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Niyama Yoga: A Wellness Studio In Roseland For Finding Inner Peace

by Samantha Bonizzi
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Niyama Yoga is much more than your typical yoga studio. While you can find all of the standard yoga classes at Niyama (hot and not), the studio also offers a range of different healing modalities that have been put into practice by its founder, Nicole Zornitzer. The Roseland Shala is located at 161 Eagle Rock Avenue, and serves a community of people who turn to the Shala to feed their mind, body, and soul. Keep reading to learn more about the inspiration behind the studio, its philosophy, and its wide range of wellness offerings.

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The Founder

Nicole is a Certified Integrative Yoga Therapist, Reiki Energy Healer, Ayurvedic Counselor, and Integral Sound Therapy Facilitator. She was recently awarded Gold in Best of Essex’s Reader’s Choice Awards for Best Wellness Provider (plus, the Roseland Shala received Silver in the yoga studio category). So how did Nicole find herself on this path?

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Nicole was an avid yogi for many years. Along her journey, she turned to yoga and Ayurveda to heal herself of many physical ailments and personal traumas. Her inspiration for getting trained in these areas, and for eventually opening Niyama Yoga, was to bring the healing power that she experienced to new communities.

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(Photo credit: Nicole Zornitzer)

“I’ve been doing yoga and these healing modalities for well over 30 years, initially on the side while working a corporate job,” Nicole said. “About four years ago I got tired of living this dual life. I decided to leave corporate life for good and finally live what I was teaching.”

Nicole built the first location in Randolph, New Jersey in 2019, and since then, has opened three additional Shalas: two in New Jersey (Sparta and Roseland) and one in Delray Beach, Florida.

Therapy + Healing Modalities

In an Ayurvedic counseling session, Nicole will advise clients on a wellness plan that incorporates evaluation of body type (dosha) and appropriate diet and lifestyle recommendations to encourage a state of balance. As the sister science of yoga, Ayurveda is used to eliminate impurities, reduce symptoms, increase resistance to disease, reduce worry, and increase harmony in life.

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On working with Ayurveda clients, Nicole said, “I set people up with a plan that’s achievable. It could start with small bouts of exercise and meditation, and eventually move onto food choices based on their dosha. If someone wants to go above that and take Ayurvedic herbs, I would refer them to my Ayurvedic doctor.”

Nicole is also a big proponent of sound therapy, which is rooted in the thought that different emotions vibrate at different levels, and that blocked, or unexpressed emotions are the main source of dis-ease (Niyama spells out dis-ease in this way to represent the fact that the body isn’t in harmony). Through sound therapy, the practitioner uses a series of instruments to scan the body for dissonance (either empty energy or too much energy in an area), then will focus on emptying you of unnecessary energy or filling you up with what you do need. This helps recalibrate and balance the body.

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For sound and reiki healing, Nicole believes that the two should complement each other, and that together they can be used to heal insomnia, anxiety, infertility, and so much more. The Roseland Shala has two private rooms where Nicole works with clients to provide these healing modalities, in addition to private yoga therapy sessions, which helps people get the most out of their yoga asana practice.

The Classes

The Roseland Shala has one main studio for classes, which include Open Vinyasa Flow, HOT Power Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Warm Candlelight Flow, and more. The spot also has variations of pilates and barre. The room is heated by Far Infrared Heat Panels for the classes specified as HOT, which have loads of health benefits like improving blood circulation, strengthening the cardiovascular system, detoxifying the body, and more.

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(Photo credit: Nicole Zornitzer)

Classes vary in intensity, however, are open to all yogis as the instructors are trained to teach multiple levels during any class. Each class is grounded in yoga asana, meditation, and the healing arts, which have yogis leaving feeling calm and centered. Instructors are trained in many modalities and are always continuing to further their education to bring the most authentic and meaningful experiences to Niyama Yoga’s community.

Events + Workshops

The Shalas also hosts many events and workshops that help people dig deeper into their yoga practice or healing journey. The Montclair Girl had a chance to experience one such workshop — a Ceremonial Cacao Sound Bath.

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During this one-of-a-kind event, Nicole led a ceremonial cacao ceremony using the purest form of cacao from Guatemala. This form of pure cacao has been known to enhance consciousness and spiritual connection, increase productivity, elevate emotions, and promote physical health. The group drank the cacao while Nicole led a meditation. She then transitioned into a beautiful one-hour sound bath using a wide array of instruments and singing bowls, releasing varying frequencies to balance and heal the heart chakra.

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(Photo credit: Nicole Zornitzer)

Niyama Yoga shares all of its events on Instagram and through the app, which are open to members and non-members alike.


Niyama Yoga also has a sizable Retreats business, with trips planned every three to four months and with a mix of domestic and international. The mission of Niyama Yoga Retreats is to expose attendees to Ananda, or bliss-like life experiences. Some upcoming trips this year include a “Relax & Reset” glamping trip in Pennsylvania, “Finding Internal Peace” at a farm in Vermont, and “Find Your Joy” in Greece. Some trips can sell out a year in advance, and the team is already planning into 2025.

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(Photo credit: Nicole Zornitzer)

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“We have created such a tremendous community, between the studios, retreats, and events,” Nicole said. “There are so many people struggling or are just craving a community, and Niyama Yoga holds space for all of them. We have so much happening that keeps this community together and it’s only continuing to grow.”

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