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Coffee + Cornbread: Comfort Food in Montclair – With A Full Vegan Menu

by Taylor Duncan
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Chicken and waffles, BLTs, breakfast sandwiches, and of course – coffee and cornbread. In Upper Montclair, Monique and Monica are the founders of Coffee and Cornbread – a local gem serving up traditional comfort food with a variety of vegan options. Comfort food with a conscience – keep reading for more about the menu and inspiration behind Coffee and Cornbread.

Meet the Owners

Coffee and Cornbread

Born and raised in the Bronx, Monique Hudson, and Monica Semley are sisters and the masterminds behind the Coffee and Cornbread brand. The duo moved to New Jersey 15 years ago and founded Coffee and Cornbread in 2017 with a specific mission.

How It Came About

Coffee and Cornbread

“It really was a step out on faith,” as Monica describes how the two got their start in the restaurant business. “I think at the time it was a mixture of Monique’s passion for cooking and us believing that we could provide a different type of breakfast experience due to our backgrounds working in the hospitality industry.” 

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When Monica and Monique started to feed their families non-GMO and organic food, they noticed that it was hard to order breakfast out with these restrictions. That’s when they decided to open Coffee and Cornbread – with a commitment to provide non-GMO, organic, and vegan options to the community. “We felt the breakfast space needed a facelift”, Monica mentions. And that’s what you’ll find at Coffee and Cornbread – an elevated breakfast experience.

The Menu

Coffee and Cornbread

Both breakfast and lunch are served at Coffee and Cornbread. Get your classic New Jersey Bacon, Egg, and Cheese fix at this Montclair spot. 

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A go-to for vegans at breakfast – the Vegan Sausage and Cheese Sandwich that’s a *chef’s kiss*. Some other must-try menu items: the Fish {or Shrimp} and Grits, Chicken and Waffles, Vegan Pancakes, and so much more. 

Coffee and Cornbread

But of course, you can’t leave Coffee and Cornbread without trying the {drumroll} coffee and cornbread! The fresh-baked cornbread is absolutely heavenly {both the traditional and vegan options} – and you’ll be dreaming about it for days after the fact.

The Impacts of COVID-19

Coffee and Cornbread

Like most restaurants in the area, Coffee and Cornbread took a hard hit at the early stages of COVID-19. And with a recent relocation from Teaneck to Montclair, Monique and Monica were forced to shut Coffee and Cornbread’s doors for six months – in order to come up with a safe way to reopen. 

But with the pandemic, Coffee and Cornbread has been able to fully embrace its fast-casual takeout model by offering online ordering and delivery on its platform. Currently, the restaurant is only offering takeout and delivery.

To keep up with Coffee and Cornbread, follow the shop on Instagram.

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