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The Best Montclair-Themed Halloween Costume Ideas

by Kristina Helfer
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Deciding what costume to wear for your Halloween party or trick-or-treating trip can be hard, so why not take inspiration from your local surroundings and embody a piece of Montclair history. With so many local celebrities and landmarks to choose from, your costume will be both original and fun! Read on for some festive costume ideas that honor Montclair.


Montclair has been called home by many different celebrities throughout the years. From athletes to actors to astronauts, we’ve got you covered. Here are just a few famous residents (past and present) to dress up as this Halloween.

Bobbi Brown

(Photo credit: @justbobbidotcom)

Makeup mogul, author, and entrepreneur Bobbi Brown have called Montclair home for over 20 years. She and her family were a pivotal part of making Montclair what it is today, bringing business and culture to the area through various business ventures. Dress up as Bobbi herself in a chic/minimalist neutral-tone outfit or one of her sleek-designed cosmetics products.

Buzz Aldrin

This astronaut grew up in Montclair and was one of the first people to step foot on the moon, this astronaut grew up in Montclair. Buzz took three spacewalks, served in the Air Force, and is an advocate for space exploration and education. In 2016, the town honored him by renaming one of the middle schools to Buzz Aldrin Middle School. celebrate this hometown hero by putting on a NASA space suit and doing your best moonwalk down the block.

Christina Ricci

(Photo credit: @riccigrams)

Actress Christina Ricci, best known for starring in spooky film favorites like “Casper”, “The Addams Family” andSleepy Hollow”, grew up in Montclair. Her dark locks and milky skin helped transform her into her supernatural-loving roles on the big screen. Grab a friendly ghost or the entire creepy, kooky family to become one of her famous characters.

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Michael Strahan

(Photo credit: @michaelstrahan)

Current Good Morning America host and former New York Giant Michael Strahan lived in Montclair for many years. Strahan’s career on-and-off the field has been nothing short of inspiring. Dress up in his Giants jersey or a great suit and don’t forget his signature front-tooth gap.

Olympia Dukakis

(Photo credit: NY Times)

Academy Award-winning actress Olympia Dukakis lived in Montclair from 1970 until her death earlier this year. She won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “Moonstruck and is also well-known for her roles in other movies such as “Steel Magnolias” and “In the Land of Women”. Get together some local ladies and dress up as the fiery women from “Steel Magnolias” for a great group costume.

Stephen Colbert

(Photo credit: @stephenathome)

The Late Show host has lived in Montclair for two decades and plays an active part in the Montclair Film Festival each year. Brush up on your political news and best jokes before dressing up as this funnyman. Don a pair of thick-rimmed, tortoise glasses and a suit and tie to personify this Montclair celebrity.

Yogi Berra

(Photo credit: @yogiberramuseum)

The famed New York Yankees’ slugger played in the big leagues for 19 seasons and is known for his hilarious “Yogi-isms.” Yogi was a Montclair resident for years and was a major part of the community, so much so that Montclair State University’s baseball stadium bears his name. Grab his jersey and put a notecard of some of his most famous sayings in your pocket to really embody Yogi to the fullest.

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For an even more creative take on Halloween, personify one of these landmarks to show you’re a true Montclair-lover. 

Montclair Art Museum

montclair art museum mam

The Montclair Art Museum (MAM) has been an integral part of Montclair’s history for over 100 years, since its opening in 1914. The museum is dedicated to honoring our diverse community by displaying collections of American and Native American Art. Visit the museum and choose the piece that most speaks to you and dress up like it for a truly special Halloween costume.

Van Vleck House and Gardens

van vleck gardens

Van Vleck House and Gardens is a 12-acre estate originally built by Joseph Van Vleck Sr. over 140 years ago. The grounds are now open to the public 365 days a year and host a number of events in support of our community. Enjoy the great fall weather by taking a walk through the gardens and pick out your favorite flower for your costume – there are hundreds!

The Wellmont Theater


The Wellmont’s doors opened in 1922 and it has been a beacon for entertainment since. The theater has hosted concerts, plays, and vaudeville (a type of variety show) for decades and has recently reopened its doors post-pandemic. Grab a friend and a comedy and a tragedy mask to become a major piece of Montclair history this Halloween.


A Jazz Instrument


That’s right, in honor of the renowned Montclair Jazz Festival that New Jerseyans look forward to each year, dress up as your favorite instrument or jazz artist! From a trumpet to saxophone to piano, have fun with it! This was the 12th anniversary of the MJF which debuted local and national jazz artists in the heart of Montclair.

A Montclair Bread Co. Doughnut

montclair bread

Montclair Bread Company is not a name you have to live in Montclair to have heard of. This local bakery + restaurant draws a crowd from all over New Jersey – and for good reason. Warm, fresh, beautifully designed doughnuts, it doesn’t get much better than that. Owner and chef Rachel Wyman outdoes herself with every new doughnut creation.

A Movie Prop

montclair movies

Three words – Montclair Film Festival. It doesn’t get more original than that. The highly anticipated festival is around the corner, ending a day before Halloween. Perfect timing to find all of the film festival inspo you need. The 10-day event brings film lovers, actors, and industry professionals to Montclair to view new independent films, comedies, documentaries, panels, family events, and work by emerging artists. Montclair is always home to some of the best acting schools and groups in the area – just ask Anne Hathaway who studied at Paper Mill Playhouse. So, why not opt for a movie prop or tool? A camera, a clapboard, or even a prop from iconic movies like Mean Girls and The Godfather, both of which had scenes filmed in Montclair.

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