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A List of North Jersey Restaurants with Great Dumplings

by Jean Lee
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Here at MG, we believe that dumplings are a top-tier comfort food. With its pillowy outside, flavorful + savory filling, and the vibrant complementary sauces, dumplings rarely disappoint. Impressively, dumplings have been around for thousands of years and are said to have origins both in China starting at around 200 AD as well as in Ancient Roman texts. Families and professional chefs alike have put their own spin on this food, and there are now so many different variations of dumplings. To help satisfy your craving, we’ve rounded up some of the best places to get pan-fried or steamed dumplings (or variations like shumai, gyoza, potstickers, or yes — even ravioli) near Hoboken and Jersey City. Keep reading for a list of the best dumplings in Hudson County + the Northern New Jersey area.

Ai-Sakae | 970B Tabor Road, Morris Plains

When Chinese, Japanese, and Thai cuisines are fused together, the product is absolutely delicious. At Ai-Sakae, there are a few different types of dumplings to try — including traditional shrimp dumplings, gyoza, and shumai. Gyoza is traditionally a Japanese dumpling filled with minced pork, mushrooms, and cabbage, and Ai-Sakae has pork and vegetable options as well. Shumai is similar but instead is the traditional Chinese version of a dumpling, which is open on top and stuffed with various delicious options.

Chen’s Kitchen |  6675, 301 Jackson Street, Hoboken

Chen’s Kitchen is tucked away in Hoboken right on Jackson Street. This restaurant has the usual Chinese fare — including fried rice, chow mein, and more. Of course, the menu also has steamed and fried pork dumplings. Chinese dumplings are flat dough, almost paper-like, with various fillings and steamed or fried to perfection. It is usually served with a soy-based sauce. A similar dish, fried wontons, is also on the menu with cheese filling.

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Dumpling Den | 249 Main Street, Fort Lee


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This is a great optional for very traditional + classic dumplings. At Dumpling Den, the dumplings are all carefully hand-wrapped each day with the goal of preserving the ancient art of perfectly-made dumplings. There’s a long list of dumplings and buns to choose from, including a vegan soup dumpling option. It has all the usual suspects like pork, shrimp, and more. If you’re having trouble choosing, you can even opt for a dumpling sampler — which comes with 2 house dumplings, 2 chicken dumplings, 2 kimchi dumplings, and 2 veggie dumplings.

Hunan House | 382 Summit Avenue, Jersey City

Hunan House is a great go-to for Chinese dishes. It’s self-proclaimed as a “no-frills Chinese eatery turning out lo mein, fried rice, + other familiar dishes.” One such dish is fried dumplings, which can be ordered with meat or vegetable filling, with a similar recipe as Chen’s Kitchen. This place is such a good go-to, especially when ordering in.

Hunan Taste Montclair | 4 Alvin Place, Montclair

This upscale Montclair Chinese restaurant brings both the atmosphere and the flavor. Customers love the dumplings at this local spot for both their freshness and their ideal spice. Diners recommend opting for the Spicy Chicken Dumplings or the Dumplings with Hot Oil — though there are also other options like shrimp, veggie, and pork. There’s also a location in Denville.

Kai Yang | 345 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair

kai yang

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Kai Yang serves traditional Thai fare that one could find in the Thai markets. This street food-style restaurant is both dine-in and take-out. The chicken dumplings are filled with chicken, shiitake mushrooms, + garlic and are served with a ginger dipping sauce. Dumplings from Thailand look similar to Chinese dumplings and are served in the half-moon shape filled with various ingredients. At Kai Yang, the chicken dumplings are a great starter before trying any of the other menu items (Hoboken Girl particularly recommends Pad See Ew — yum).

Keming | 1006 Washington Street, Hoboken

keming soup dumplings

This Chinese restaurant is known for making some seriously good dumplings. Here, you can find pork + cabbage dumplings (steamed or fried), chicken + onion dumplings, beef dumplings, vegetable dumplings, shrimp dumplings, and more. The dumplings are light, flavorful, and really hit the spot.

Margherita’s Italian Restaurant | 740 Washington Street, Hoboken

It may seem surprising to see an Italian restaurant on this list, but ravioli is the Italian version of a dumpling and could not be forgotten. Margherita’s is a local watering hole famous for its approachable Italian cuisine. While there are lots of great Italian restaurants to get ravioli, the ravioli here is particularly magnificent, filled with cheese and topped with marinara sauce (and more Reggiano cheese. of course).

New Ho Ho Kitchen | 152 NJ-94 #9, Blairstown

Serving traditional Chinese fare, New Ho Ho Kitchen is a great option for anyone in Warren County. This place serves up both pan-fried and steamed dumplings. There is even a dim sum plate that comes with 6 pieces. Customers keep coming back for the quick and friendly service, as well as the large portions for all of the menu options.

O’LaLa Empanadas | 600 Communipaw Ave, Jersey City

It may give you pause, but an empanada is technically a type of dumpling since it’s dough with filling. At O’LaLa Empanadas, customers are sure to get top-quality Puerto Rican-style fare, with at least 10 empanadas to choose from — not including the “make your own” option. Hoboken Girl recommends the Greek Goddess or any of the traditional options, but really you can’t go wrong with anything.

Pinwheel Garden Dumpling + Noodle Bar | 318 Communipaw Avenue, Jersey City

pinwheel garden jersey city

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When there’s ‘dumpling’ in the name, you know it must be good — and this spot is certainly experimental. This Asian Fusion restaurant aims to create what it calls ‘inventive dishes’ — and it certainly steps outside of the box. It serves up bacon + veggie dumplings, for one, along with spinach pie dumplings and Aloo Gobi dumplings inspired by Indian samosas. There are even mac + cheese dumplings if you want to try something outrageous.

Sarrah’s Cafe | 454 Central Avenue, City of Orange

Caribbean dumplings are meant to be served with various stews and other savory dishes. They are often discs or log-shaped pieces of dough. At Sarrah’s Cafe, make sure to order them as a side to any of the delicious dishes. This place also has vegan and vegetarian options. Customers love coming to this eatery for its great atmosphere and authentic Caribbean fare.

Shan Shan Noodles | 333 US-46, Parsippany-Troy Hills

Shan Shan Noodles is more than just noodles. In addition to various sauteed noodles, there is an entire section of the menu for dumplings and buns. From steamed pork dumplings to potstickers (pork or vegetables), there is a dumpling for everyone. This restaurant even has dumplings in vinegar soup with seaweed.

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Soup Dumpling Plus | 1550 Lemoine Avenue #109, Fort Lee

Aptly named, this is the spot to visit for soup dumplings. Called a ‘hole in the wall’ by some locals, this restaurant is dedicated to quality food. The steam pork soup dumpling is definitely one of the most popular items on the menu here, as are the pan-fried vegetable pork dumplings.

Thai Kitchen | 320 US-206, Chester


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In the back of the Streets of Chester shopping strip mall, Thai Kitchen is a great place to dine in or take it to go. While there are no bad options on the menu, the steamed dumplings are great. A close sibling to the dumpling, this eatery also serves chicken curry puffs and honey puffs, which are puffed pastries served with curry chicken and crab meat, respectively.

Yuki Japanese Restaurant | 350 Ramapo Valley Road, Oakland

Yuki Japanese Restaurant is a great local spot with delicious sushi options. But that’s not all this place has. It also has a few dumpling options including shrimp shumai, wasabi shumai, and fried or steamed gyoza with vegetable, pork, or shrimp filling. It even has a gyoza soup option to try.

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