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All About Row House, a Next-Level Fitness Studio Montclair

by Campbell Loeber
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At first glance, Row House, located at 638 Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair, looks much like an average spinning studio. But at this indoor fitness center, the bikes are missing. In its place are rowing machines, also known as ergometers. Row House combines the use of these machines with floor routines to craft a dynamic and synchronized workout in an inspiring, group-oriented environment. The Montclair Girl has all the details to share about this unique workout studio. If this sounds like a fun way to break a sweat, read on to learn more about the workout and the space.

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The Workout

The “erg” is a well-known tool in the rowing community. High school, college, and even Olympic rowers use ergometers when weather prohibits outdoor training. The back of the machine consists of a movable seat that travels laterally along the erg. At the front, an enclosed fan is attached to a handlebar by a chain. A rower sitting at the machine will use their legs to push themselves back while seated, pulling the resistant fan as they go.

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One former athlete in the tri-state area (now a Division I rowing coach) noted that the erg is the only indoor machine able to capture the compound motion of rowing a boat. He explained that the sequence of the exercise, known as “arms, body, legs” is a transfer of power “from the footboard to the fingertips.” To an outsider, this looks like the simple process of stroking an oar or the mere tugging of a handlebar. However, keeping up this consistent motion is no easy feat. It requires extreme endurance and concentration.

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(Photo credit: @rowhousemontclair)

Row House has replicated the tried and true exercise regimen typical of crews across the country. In a group setting, against the backdrop of lowlights and empowering music, participants can come together to tackle this workout as a team. The Row House website notes that while the athletes will be rowing in sync, levels of intensity can differ.

With that in mind, newcomers should not be discouraged. A screen on the machine will provide rowers with the data on their individual performance, but all can move at their own pace. Participants alternate between using the erg and doing a floor routine (complete with weights).

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Novices Welcome

Row House offers a free first class, during which instructors will walk novices through the basics. It is suggested that participants arrive fifteen minutes or so in advance to meet the instructor and get acquainted with the erg.

Students should come with water and it is essential to wear workout clothes that are tightly fitted — a baggier ensemble could easily get caught in the sliding seat. Right now, class information may be changing thanks to Omicron updates, so check the website for alerts when booking the class.

Keep up with Row House on its Instagram and Facebook pages.

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