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This Montclair Tea Shop Serves Up Lilac-Hued Bubble Tea

by Lisa Batitto
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Taro lovers rejoice! The TeaCompany Cafe, located at 8 South Fullerton Avenue in Montclair, has finally brought back its beloved lilac-hued taro bubble tea. Never had it? We’ve got you covered. Never been to The TeaCompany Cafe? We’ve got you covered there, too. Read on for more about The TeaCompany Cafe and why we love their taro bubble tea.

the tea company cafe taro bubble tea montclair

About The Tea Company

The TeaCompany Cafe isn’t just an ordinary tea shop — it’s all about the experience. Owned and operated by an African-American woman, Sammarah Jackson told MG back in 2021 that her mission is to promote “high-quality, whole, loose-leaf teas at an affordable price,” but also “educating the public more than anything else and providing a safe and inviting space to experience tea.”

The Ivy at Chatham

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Teas and herbs are sold by the ounce and any tea or herb on the retail floor can be steeped on demand, hot or cold. This includes black tea, Pu-erh tea, oolong tea, green tea, white tea, rooibos tea — the list goes on. Plus, there are tons of flavors to choose from.


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The shop also serves items like bubble tea, milk tea, tea frappes, tea smoothies, and traditional flavored sweet or unsweetened iced tea. There are seasonal specials for various holidays. Patrons can also enjoy a selection of lite fare, including homemade soups, salads, paninis, scones, loaf cakes, muffins, and more.

There is also a wide selection of designer and brand teaware (mugs, pots, cups, saucers, tumblers, and tea sets), honey and body products, chocolates, tea-related books for adults, and gifts. Plus, kids can be entertained too with the shop’s kid-friendly selection of coloring books, drawing pads, mini cooking sets, and mini tea sets.

What Is Taro?

The taro plant is a starchy root vegetable with origins in Southeast Asia and South India, and it has also gained popularity in other regions such as Hawaii. Its tubers can be compared in size to a tennis ball, and they have a brown exterior with either pink or white flesh.

What Does Taro Taste Like?

Depending on who you ask, the flavor of taro bubble tea can be described as similar to mashed potatoes, the milk left after you’ve eaten all the cereal, or even buttered popcorn. It has a warm, slightly nutty flavor with a smooth vanilla finish.

How is Taro Bubble Tea Made?

the tea company cafe taro bubble tea montclair

Taro bubble tea is made from taro powder, tea, milk or milk substitute, sweetener, and tapioca pearls. What makes The TeaCompany Cafe’s version extra yummy is that you can customize it to your taste. Add in extra tapioca pearls or top with whipped cream. If you are feeling ambitious, add a flavor shot like mango, passion fruit, lychee, or dark chocolate.

About Those Bubbles

The signature bubbles are made from tapioca starch derived from the cassava root plant. To be honest, the bubbles are mild and do not have much flavor. But, they add a unique and chewy texture to the drink.

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If you have time, sit and savor your tea in the cozy seating area of The TeaCompany Cafe. Treat yourself to a biscotti, a slice of lemon cake, or a few macarons.

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