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Adoptable Chihuahuas, American Bulldog, + Irish Wolfhound/Husky Mixes Are Looking For Forever Homes

by Samantha Impaglia
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Meet these seven dogs that are all looking to be adopted and find a forever home in North Jersey. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are Chihuahuas who require some extra love and care, as they were rescued from a sensitive situation. Sandy is a young, loving American Bulldog mix, and Wonder is an Irish Wolfhound and Husky mix who is calm, sweet, and lives up to his name. Read on to learn more about these pups and how you can adopt them from the Wise Animal Rescue team.

‘Days of The Week’ Chihuahuas

The ‘Days of the Week Chihuahuas’ came to Wise Animal Rescue from a hoarding situation and need lots of socialization, patience, training, and confidence-building. Due to this, WAR is recommending that only rescue dog-experienced homes apply for adoption. The pups are of various ages, all female, have to be cat-tested, are good with kids 13 and up, are wee-wee pad trained or trained to go outside, do not like being in their crates, and would do best in a quieter environment — as they have some separation anxiety common in dogs that have lived through this type of situation. All adopters must be home more often than not to be considered to adopt one of these girls.


monday war

The Ivy at Chatham

Name: Monday

Weight: Approximately 8 pounds

Age: 2

Dogs: Monday is currently living with another dog. She can live with a calm dog who lets her be the center of attention as she does not want to compete with another dog for her person’s attention.

Leash Manners: She is learning how to walk on a leash and doing well.

Personality: Monday is a fashionista who loves to show off her latest new outfit — she LOVES attention. She enjoys being her foster mom’s shadow and cuddling with her. She is spunky and a little bit sassy.

For adoption information on Monday, click here.


wednesday war

Name: Wednesday

Weight: Approximately 8 pounds

Age: 4

Dogs: Wednesday is currently living with a large female dog and, while she does not engage in play with her, she does totally fine living with her.

Leash Manners: She is still a bit scared to go outside but is working on it.

Personality: Wednesday is a sweet but timid dog. She loves exploring and learning new things but cuddling is her favorite thing to do. She likes to be near her human at all times and loves being carried around by her foster mom.

For adoption information on Wednesday, click here.

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friday war

Name: Friday

Weight: Approximately 10 pounds

Age: 2

Dogs: She is living with many other dogs and is doing great.

Leash Manners: Friday is learning how to walk on a leash and is doing well.

Personality: Friday is a shy, sweet girl who likes to explore outside. She also loves napping on the couch and getting pets from her foster family.

For adoption information on Friday, click here.


saturday war

Name: Saturday aka Sati

Weight: Approximately 8 pounds

Age: 2

Dogs: Sati is currently living with three other dogs and does great with them.

Leash Manners: She is building her confidence on a leash and learning quickly.

Personality: Saturday is an expert cuddler and lover of turkey. She enjoys sitting in her foster mom’s lap all day and giving kisses.

For adoption information on Saturday, click here.


sunday war

Name: Sunday aka Sunny

Weight: Approximately 8 pounds

Age: 4

Dogs: She is currently living with two large male dogs and absolutely loves them, especially her brother Louie.

Leash Manners: Sunny is building her confidence on a leash and learning quickly.

Personality: Sunday is a sweet, docile girl who loves cuddling her doggy foster brother and foster mom. She also loves being held and would happily cuddle all day and night.

For adoption information on Sunday, click here.

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sandy war

Name: Sandy

Breed: American Bulldog mix

Weight: 50 pounds

Age: 10 months

Ideal Home: Sandy would love a household that will shower her in love and play with her. She is still young so she will need continued training to make sure she becomes a polite lady as an adult. Sandy is very intelligent and is eager to please her handler.

Kids: 13+

Dogs: Yes

Cats: No

Crate-Trained: Yes — she is perfectly content in her crate and sleeps in there without a peep.

House Trained: Yes — she will wait by the door when she has to go out.

Other training: Sandy is very smart and eager to please. She knows basic commands sit, lay, paw, and wait. She responds well when told “no” and is easily correctable. She sits and waits during feeding time and is very delicate when taking treats.

Leash Manners: Sandy walks perfectly on the leash and sits patiently while you put her leash on.

Personality: Sandy is a very loving, friendly girl. She is laid back, but always ready for an adventure. She loves to explore in the yard and go for walks. Sandy’s tail seems to never stop wagging and, when she is very excited, she will show you her wrinkly smile. There has not been a person or dog Sandy hasn’t liked and vice versa. Sandy is very affectionate and loves to give kisses and cuddle.

Why she/he was brought to the rescue: Sandy was rescued from an overcrowded, high kill shelter in North Carolina. She had Demodex mange and was found with barely any fur. Since receiving the care she desperately needed, she has made a full recovery and is doing great.

For adoption information on Sandy, click here.


wonder war

Name: Wonder

Breed: Irish Wolfhound + Husky

Weight: 65 pounds

Age: 8 1/2

Ideal Home: Wonder would do well in just about any home, especially one with a nice, big yard for him to explore.

Kids: 3+ — Wonder is currently living with young children and is doing great. He also lived with two toddlers in his previous home.

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Unknown

Crate-Trained: Wonder is not being crate-trained as he is the perfect gentleman when left alone in the house. He just chills.

House Trained: Yes

Other training: Knows sit, shake, and other basic commands.

Leash Manners: Wonder walks well in his walking collar. He is a big dog though and will need an owner used to walking a large dog.

Personality: Wonder is really a ‘wonder’. He’s a gentle giant who is very easygoing, independent, and likes to just hang out.

Why she/he was brought to the rescue: Wonder was surrendered to WISE by his family when they became unable to care for him any longer.

For adoption information on Wonder, click here.

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