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We Compiled A List of New Jersey-Inspired Halloween Costumes

by Morgan Rupinski
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October is here and everyone is looking for inspiration for their Halloween costume. We think there’s no better place to look for inspiration than our great Garden State. We took a look at some of our favorite New Jersey celebrities, characters, and pieces of history to compile a list of some great New Jersey-inspired Halloween costume ideas for you. From solo costumes couples’ costumes to large group costumes, we’re confident there’s something in here that you’ll love. If you’re opting out of dressing up this year, that’s okay — you may still learn something new or get a laugh out of our suggestions. Read on to check out some of our best recommendations for New Jersey-inspired Halloween costumes.

new jersey inspired halloween ideas

Solo Costumes

Paul Blart

“Nobody knows this mall better than I do.” And no one knows malls like New Jersey does. This unlikely hero makes a great costume option for those who value justice, family, malls, and segways. With a mustache, a clip-on walkie talkie, white collared shirt, and a badge or identification, you’re all set. 

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Indiana Jones

Arguably one of the most iconic movie characters of all time, Indiana Jones, is a New Jersey native. As a tenured professor at Princeton University, Dr. Henry Walton “Indiana” Jones, Jr. is the perfect costume for those looking to channel their studious and adventurous sides — plus, it’s such a recognizable and well-known character. To create this look, you’ll need the iconic hat, khaki button downs, and a whip. 

Buzz Aldrin

For those looking for a costume that’s out of this world this Halloween season, look no further than Montclair native Buzz Aldrin – AKA the first of two men to walk on the moon. Who knows, you might even find an alien to match! A bonus for this costume is that it’s naturally warm for those trick-or-treating outside in the chilly weather. Any astronaut costume will suffice here. 

Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel

Kamala Khan is the fourth Marvel character to take on the Ms. Marvel title and she’s definitely a New Jersey favorite. Our Jersey City-bred hero is sure to be a popular choice among residents this Halloween season. To snag this look, click here

A Football Player(s)

New Jersey takes major credit in the creation of American football. The first game of football was between two New Jersey colleges, Princeton and Rutgers (Rutgers won). This costume is nothing short of historic and great for any football or sports lover. Plus, a lot of players are either from New Jersey or live locally in New Jersey — so you can pick a New Jersey-based player to elevate the Jersey reference even more. All you’ll need is a jersey, athletic pants, and a helmet to bring this together. Oh, and maybe a football. 

Duo Costumes

Chucky & Tiffany

Chunky and Tiffany, the creepiest dolls in all of history, have their own ties to the Garden State after terrorizing Hackensack. Stay true to the spooky season and your horror movie obsession with a timeless take on these murderous dolls. Honestly, there’s nothing freakier than that. With some overalls, some makeup, a white dress, and a (fake) knife, you’ll be ready to go. 

Harold & Kumar

If you are an avid cannabis lover, Harold and Kumar — a New Jersey duo — probably want to hang out with you. So why not channel them for an evening? Don’t worry, we’ll stop at White Castle on the way home. Grab some layers for this — like a sweater over a collared shirt + cross-body bag, or a hoodie over a graphic tee. 

Jay & Silent Bob

Did you happen to meet your best friend in front of a convenience store when you were an infant? Does one of you barely speak? If you answered yes to both questions, then you’re in luck! Jay and Silent Bob, Jersey-born characters, are the costume for you. Backwards caps, jackets, and a wide-eyed expression for your photos will be the key here. 

Tony & Carmela Soprano

Rolling Stone recently published their list of 100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time, and right at number one is The Sopranos. Tony and Carmela are New Jersey’s most iconic – although sometimes toxic – power couple. Your costumes will be instantly recognizable for any New Jersey native. For Tony: go for a geometric bowling shirt, and for Carmela, here’s an array of outfits to replicate. And maybe a blonde wig, if you want. 

Tom Edison & A Lightbulb

*Lightbulb flashes over head* We have an idea! What a better duo than Edison and his historical invention – light! Lightbulbs were invented right here in New Jersey and are one of the most notable inventions from the state. You’ll be sure to light up any Halloween party you attend all season long. There are Thomas Edison outfits for sale or you could just opt to wear a suit with a bowtie and a white wig. The ‘lightbulb’ can wear a fun lightbulb hat and dress all in black, or perhaps get creative and make your own costume. 

Wanda & Vision

After the events from Avengers: Endgame, Wanda and Vision chose a great spot to hide out and live their idyllic suburban life – right here in New Jersey. The best part? There are so many great outfit choices to base your costume on. Full blown Scarlet Witch style, or heroes in hiding — the possibilities are endless.

Group Costumes

The Belcher Family

Ever since viewers and critics concluded that the Belcher family is indeed from New Jersey, they have become our favorite Jersey-shore based, burge-flipping family. Mix and match any of these hilarious characters for a great group costume option. Bonus points if you own a burger joint. Most of these characters costumes are super DIY and easy to recreate, so long as you have plain t-shirts and a couple accessories. 

Bon Jovi

Not to be confused with the singular man. We’re talking the full on 80s rock band – huge hair, flashy clothes, and a lot of fringe. Fun twist: Make it a ‘Dead or Alive’ edition. Get it? Some members could be ‘dead’? No? Never mind. Opt for big hair, shades, patterned shirts, and patterned or boldly-colored pants. 

The Jersey Boys/The Four Seasons

This one should be a breeze! Four people, a couple of suits, and lots of show tunes. Just try not to get in too big of a fight trying to decide which one of you gets to be Frankie Valli. 

The Jersey Shore Cast

“Cabs are here!” The cast of the Jersey Shore makes for an unbelievably great costume for groups of any size. Snooki and JWOW, Pauly and Vinny, Ronnie and Sam, Deena and Snooki, or any mix thereof. Just be sure to memorize some iconic lines from the show to really remain authentic. Big hair, big duck faces, and you’re golden. 

The Jonas Brothers

From 2007 until 2013, The Jonas Brothers dominated the preteen music scene — and now, of course, they’re back again with more great hits since getting back together. Now you can dominate the 2022 Halloween scene. The Jonas Brothers are probably the most famous New Jersey trio of all time, you’re sure to be recognized for your effort. You can even add in a Frankie Jonas if you have a fourth friend who doesn’t mind being on the fringes. Go for a ties and a preppy look, and be sure to get hair swooping over your forehead for Joe or Nick. Side burns for Kevin. 

Literally Anyone From Gotham City

Haters will say it’s fake, but it’s true! Gotham City is in fact located in New Jersey. Its origins can be traced all the way back to 1977 in the original DC comics. Pick any of the heroes or villains from DC’s most popular city and wear it with pride knowing that you’re repping the Garden State.

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Mr. Monopoly & The Game Board

Monopoly, the multi-player economics themed board game, has its own ties to the Garden State. The streets listed on the classic game are inspired by Atlantic City. This will require all the DIY-skills you have in your arsenal, but is definitely sure to stand out all Halloween weekend long. So long as you’re crafty and can make some fun posters — and have a friend with a mustache, bowtie, and cane — this is a stellar group costume. 

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