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13 Unique Finds at the Montclair Farmer’s Market

by Eva Grall
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Montclair is one of the lucky towns that has a sizable farmers’ market. And now that its spring, the markets are open and the vendors have arrived, bringing with them their fresh fruits, veggies, and other interesting items. We took a stroll through the stalls this past week to pickup some truly delicious and unique food finds – and stopped to get to know some of the amazing vendors that come out every week. Read on to learn about all the Montclair Farmers’ Market and what cool items we found this week.

Natural Wildflower Pollen

Harvey’s Honey is sold in one of the main market stalls. Based out of Monroeville, they have a variety of honey flavors, but the most interesting product they provide is bee pollen. A mixture of pollen, nectar, and bee saliva, bee pollen has over 200 substances which are thought to work together as an anti-inflammatory, along with other health benefits. It also is just a great sweetener to try.

The Ivy at Chatham

Amish Country Butter

amish butter

We stumbled upon this unique, hand-rolled butter and it stopped us in our tracks. It is made from the cream by-product of cheesemaking and has all natural ingredients. Real people roll this butter into wax paper.

Pure Maple Sugar

pure maple sugar

No, it’s not maple syrup, – it’s maple…sugar? Like brown sugar made with molasses, we suspect this maple flavored sugar is rich in sweetness and punch. Add it to all kinds of meals, like oatmeal, or use it in lieu of sugar when baking for an extra bite of taste.

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Rainbow Bread

rainbow bread

Imagine making a groovy sandwich for lunch, instead of the usual, run-of-the-mill white bread one. This literally eye-popping bread takes the rainbow trend to the next level. In fact, it made all the bread surrounding it look bland in comparison.

Seasonal Herb + Flower Plants

flowers and herbs

There are always the most gorgeous seasonal plants sold around the farmer’s market, so keep an eye out for tulips, monstera, and herbs.

Jams By Kim

jam montclair farmers market

Kim welcomed us into her stall full of jam jars and shared her original blends of jams, including her Fusion ‘23’ Jam expertly blended from peaches, pears, cranberries, oranges, and lemons. Or if you’re looking for something really different, try the Rosé Wine or the Pinot Noir Wine Jelly. From the classics to the unusual, Kim’s Jams definitely are the jam.

Hummus Boss

hummus boss

The illusive Hummus Boss sells out his hummus so quickly he might be gone before noon. James Matar’s booth is ultra popular and therefore ultra delicious – if you’re lucky enough to get a taste. With Middle-Eastern classics and hummus in unique flavors like pepper, wasabi, and garlic, this stall is worth checking out.

Sweetleaf Farm

sweetleaf farm

Displaying leafy greens grown in hydroponics, this Andover farm harnesses modern growing techniques with simple delicious veggies. This locally grown produce is harvested with the roots still attached, keeping it fresh for longer. The only problem is their tasty greens sell out so fast that you have to buy early to get some.

Pickle Licious


There is a stall at the farmer’s market that sells pickles. Need we say more? Along with a variety of olives, Pickle Licious usually has a line of enthusiastic pickle-lovers ready to pucker their lips for a dill.

Uncle Bob’s Kettle Corn

uncle bobs kettle corn

The friendliest stall in the market is definitely Uncle Bob’s, whose generous demeanor will get you tasting his delicious kettle corn. Selling original flavors, like chocolate strawberry, a special spring mix of sweet citrus, and even dill, Bob’s is a stall you do not want to miss.

Untamed Ferments

untamed ferments

If slaws, relish, and kombucha are your speed, Untamed Ferments is the stall to visit. You can’t miss their Sasquatch logo, or their friendly vendors. And don’t forget – fermentation is good for your gut.

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BlooMont Farm

Micro greens are miniature, nutrient-packed greens that you can throw in a salad, inside a sandwich, or atop a nice scrambled egg. They come in a variety of flavors based on their seed type, and are found to contain many times the nutrients of their mature leaves. BlooMont farm has all the variety to choose from and is a popular stall.

Everlasting Garden

everlasting farms

Started in 1983, Everlasting Garden is a third generation flower farm. Their limited stock is impeccable, in colors to write home about. Grab a bunch and support this local gem.


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