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How to Celebrate Sagittarius Season Locally, According to an Astrologer

by CrystalB
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In contrast with the earlier sunset and longer nights, new optimism is now heading our way via the stars. Late in the evening of November 21st, the Sun will slip out of the deep, dark waters of Scorpio and move into upbeat Sagittarius. Hello to a new cosmic season wrapped in some holiday cheer. Sagittarius is the sign that looks for optimism, adventure, and escape. Now’s the time where each of us will get an opportunity to tap into its vibe as we head into the next season. Read on to learn more about how to enjoy Sagittarius season in Essex County with Montclair Girl’s guest astrologer, Crystal B.  

sagittarius season astrology montclair crystal b

Sagittarians are the ones that will have a dream catcher hanging in their car or window. Nobody can catch a dream better than a Sag. Dreaming the impossible dream comes naturally. They also enjoy being out and about and exploring. Staying in one place will never jive with a Sag’s inner desires.

The Ivy at Chatham

Helpful Tips for Sagittarius Season

  1. Get outside. Explore local parks and trails. Some of my favorites in Montclair are Anderson and Mountainside Park. But I also highly recommend exploring Verona Park and Kip’s Castle in Verona and South Mountain Reservation in West Orange. The Fairy Trail is also a lot of fun and right in line with the Sagittarius spirit.
  2. Find a place to slip out the back door. Do something to feel freer and not so caged up.
  3. Look for places that fuel the internal fire. Sagittarius is a fire sign and enjoys sitting by a fire, doing something sporty, or building up a sweat.
  4. Begin visioning for the future and 2022. Get creative and start a vision board to help align with all the possibilities of where to take the new year.

Despite a new chill in the air with winter rapidly approaching, we all need to find a little time to slip out the back door and do a little roaming of our own.

Up until December 20th, all Sagittarians near and far will be celebrating their solar returns (aka birthdays). So, make sure to remember your favorite truth-seeker and adventurer in the coming weeks. Surprise them this year with an experience of something to do around town – they’ll love the possibilities. 

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As the spirit of Sagittarius dances through the zodiac, plan to make some space in life to stretch your own legs and free yourself up in some kind of way. Similar to the horse that it represents, Sagittarius needs space to breathe and expand. It might serve us better to actually not plan but be more spontaneous in the coming weeks. Sagittarius is the sign that brings a little X factor into everything it does. 

The possibilities come calling with a total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, taking place on December 4th, a power date in the weeks ahead. Watch for new doors opening in life around then.  

With 2022 right around the corner, this is the perfect season to begin visioning for where we want to go next. The Sagittarius optimistic nature reminds us that everything has the potential to be something better. Sagittarius wants us to smile, laugh and stay away from things that are so serious. It loves to learn, take up new experiences, and feel connected to the outdoors. 

Give a Sag a bucket of lemons and they’ll come back with lemonade, along with a long line of people eager to buy a cup. They have a way of capturing an audience with their positive vibe and can make something as simple as sugary water seem bigger and better than it really is. Of all the signs, Sagittarius is the one with the most vision. They are the ones that can look out into the horizon and see possibility in absolutely anything. No matter how bleak a situation, a true blue Sagittarian can dream up all the scenarios to turn things around. When the going gets tough, the tough know to call their favorite Sagittarius for a positive reminder.

Sagittarius thinks BIG after all. Jupiter, the biggest planet, is their planetary bestie. There’s just no stopping how far they can go with their imaginations.  

Many say that Sagittarius loves nothing more than to travel but there are quite a few born under this sign that would counter that.  What thrills them most is looking at the world immediately around them. That’s the key that really gets them going – they love a new idea or talking about a deep belief system just as much as traveling the world meeting new people. The wide-open world is their true playground and that’s filled with not only places but people and ideas too. 

In the coming weeks, we might want to find a way to tap into the Sagittarius vibe.  There are many ways to do that right here in Essex County. Here are a few recommendations to check out this Sagittarius Season. 

Moss & More | 246 Bellevue Avenue, Upper Montclair

Moss & More

(Photo credit: @mossandmorellc)

This is the perfect place to explore to make a botanical escape. Everyone I talk to tells me this is one of their favorite places to go for an inspirational lift. Owner, Amy South, designed a space inspired by nature and creativity. Upon walking through the door, visitors instantaneously feel inspired by the magic of plants. Moss & More also has a botanical event space right around the corner located at 42 Upper Montclair Plaza. Join us there on December 10, in the heart of Sagittarius Season, for our Magical Night Astrology Event which will awaken the senses on every level.

Flux Yoga | 410 Pompton Avenue, Cedar Grove

Book a hot yoga class in this beautiful open space created by the owner, Amy White a die-hard Sagittarius. With her Sun, Venus, and Neptune all in the sign, she visioned and created the perfect place to get heated up and find each yogi’s personal flow. Taking a class here will fire up the soul and leave participants feeling stretched, rejuvenated, and totally inspired. 

Parcel | 608 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair

Parcel montclair

(Photo credit: @shopparcel)

There is something more than special about stepping through Parcel’s door and hunting for treasures of all kinds. Sagittarius, after all, loves the thrill of a hunt. The things one will find at Parcel are unlike anything else. This is a great place to explore whether looking for a special gift, celebrating an important moment, or just looking for a place to feel inspired. 

Wellmont Theater | 5 Seymour Street, Montclair 

wellmont theater

(Photo credit: @thewellmonttheater)

Sagittarius loves music and there are a lot of great options to check out here when it comes to getting in tune. My Sagittarius Moon and I have our eye on the December 2, Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular.  

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Jones Road | 111 Grove Street, Montclair

jones road flagship store montclair

(Photo credit: @jonesroadbeauty)

Check out the new flagship store carrying a fresh, new line of cosmetics by makeup genius and Montclair local, Bobbi Brown (who has her Saturn in Sagittarius). The Jones Road line is “the ultimate no-makeup makeup” which expands the possibilities of looking good. 

Butler & the Board Charcuterie | 103 Forest Street, Montclair

Butler & the Board montclair

(Photo credit: @butlerandtheboard)

The possibilities are endless in this new shop specializing in charcuterie boards opening right as Sagittarius Season gets cooking. Sagittarius loves options and there are lots to choose from here. 

Samba Restaurant | 7 Park Street, Montclair


(Photo credit: @sambamontclair)

‘Tis the season to explore some different types of cuisine and there is a hidden gem to explore. There’s something special about this little Brazilian restaurant. It’s got great food alongside a rustic and cultural Sagittarian vibe. Another major plus is that it’s the only certified gluten-free restaurant in NJ. Enjoy great food and engage with some Latin cultural connections. 

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