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Proposed Taco Bell + Wendy’s in Bloomfield Denied by Planning Board

by Danielle Farina
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On April 12th, the Bloomfield Planning Board first reviewed an application submitted by Finomus Bloomfield RE Holdings, LLC regarding the previous Friendly’s lot at 1243 Broad Street in Bloomfield. The proposed plan included a combined Taco Bell and Wendy’s that has received a lot of pushback from local residents. Many revisions and meetings later, on December 6th, the board officially denied the plan, citing safety and aesthetic concerns with the property.  Read on for all the most recent updates on the proposed Taco Bell and Wendy’s at 1243 Broad Street in Bloomfield.

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What We Know

Yesterday, December 6th, in the Bloomfield Planning Board’s monthly 7PM meeting, the board officially denied the proposed Taco Bell + Wendy’s combination storefront sought to open at 1243 Broad Street. The application, submitted by Finomus Bloomfield RE Holdings, LLC, was first brought to the board back in April of this year and received major pushback from local residents.

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The developers planned to knock down the already existing building at the lot (previously a Friendly’s) to reconstruct the dual fast food location. After several revisions, the final rendering of the project featured 29 parking spaces in front of and behind the building.

According to posts in the Bloomfield Pulse Facebook group, the frontage parking was cited by the board as one of its reasons for the denial, as street-facing parking lots are not characteristic of other businesses in the town. Additionally, the proposed model situated the building 25 feet back on the lot, a revision made by the developers in September. The planning board ruled that, because of the setback, the building would be too close to residents behind the building.


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The board also raised several safety concerns with the property, which have been present among locals and board officials alike throughout the entire proposal process. Per Patch, the lot is located across the way from Brookdale Elementary School, and Bloomfield residents have feared that an influx of traffic at the site could pose a threat to children.

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As of now, the applicant has the right to rework their application and once again vie for the board’s approval. We, of course, will update you with more details as they unfold.

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