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Where to Get Smoothies in North Jersey

by Jordan and Joelle Hernandez
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Smoothies and juices are great, healthy options for a grab-and-go meal or snack. From sweet to savory and fruity to green, these drinks are basically liquid dreams. All over northern New Jersey, there are smoothie and juice bars to satisfy every taste bud. We rounded up the best spots in the area to grab these little boosts of wellness — whether you like your smoothies with nut butter, sherbet, non-dairy milk alternatives, or with an acai bowl on the side. Read on to find out where to get the best smoothies in the North Jersey area.

Acai Ya Later | 203 Washington Street, Hoboken

acai ya later

(Photo credit: @acaiyalater)

The Ivy at Chatham

Acai Ya Later lets their guests take control of their own smoothie trajectory. Four options of pre-selected smoothies are available, but for anyone wanting something different, it is encouraged to build your own. Base options include plant-based milks and juices and can be built from there with various fruits and vegetables. Check out the menu here.

Boomchia | 427 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair

Boomchia is all about satisfying the customers’ needs. Knowing the desire to have quick, healthy meals that are customizable, Boomchia allows guests to load their acai and pitaya smoothie bowls and smoothies with as many toppings as desired without charging extra. Plus, everything is 100% vegan. Check out the menu here.

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Cali Shakes | 490 Central Avenue, Jersey City

california fruit shakes

(Photo credit: @californiafruitshakes)

If shake is in the name, the namesake product must be good. Cali Shakes specializes in smoothies, juices, and bowls. Some shakes are for those looking for a healthy break including fruits and vegetables. Others are more like milkshakes with an ice cream base — because there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself every now and then. If you’re taking that route, the Oreo crunch is especially indulgent. Check out the menu here.

Fresh Coast | 1227 Raymond Boulevard, Newark

After surfing through an extensive menu of poke bowls, grain bowls, toasts, and all-day breakfast is a list of delicious smoothies, juices, and lemonades. Protein-packed smoothies such as the Powerhouse or Rocket Fuel or more traditional smoothies such as The Islander and Party Wave are all delicious, filling, and satisfying on a hot day. Check out the menu here.

Fruiti Fi | 404 14th Street, Hoboken

fruiti fi

The team at Fruiti Fi is on a mission to show how adding plant-based items to a diet can be easy and fun. With a variety of smoothies, juices, wellness shots, puddings, and oatmeal, Fruiti Fi has something for the whole family. It also often has a bubble machine cranking outside for some extra fun. Plus, if you go on Saturday mornings, it’s right across the street from the Uptown farmers’ market. Check out the menu here.

Frutta Bowls | 100 Town Square Place, Jersey City

Frutta Bowls captures guests with its brightly colored and fun smoothies. Tropical flavors such as pink flamingo, the Brazilian shake, and the green machine can be found on the menu. Enjoy a signature smoothie or an acai bowl while commuting as this location is conveniently situated near the Newport PATH station. Check out the menu here.

Greenpoint Juicery | Multiple Locations: Maplewood, Verona, Morristown

greenpoint juicery

^ Verona location

Greenpoint Juicery has a large variety of juices to choose from. Crowd favorites include cold press juices and immunity boosters. This spot also has nut milks and unique lemonades including Blue Majik lemonade and choco-cashew milk. Check out the menu here.

Juice Basin | 336 2nd Street, Jersey City

Juice Basin has been featured in many local news outlets sharing how great its juices are.  Known as New Jersey’s original organic cold press, Juice Basin uses American-made products — from its juices to packaging. Full cleanses or single juices are available for purchase in-store or for delivery. Check out the menu here.

Jungle Juice | 1016 Washington Street + 417 Washington Street, Hoboken, + 151 Morris Street, Morristown

jungle juice

(Photo credit: @junglejuicehoboken)

Jungle Juice is sure to satisfy any visitor who walks through the doors. Vegetable juices, fruit smoothies, green smoothies, juice shots, and more are available at both Hoboken locations. Leave feeling better than you came in with boosts that can be added to any smoothie such as energy, immunity, and brainy. Check out the menu here.

Juice Press | 1400 Washington Street, Hoboken

juice press hoboken

Lovers of smoothies and juices are likely familiar with this establishment. Juice Press is known for its fun combinations of sweets, greens, and proteins for any occasion. Check out its loyalty program to score free items such as energy, protein balls, or immunity boosters. This location is inside Hoboken’s SoulCycle. Check out the menu here.

