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This Cafe in Montville Feels Like Stepping Into a Cartoon

by Rosaria LoPresti
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The fascination of entering the world of cartoons is a childhood fantasy for many.  A new comic cafe in Montville, New Jersey, unlocks this fantasy with 2D Cafe Tornado located at 662 Main Road. The cafe, owned by Eric and Stella of Montville, stands out for its entirely hand-drawn, two-dimensional (2D) interior created with black-ink markers that create the illusion of stepping into the worlds of cartoons and comic books. The menu serves coffee, drinks, teas, pastries, and casual Korean bites. Read on to learn more about 2D Cafe Tornado in Montville, New Jersey.

The 2D Cafe Tornado Experience

2D Cafe Tornado recently opened at 662 Main Road in Montville and is surrounded by a neighborhood full of cafes and shops near the Towaco Train Station. However, 2D Cafe Tornado doesn’t seem like the average coffee shop. Upon entering, guests are immediately drawn to the black and white drawings that adorn its walls. All of the images were created with the help of a simple tool: black-ink markers. The two-dimensional style creates the illusion of stepping into a cartoon or within the pages of a comic book.

The different rooms portray different thematic experiences. The first room is reminiscent of a Victorian-era parlor with a self-playing grand piano. From Victorian ladies sipping tea in ball gowns to gentlemen in black and white tuxedos, the drawings blend Victorian nostalgia with chic charm.

Next to it is a room styled as a bedroom with dressers and accessories as well as a dining area with portraits of historical figures like Abraham Lincoln in frames. Although the sketches are 2D, they convey a 3D sensation, particularly in the hand-drawn spiral staircase that visually suggests the possibility of walking upstairs.

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While the cafe’s artwork makes it destination-worthy, the menu is also full of creative items with a variety of coffee, teas, pastries, gelato, and casual Korean bites. Among the highlights is shaved ice, a traditional Asian milk-based dessert customizable with toppings like cookies, whipped cream, or fruit. The shaved ice mirrors its name, offering a dessert that resembles eating fresh snow.

Other Asian-inspired menu options include creamy corn soup made with sweetcorn kernels, milk, broth, butter, and spices as well as the well-known Bubble tea. The Bubble tea features a variety of flavors such as green tea, black tea, matcha tea, and chai tea, to name a few. Gelato is also available in various citrus and sweet flavors and can also be added to a cup of coffee upon request, creating an endless number of combinations for an ultra-personalized affogato.



The Owner’s Story + Inspiration

Behind the inspiration of 2D Cafe Tornado are the passionate owners, Eric and Stella. Eric and Stella are Korean immigrants who opened 2D Cafe Tornado after being inspired by other popular two-dimensional cafes in Korea and Japan. The concept of 2D eateries originated in South Korea in 2017 and gained popularity for its black drawings on white surfaces. The 2D-themed style eateries has since expanded its footprint with five in the US in Florida, Chicago, Texas, California, and now, New Jersey. However, these are not a chain, only a 2D concept.

Eric is a dedicated coffee maker and business owner with a commitment to ensuring “every cup served is a delicious experience for customers.” Meanwhile, Stella, who has an artistic background working in nail salons, lends her creative touch to the cafe. The owners collaborated with five comic and 2D artists based in New York City and Edgewater, New Jersey, to bring their vision to life. The artists rely solely on black-ink markers to craft detailed 2D drawings on a white canvas.

Montville was chosen as the ideal place for Stella and Eric to open 2D Cafe Tornado due to Stella’s existing clientele and her fondness for the area. Stella is also the owner of Serenity Nails, conveniently situated on the same street as 2D Cafe Tornado at 652 Main Road in Montville, where she had already established a connection to the community.

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2D Cafe Tornado, although still new, aims to create a welcoming environment, making it a favored spot for not just a cup of brewed coffee but a place to relax, read, and soak in creativity.

The shop is open Monday through Saturday from 7AM-7PM, and 8:30AM-7PM on Saturdays.

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