business, Good Bottle Refill Shop, New Jersey’s first refill shop, and zero waste store has opened its second location in Montclair, New Jersey. The store is located at 179 Glenridge Avenue. Good Bottle is a refill shop where consumers can buy refills of hand and dish soap, cleaning products, bath + body products, laundry detergents, and more.

“Plastic waste is causing pollution and has become a breeding ground for multiple pathogens, as well as harming wildlife. As consumer’s awareness grows, so does the popularity of a zero-waste lifestyle. Little changes and awareness of one’s footprint can bring about a positive change in our fragile ecosystem,” Deanna shared in a press release.

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Deanna, Good Bottle’s founder, is bringing her years of retail experience and passion for zero waste living to Montclair. “All you have to do is bring your own container {or buy one at the shop} and you only pay for what you fill,” she shared.

The shop also offers a robust selection of cutting-edge zero waste items intended to help you reduce single-use plastics.

This mission-based business aims to help clients reduce the amount of trash they are tossing each month, their motto is simple and accurate, “stop buying your trash.” Good Bottle’s Maplewood location was a pioneer in New Jersey’s Zero-Waste movement, as it was the first of its kind in New Jersey and the NYC metropolitan area. With 23% of all landfill waste coming from containers and packaging, Maplewood resident and businesswoman,

Deanna Taylor-Heacock is aiming to make the transition toward a greener home a bit simpler. The store is designed so consumers have the option to bring their own clean container or buy one from the store.

One of its most popular items, according to Deanna, is an ‘unpaper’ towel system and a reusable ear swab.

In addition to the bulk product, Good Bottle also stores alternatives to common single-use products like plastic wrap, ziplock bags, paper towels, and more. Deanna has made it a mission to make certain all brands sold are eco-conscious.

Since opening their first location in September 2019, Good Bottle clients have refilled over 16,000 bottles that would have been sent to a landfill. The Montclair flagship is over 950 square feet and the larger space will allow the Good Bottle team to continue to focus on the products they currently offer as well as expand into new categories such as zero waste makeup and bath linens.

The refill process is simple: Weigh the empty good bottle, fill the good bottle, weigh your {now full} good bottle, label your good bottle, and finally — pay for your good bottle goodies.

The Good Bottle’s flagship is located at 179 Glenridge Avenue in Montclair. The other location is 1875 Springfield Avenue in Maplewood. Hours of operation are Wednesday: 10-5; Thursday: 10-7; Friday: 10-5; Saturday: 10-5; Sunday: 10-4.

For more information on Good Bottle Shop, click here.

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