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This Hunterdon County Diner is as Classic NJ as it Gets

by Taylor Duncan
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New Jersey is well-known for many things. One of the best parts about NJ are the diners. Residents all over the state have their go-to diner and brag about their favorites, rightfully so. While there are so many good options for diners across the state, one that stands out to both NJ residents and visitors is the Clinton Station Diner in Hunterdon County. Whether it be breakfast, lunch, dinner, or something in between, the extensive menu has something for everyone. Keep reading to learn more about this Central Jersey gem (and yes, Central Jersey does exist).

All About The Clinton Station Diner

The Clinton Station Diner

In 2004, the Clinton Station Diner opened in Clinton, NJ. Located right off of I-78, the spot is convenient for both residents and those traveling through the state. You’ve probably noticed it if you’ve traveled west towards Pennsylvania. 

The Ivy at Chatham

Not only does this eatery have something on the menu for everyone – but part of the diner is located in an authentic 1927 Blue Comet Train car. While you dine, you’re surrounded by a little history. The 1927 Blue Comet train car, called Biela, used to run from Jersey City to Atlantic City. A unique feature of this restaurant, we always love a little NJ history.

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From state history to burger challenges, and sweet desserts – the Clinton Station Diner is a New Jersey dining experience you’ll want to try next time you’re looking for a classic meal.

The Food

The Clinton Station Diner

While we know all diners in NJ are fantastic, you’ve probably never been to one with some of the biggest burgers in the world. Patrons can order generous portions of almost anything on the wide-ranging menu, but nothing compares to the mega-sized hamburgers. From the Zeus Burger to the 105-pound 8th Wonder Burger (yes, you read that right – 105 lbs), the Clinton Station Diner is a spot for food and challenges.

If you and nine friends can finish the “8th Wonder” (105 lbs total) in one hour, the Clinton Station Diner will give you $2,000. That contest must take place between 8AM – 8PM and must be witnessed by diner management. 

If that sounds like a daunting task, there are plenty of other burger challenges. If you and four friends finish the “Mt. Olympus” (25 lbs beef – 50 lbs total) in one hour, it’s on the house, plus you win $1,000. If you finish the “Zeus” (7 lbs beef – 15 lbs total) in 1.5 hours, or bring one friend and finish it in 45 minutes or two friends and finish it in 30 minutes, it’s on the house plus you win $500. And finally, if you finish the “Atlas” (3 lbs beef) in 45 minutes, it’s on the house.

All of these can also be ordered as a non-competitive meal – just call ahead and set up a time to visit.

The Clinton Station Diner

The Clinton Station Diner has been featured in countless magazines, newspapers, and TV show segments for these competitive eating competitions. The dessert case at the Clinton Station Diner should also receive national attention –  it is one like you’ve never seen before. It features over 50 homemade delicious desserts, baked in-house every single day. Might we recommend a slice of cheesecake – yum.

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Fun fact, the diner recently introduced a drive-thru, making it easy for customers to get their hands on some good food.

And bonus: CSD is also equipped with a full-service bar with draft beers, cocktails, you name it.

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