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New Cat Cafe Open in Montclair: Meet Catfe Montclair

by Rosaria LoPresti
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For years, cat owners have experienced morning rituals of sipping coffee next to their furry friend curled up on the kitchen table. A new cat cafe in Montclair is taking this experience to the next level. Catfe Montclair is officially open at 356 Bloomfield Avenue as of Friday, January 19th, opening a cat cafe where locals can sip their morning brew in the company of adorable cats. Read on to learn more about the cat cafe open in Montclair, New Jersey.

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All About Catfe Montclair

The new Catfe Montclair, located at 356 Bloomfield Avenue, is not a typical cafe; it’s a place where customers can sip their beverages in the presence of cats. Upon entering, visitors are greeted by a variety of felines who will accompany them while they enjoy a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, as seen on Catfe Montclair’s Instagram.

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The cafe isn’t only a place to eat and interact with cats, but a space to prepare the felines for adoption through social interactions, according to Catfe Montclair’s websiteEach resident cat comes from a different rescue and breed, making each of their stories and personalities unique. Most of these cats are rescued from the streets of Newark, Irvington, and East Orange, New Jersey. The cats are then placed into foster care to receive medical attention until they are cleared by a veterinarian to find residency at the Catfe Montclair.

For some rescue cats, socializing can be easy, but for others, past experiences can influence fearful behaviors around humans. These social interactions between visitors and cats will help foster a bond between the cats and humans, preparing them for forever homes. Therefore, upon visiting Catfe Montclair, guests need to book a reservation through Catfe Montclair’s website. Each 30-minute visit is $12.

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While all cats are adoptable, a visit to Catfe Montclair doesn’t necessarily mean guests are required to adopt. For those seeking a more casual experience, the cafe is a space to experience the company of cats while treating oneself to the self-service bar full of drinks, a hot chocolate bar, and snacks.

Aside from a casual visit, Catfe Montclair hosts various events (in the company of cats, of course) including yoga, meditation, paint nights, and sound bowl healing. Sound bowl healing is a form of yoga and meditation that involves the use of singing bowls to create harmonic vibrations that resonate with the body. This type of practice aids both the guest and the feline in reducing stress and promotes relaxation.

Catfe Montclair has also established kitty-friendly etiquette to ensure the well-being of both cats and guests, as well as a waiver to sign upon entering. Rules include respecting the cats, sanitizing hands, removing shoes, avoiding flash photography, and adhering to time limits. The full code of conduct can be found here.


The Cat Lover Behind Catfe Montclair

Tara Ford has always adored animals since her childhood. Her journey began growing up in Long Island, where Tara’s fascination with animals ignited her childhood aspiration of becoming a veterinarian. When she first learned about cat cafes, she immediately saw a vision of opening her own someday.

When she grew older, Tara moved from New York City to New Jersey, where fate led her to cross paths with Patricia Andrews-Webb, a renowned cat rescuer. Tara, along with her husband Benjamin, currently manages four rescue cats known as Brooklyn, Bronxie, Baby Girl, and Poopsie, and one rescue dog, Rocky.

After getting the business up and running, Catfe Montclair collaborates with Miss Pat’s Cats, a non-profit organization led by Patricia Andrews-Webb. With over three decades of dedication to cat rescue, Miss Pat’s Cats employs effective strategies such as Trap-Neuter-Return and extends support to pet owners facing challenges. The partnership has facilitated over 200 adoptions in 2022 alone, through the help of Pet Finder, Petco, and now, the Catfe.

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Beyond Tara’s role at Catfe Montclair, she practices medicine at Bona Dea GYN and has a special interest in both women’s health and the veteran community. Tara seamlessly blends her healthcare expertise with her passion for animal rescue to drive the operations of her business.

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For interested customers in finding the perfect feline companion to bring home, all of the adoptions are made through Miss Pat’s Cats, a non-profit organization led by Patricia Andrews-Webb. After a customer finds their match, they will submit an application. Once the application process follows through, the final step is to go through the interview process to learn how to properly care for a cat and prepare a safe space to bring them home. More information regarding the adoption policy can be found on Catfe Montclair’s website.

To stay in the know of all the latest local happenings, be sure to follow @themontclairgirl on Instagram and TikTok.

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