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All About Alpha Fit Club: Circuit-Style Fitness Studio in Verona, NJ

by Samantha Bonizzi
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Alpha Fit Club is a premier group fitness studio with locations across New Jersey, and we recently checked out the Verona studio located at 560 Bloomfield Ave. While digital fitness has grown in popularity since the pandemic, there’s still something to be said for attending a workout class in person. Alpha Fit Club proves this, – providing members with a workout that’s both challenging and fun, combined with dynamic studio energy (think low lighting, bumping music, and a pack of people cheering each other on). Read on to get all of the details on the Alpha Fit Club workout, studio experience, and community. 


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The Workout

Alpha Fit Club is a circuit-style workout that features a blend of total body strength training and high-intensity cardio. According to Alpha Fit Club, “Members are put through a strategic progression of Capacity, Tenacity, Intensity, and Remix inspired workouts over the course of a four-week training cycle. Together, these pillars help members build a stronger aerobic engine paired with muscular endurance (and mental strength).” Capacity brings higher duration cardio and longer rep ranges, Tenacity focuses on moderate duration cardio and mid-tier rep ranges, and Intensity equals short bouts of maximum effort paired with lower rep ranges. 

The Ivy at Chatham

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In most classes, members go through six stations over the course of one hour, and the programming for these stations changes daily. With Remix Week, members can expect programming variations that diverge from the typical six-station model. Each class features a mix of different exercises using the sled, ski machine, bike, dumbbells, kettlebells, cable machine, and more, for the ultimate blend of conditioning and strength. The moves are demonstrated by the coach at the beginning of class and are also displayed on the screen at each station. 

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Studio Experience

Alpha Fit Club emphasizes a team mentality, or what they call, the “Wolf Pack”. This inspires a strong sense of community on and off the studio turf. 

“People love Alpha Fit Club for the community,” said Coach Mohammad (Mo) Bader. “You can get a good sweat and workout anywhere, but people stay here because of the coaches and members that make up this community.” 

Within the studio walls, the high-energy environment motivates members – the low lighting, heart-pumping music, inspirational coaches, and encouragement from the rest of the pack. This empowers members to build up to milestones like 100, 250, and even 500 classes, which are then recognized and celebrated in-studio. Off the turf, members come together regularly for special seasonal events, free yoga classes, raffles, charitable opportunities, and more. 

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Joining the Pack

Alpha Fit Club’s mantra is “strong alone, stronger together” and is always welcoming new people to the Wolf Pack. The studio offers a free first class, and all fitness levels are welcome. 

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To anyone looking to try their first class, Coach Mo says, “Come! Don’t even think about it. Just show up, and we’ll handle the rest.” Anthony, who has been a member of Alpha Fit Club since April 2022, reinforced this sentiment in a recent member spotlight on Alpha Fit Club Verona’s Instagram. When asked what he would tell someone who’s on the fence about coming to Alpha Fit Club, he responded, “If you need that extra push to hit your fitness goals, then you found the right place. If you show up, Alpha will do the rest. The community at Alpha is so unique, the support you receive from the coaches and members is amazing.” 

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In addition to the Verona studio, Alpha Fit Club has locations in Glen Rock, Wayne, Westfield, and more. It’s expanding rapidly across New Jersey, with the most recent opening in Short Hills and many more slated for 2023. 

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