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The Best Sledding Spots in the Montclair Area

by Olivia Rizzo
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There is nothing quite like a fresh snowfall that brings out everyone’s inner child. Whether you’re a kid or just a kid at heart there is no better way to spend a snowy afternoon than sledding down a hill. We’ve created this list of the best spots to go sledding in Essex County before the winter season officially kicks off so you can save it for the next snow day. 

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Brookdale Park

In the springtime, the rose garden in Brookdale Park is full of amazing colors and blooms. In the winter, Rose Garden Hill is a popular spot for sledding for all ages. With a wide slope, it can accommodate a large crowd for a day of winter fun. 

The Ivy at Chatham

Pulaski Park

A town favorite, Pulaski Park is a prime spot for sledding. The Bloomfield Parks and Recreation Department will set up lights on the hill to allow for nighttime sledding. The Department also sometimes organizes complimentary hot chocolate for sledders. 

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Riker Hill Art Park

This former missile-tracking base has been a public park since 1974. In addition to a hill that is perfect for sledding, the Riker Hill Art Park also looks beautiful when covered in snow. Community members can take a walk through the park and experience its permanent sculptures with a new, snowy perspective. 

Hillside School

As its name suggests, Hillside School in Livingston is one of the most popular sledding locations in town. This has been a sledding spot for many generations of Livingston residents. Located on Belmont Drive, this is a great sledding location for kids during a snow day. 


Maplewood Memorial Park

A popular park for all four seasons, Maplewood Memorial Park is the go-to spot in Maplewood for a day of sledding. Located right across the street from the Maplewood train station, the sledding hill here is fun for all ages. On a snowy day, this spot is filled with residents sledding, snowboarding, and having snowball fights. 


Nishuane Park

Located on Cedar Avenue between High Street and Harrison Avenue, Nishuane Park has a sledding hill that turns the peaceful nature park into a place filled with lots of laughter and fun. The hill here is wide and has a gradual decline into the parking lot. This is another long-time favorite that has been passed down through the generations. 

Montclair University

For those whose sled might be improvised from a leftover pizza box, Montclair University’s hill campus is a gold mine for impromptu sledding. After a couple of inches of snow coat the grounds, it is not uncommon to find college students letting out school stress on the hills outside the dorms. 

Mountainside Park

Mountainside Park is often considered the premier park in town. Located between Laurel Avenue to Mt. Hebron Road, the hill here has supervised sledding once the street has been plowed. During weekends, holidays, and school snow days, supervised sledding takes place from 12PM-4PM.


Branch Brook Park

When the snow starts to pile up, the city’s largest park becomes a winter wonderland. Sledding on the hill by the park’s lake has been a wintertime tradition for over a century. The wide stretch of the park allows for enough space for everyone to spread out. 


Reinheimer Park

Reinheimer Park located on Bloomfield Avenue in Nutley has a great hillside for all ages. The hill here is not too steep and won’t send anyone flying down the hill, making this a great spot for families with small children. 

South Orange

Flood’s Hill

The most popular spot for sledding in South Orange is Flood’s Hill. This park gives wintertime revelers a long slope for sledders to take advantage of. Located on Ridgewood Road the hill here is wide and obstacle-free. This hill is great for a group of friends and is large enough to set up a race for some friendly competition. 

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Verona Park

Located off of Bloomfield and Lakeside Avenues,  sledding at Verona park is a great way to spend a snowy afternoon. The self-contained hill within the park is a great spot for parents who don’t want to worry about kids sledding into the street. This hill also has plenty of space to spread out if a group wants to stay self-contained. 

West Orange 

South Mountain Reservation 

South Mountain Reservation has a variety of hills for sledders to enjoy. From steep slopes built for speed to wider more gradual hills for younger children, there is a hill for every kind of sledder here. 

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