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The Montclair Dishes That Will Definitely Cure a Hangover

by Lexa Krajewski
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The most craveable item, after a large glass of water, on a morning with the tell-tale signs of a hangover? It has to be hearty, decadent, comforting foods. The morning after a night of one, or a few, drinks too many, the carb-ier, cheesier, ooeyer and gooeyer the better. Whether the late-night crew is rehashing the night over breakfast or the day calls for a quiet, solo day on the couch, there are plenty of options in Montclair to soothe the symptoms. And, since so many of these places deliver, don’t forget to save this article for just the right moment. Read on to find the must-try dishes in Montclair to cure a hangover.

Brick + Dough’s Animal Style Burger Wrap | 110 Walnut Street 

Brick + Dough

(Photo credit: @brickxdough)

The Ivy at Chatham

Brick + Dough might be well-known for its wood-fired pizzas, but there’s another mouth-watering menu item worth checking out to satisfy any hangover cravings. The Animal Style Burger Wrap packs crispy bites of burger, caramelized onions, lettuce, American cheese, burger sauce, and yup, even the French fries, into a griddle-pressed handheld. It’s everything to love about the classic burger and fries combo rolled up in a saucy, flavor-packed wrap. Dine-in in or preorder on Brick + Dough’s website to skip the wait for a quick Animal Style fix. 

Good Chicken’s Potato Dog | 114 Bloomfield Avenue

Good Chicken

(Photo credit: @good_chicken_montclair)

When it comes to uncommon eats, diners can’t go wrong with tasty snacks-on-a-stick, starting with Good Chicken’s Potato Dogs. But first, we have to talk about the restaurant’s Rice Dogs. A Korean take on the corn dog, this Good Chicken staple is made with rice flour, instead of the cornflour that gives the quintessential fair food its name. As for the Potato Dog, it’s a leveled-up Rice Dog, coated in cubes of diced potato. If that wasn’t swoon-worthy, the Potato Dogs are available in two stuffed options: half mozzarella and half sausage, or 100% mozz goodness. For the real cheese-lovers, there’s an option to add in cheddar, or go even bigger and top the dog with some of the many sauces on the menu. Better yet, Good Chicken’s dogs are available to order online, either for pickup or delivery via Uber Eats and DoorDash. 

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Panzano Pizzeria’s Cheesesteak Pizza | 71 Walnut Street 

Panzano Pizzeria’s

(Photo credit: @panzanopizzeria)

On their own, cheesesteak and pizza would each undeniably hit the spot on a hungover kind of day. So naturally, when combined in one craveable slice, it’s a food mash-up made in heaven, and diners won’t have to choose between these two classics. Panzano not only brings the meaty, stick-to-your-ribs qualities of the cheesesteak sandwich to a pie, but the pizzeria goes the extra mile by throwing on the French fries, too. The Cheesesteak Pizza is great to split with friends the day after staying out until the last call or enjoy solo as a personal pie. Next time the Cheesesteak Pizza hankering hits, head over to Panzano’s website to place an order for either in-restaurant pickup or delivery. The Montclair pizzeria also has its menu available for orders through DoorDash, Grubhub, Postmates, Seamless, Slice, and Uber Eats. 

Raymond’s Baked Macaroni & Cheese | 28 Church Street 


(Photo credit: @raymondsnj)

We’ve all seen the hearty helping of Raymond’s bubbly Baked Macaroni & Cheese make its way to one of the restaurant’s tables, so we already know this dish is a cheesy dream. With a crispy top and a melty center guaranteed to deliver a satisfying cheese pull, this mac & cheese checks all the boxes. Montclair’s contemporary upgrade on an old-school diner makes its mac with Cabot cheddar, offers the option to add on bacon lardons for extra decadence, and serves it all up in a generously sized baking dish. This Raymond’s signature is also available on the restaurant’s website for pickup or delivery, as well as through DoorDash and Uber Eats. 

Ruthie’s BBQ Texas Beef Melt | 64 ½ Chestnut Street 

Ruthie’s Bar-B-Que

(Photo credit: @ruthiesbbq)

When it comes to comfort food, it doesn’t get much better than authentic, house-made, slow-smoked barbeque. Ruthie’s is bringing that, alongside thin crust pizza, familiar fixins, and a whole lot more to the Chestnut Street eatery. For days in search of a hangover remedy, the Texas Beef Melt is sure to hit the spot. Built with smoked brisket, cheddar, caramelized red onion, and chipotle mayo, and pressed between two slices of toasty bread, it’s an all-around winner. And for those who want to continue the party from the night before, check out Ruthie’s live music lineup for the full blues meets BBQ experience. Not in the mood for a sit-down meal? The restaurant offers online ordering for those who’d rather take their Texas Beef Melt to-go, as well as delivery through Grubhub and Seamless.

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The Corner’s Breakfast Sandwich | 115 Grove Street

The Corner

(Photo credit: @thecornermontclair)

After a long night of bar-hopping, sometimes all that’s needed is the simple pleasure of a really good breakfast sandwich. Lucky for us, The Corner has just that on the menu. In view of the recognizable neon “good vibes only” sign, patrons can dig into the cafe’s rendition of the classic: eggs, house-cured bacon, garlic aioli, greens, and pickled red onion sandwiched in the middle of a buttermilk biscuit. Wash it down with one of the cafe’s fresh-pressed juices to get a bit of a detox going while enjoying a satisfying meal. For when take-out feels more like the move, The Corner also provides the online option to order the breakfast sandwich and thirst-quenching juices for pick-up and go.

Toast’s Disco Eggs | 700 Bloomfield Avenue 


(Photo credit: @toastmontclair)

While diners may have visited one of Toast’s locations in Red Bank and Asbury Park, the “City Diner” is native to Montclair. And in true New Jersey diner fashion, Toast is plating up a twist on a dish Montclair residents and all Jersey locals will know well. The restaurant’s Disco Eggs elevate the standard disco fries to a full brunch by topping gravy and cheese curd-smothered French fries with scallions and two lightly fried eggs. For those who grew up eating the original disco fries or are new to this NJ favorite, this Toast offering is an ideal bite after a night out. And speaking of “after a night out,” Toast offers additional ways to savor Disco eggs from the comfort of home, with a place to order for pickup on the website, plus a delivery option through DoorDash. 

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