MajestriRaww Juice Co | 46 Maple Avenue, Montclair

majestriraww juice

(Photo credit: @majestriraww)

Back in 2015, the owner of MajestriRaww T. Shields wanted to make a health change in her life. At that time, she hated vegetables, but she knew adding them would make a change in her diet for the better. She is now sharing her semi-new love for greens and fruits with the world through her products. Juices, smoothies, sea moss, cleanses, and more can be purchased in-store. Check out the menu here.

Nature’s House | 159-61 Newark Avenue, Jersey City

Nature’s House has been serving wellness to the Jersey City community for over 20 years. Long-term health and wellness products and supplements can be found here along with quality smoothies and juices for a grab-and-go dose of wellness. Smoothies promising power and stress relief can be found on the menu. Check out the menu here.

Nute Juice | 457 Baldwin Avenue, Jersey City

The newest juice joint on the block, Nute Juice has gone through a thorough process to ensure its products are quality and the healthiest they can be while being compliant with difficult regulations. Nute Juice can be found via delivery or at various farmers markets. Give the team a call or check it out online for a schedule. Check out the menu here.

One Nutrition | 421 Bloomfield Avenue, Newark

one nutrition

(Photo credit: @one_nutrition)

One Nutrition is serving health all day long. While most smoothie places close early in the day, One Nutrition is open early at 6AM and closes post traditional dinner hours at 8PM. Shop healthy juices, smoothies, protein waffles, crepes, and even more. Check out the menu here.

Playa Bowls | Multiple Locations: Hoboken, Jersey City, Montclair, Union City, Elizabeth, Newark

As the name suggests, Playa Bowls is more known for its bowls, but don’t sleep on the smoothies and juices. Playa Bowls has a wide range of options with fun names that match the beach theme such as kowabunga, aloha, and blue mermaid wave. Be sure to check out the menu at each location as options may vary. Check out the menu here.

Purely Juiced | 262 1st Street A, Hoboken + 302 Main Street, Fort Lee

The only word used to describe Purely Juiced on the site is “fresh” and it is very fitting. A 100% vegan juice bar, Purely Juiced uses quality ingredients to locally fresh press juices in Hoboken and Fort Lee. Customers can either stop in for a juice or sign up for a membership program that is delivered straight to your door. Check out the menu here.

Rise Up Nutrition | 24 Elm Street, Montclair

rise up

(Photo credit: @riseupmontclair)

The menu at Rise Up Nutrition can be described as childhood favorites made healthy. Smoothies with names such as Cinnamon Toast, Snickerz, Nutter Butter, Oreo, and Fruit Loop are equally delicious and healthy. Add mini protein doughnuts or a protein waffle to your order. Check out the menu here.

Shaka Kitchen | Multiple Locations, Hoboken

Hawaiian roots provide the bases for the smoothies at Shaka Kitchen. High protein options are available for post-workout or a more detoxifying smoothie for a lighter choice. All smoothies pair well with the kitchen items such as tacos and poke bowls. Check out the menu here.

SouzaFIT | 517 Washington Street, Hoboken + 70 Adams Street, Newark

SouzaFIT is best known for its delivery service of well-balanced, healthy meals for a variety of diet plans. For those who just want to swing by one of the two locations in northern New Jersey, a smoothie is a great grab-and-go option. Unique blends of fruits and veggies can be found in both traditional and protein smoothies or juices. Check out the menu here.

The Montclair Juicerie | 292 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair

montclair juicerie

(Photo credit: @themontclairjuicerie)

No added sugar and only organic ingredients are two baseline standards of The Montclair Juicerie. The team here has ensured the process for juicing provides the best taste possible while keeping all nutrients intact. In addition to fresh smoothies and juices, coffee, tea, and desserts can be found on the menu. Check out the menu here.

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VegBar | 464 Newark Street, Hoboken

VegBar only uses fresh, organic ingredients in every product. All ingredients are grown on private farms free from nitrides and additives. Just knowing this information makes the smoothies taste better. Some popular smoothies include the summer special watermelon cooler, purple rain, and fruit fusion. Check out the menu here.

Vibez Juice Café | 82 Hutton Street, Jersey City

Vibez Juice Café has a lot more to offer than just juices. All juices are made with fresh organic produce and all pastries are made fresh daily. The venue can be used for private book signings, kids events, and entertainment. Located in the Heights of Jersey City, Vibez is a great atmosphere for all. Check out the menu here.

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