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Santokh Yoga + Wellness Opens in Montclair

by Sarah Boyle
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We are spoiled for choices with great businesses in Essex County — and lots of new businesses are planning to open up locally in 2022. Among these news spots is Santokh Yoga and Wellness, which opened up on July 14th at 18 Lackawanna Plaza in Montclair. The studio has two large practice studios — including a hot yoga room — as well as an infrared sauna, shower rooms, a lounge area, and more. Read on to learn all about this new Montclair yoga studio.

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All About Santokh Yoga + Wellness

Yoga dates back thousands of years ago, originating in India with a goal of uniting mind, body, and spirit — which is the translation of the word, ‘yoga.’ The team at Santokh kept this in mind when naming this new studio.

The Ivy at Chatham

Santokh is an Indian Gurmukhi word which translates to ‘Santosha’ in Sanskrit and “Contentment” in English,” the website reads. “Contentment is also one of the Niyama as per the Patanjali Yoga Sutra.” The Niyamas roughly translate to observations or duties and act as a set of guidelines for healthy and mindful living.

As such, Santokh’s goal is to utilize yoga to help guide practicers to their own balance and contentment. The studio will offer classes, programs, and events for those who have been practicing yoga for years as well as beginners. Ultimately, Santokh aims to be a space for everyone to come together to merge mind, body, and soul in a safe + welcoming atmosphere.

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You can click here to see the class schedule. Though not every class is on the schedule just yet, Santokh will feature classes in hot yoga, Vinyasa yoga, restorative yoga, prenatal yoga, Kundalini, meditation, and more. Currently, the studio has a promotion where you can try a class out for $15 or get a bundle of 3 classes for $30.

Santokh is joining other yoga studios in the area such as Verona Yoga Studio, Juniper Yoga + Fitness, and Ashtanga Yoga Montclair, among others.

The Space

santokh yoga and wellness space

(Photo credits: Santokh Yoga)

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This 5,000-square-foot space is full of cool amenities. It features two big practice studios, one of which is a dedicated hot room for hot yoga. There’s also an infrared sauna chamber as well as shower rooms and a space for guests to relax in a lounge area. Additionally, the studio has small private rooms for one-on-one yoga sessions. The interior is designed to amplify feelings of calmness and serenity in order to create an ideal environment for practicing yoga.

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