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AKT Fitness: Dance-Inspired Workouts in Verona

by Samantha Bonizzi
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Working out becomes much easier once you find a method you love, which is why celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser developed AKT, the Anna Kaiser Technique. With a location in Verona at 305 Pompton Avenue, the method features four group dance-based class formats that deliver an effective total body workout using low-impact, high-intensity movements designed to tone and build lean muscle. Read on for an inside look at Verona’s AKT Fitness.

dance workout studio verona akt fitness

About The Workout + Studio

According to a Forbes article, Anna created AKT to fill a gap in the industry. She was growing tired of boring routines and took it upon herself to develop a workout that infused variety with efficiency and fun. Anna launched AKT in 2013 as a full-body workout that combined cardio dance intervals with strength and toning and was accessible to all fitness levels.

The Ivy at Chatham

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Over the years, AKT has drawn a following of celebrities like Shakira, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kelly Ripa, and Karlie Kloss. It now has 30+ studio locations across the country. In addition to Verona, which opened its doors in March 2022, other New Jersey locations include Short Hills and Morristown.

dance workout studio verona akt fitness classes

Desiree Agrifolio was looking for a type of workout that was fun and engaging after a slow Covid period and found her way to becoming an instructor at AKT Verona. Desiree told The Montclair Girl, “I love the energy, the environment, the people who come through the door, and the fellow AKT team members. Everyone is so inviting and welcoming. I need a workout that is motivating, and with AKT’s club-feel, dark lights, and great playlists it’s a no-brainer.”

AKT is fueled by positivity and the belief that movement has a powerful, lasting impact, and is designed to push customers to sweat, dance, and burn calories in a high-energy atmosphere.

The Classes

There are four class types: Dance, Bands, Tone, and Circuit. There is also an Intro to AKT class which is great for newcomers, as it combines the four classes to give people a feel for what the workout is all about. Desiree explained that introductory doesn’t necessarily mean beginner. “You’ll find a lot of people who’ve taken their 100th or so class in the Intro, so don’t be discouraged if there are people around you who know exactly what they’re doing.”

dance workout studio verona akt fitness class options

With Dance, class-goers will party away with 60 minutes of full-body toning and dance cardio moves to burn calories and improve coordination. The Bands variation gets people moving to the beat for 60 minutes while focusing on balance, agility, and full-body conditioning using unique bands and the AKT box. Tone burns out targeted muscle groups for 60 minutes, leaving people sore, dripping sweat, and wanting more. Finally, Circuit is a 45-minute class that bursts into rounds of powerful strength exercises to build lean muscle.

The workouts change every three weeks, allowing regulars to improve and be challenged while removing the feelings of boredom and burnout. According to Desiree, “The first week you’re learning the material so that the second and third week you can hone in on the workout and gain more confidence with it. By the third week, you’ll feel like a master.”

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As Desiree likes to tell beginners, “The first class is fun but can also be a challenge. I always encourage people to come back a second and third time. By the third class, you’re going to become more confident. Everything can be modified to lower impact and we will always accommodate injuries.”

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AKT Verona hosts morning and afternoon or evening classes during the week, and morning classes on the weekend. Check out the schedule here. The first class is free.

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