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Dai Kichi: a Must-Try Sushi Spot in Montclair

by Skye McDonald
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There are the sushi spots where you always order the same things because it’s good and why fix something that isn’t broken. But then, there’s Dai Kichi in Upper Montclair founded in 1988, where the menu simply won’t allow you to fall into a rut. Read on to learn all about Dai Kichi, a sushi spot in Montclair located at 608 Valley Road.

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^ The Owner, Aki

Dai Kichi isn’t open for dine-in right now, but the ordering platform, Toast, is very user-friendly. The food arrives fresh and ready to turn into an at-home feast. If you’re close by, a walk to Valley Road for pickup is another easy option. You’re greeted on the sidewalk and presented with dinner without having to go inside. 

The Menu

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It’s hard to go wrong on the extensive menu at Dai Kichi, so start with the small plates and have a little fun. Gyoza is perfectly pan-seared to make the dumpling chewy and crispy all at once. Put a twist on edamame and try their Edamame Hijiki seaweed salad.

If you want to start with something meaty? Chicken Karaage is simple and addictive, and Beef Negimaki is sliced thin and a little too easy to devour. Shishito peppers, fried or grilled squid, and pork buns are all great options as well. 

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A real gem in the small plates menu is lightly-seared Tuna Tataki. Dai Kichi absolutely nails the “lightly seared” component, and the result is mouth-watering tuna. Add to that fresh ginger, scallion, and ponzu sauce, and this small plate item becomes a big indulgence.

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If it’s possible to look away from the starter menu, scroll on to an array of sushi, sashimi, and rolls. Salmon Don is always fresh and savory. It’s served with snappy pickled ginger, wasabi that clears your sinuses without leaving you in tears, and sushi rice with a hint of vinegar that makes it addictive. 

Dai Kichi creates excellent standard variety and specialty rolls, too. The Hello Kitty is a standout roll that is worth a mention. Besides having a name that everyone loves, the Hello Kitty offers a different take on salmon, this time grilled and balanced with cool, creamy avocado. 

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Other menu options continue with teriyaki, tempura, udon, nabemono, donburi, etc. The light and healthy menu is limited, but calorie counters need not fear. Click on any roll offering and find a list of customizing options. Add on toppings, sub in brown rice or soy paper, or make the roll naruto-style {substituting cucumber for rice}. All these choices are easy to select and don’t require typing in special requests. 

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Perhaps the only downside to Dai Kichi is the lack of desserts. But what Dai Kichi misses in sugar, it makes up for in sweetness via a menu for pets! Grilled chicken breast is the only option here, but the ability to treat your furbaby is a fantastic bonus. 

Dai Kichi’s commitment to safety means they’ve closed their dining room for the time being. Lucky for Montclair, they remain committed to top-quality service and fresh, varied, and intriguing menu options for all diets and preferences. Dai Kichi is located at 608 Valley Road in Upper Montclair. Stay up to date by following the eatery on Instagram.  

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