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Businesses Opening in Montclair in 2022

by Ishita Puri
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All over Montclair, a number of businesses opened this year and there are a few waiting on the sidelines to launch early next year. From restaurants to yoga studios, these new businesses will add to Montclair’s fast-growing portfolio of exciting things to do, eat, see, and enjoy. Read on for the complete list of businesses launching in Montclair in 2022.

Disclaimer: If you know of another business that is opening in Montclair in 2022, please email hello@themontclairgirl.com.

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Mystic Lobster Roll Co. | 145 Valley Road

​​The seafood restaurant Mystic Lobster Roll Company is coming to Montclair in January 2022. While construction is still underway, it’s believed that the restaurant is going to have beach-themed decor with a huge ‘surfboard’. Everything on the menu will continue to be lobster-based. There will be classic Maine, New England, Connecticut-style rolls, and lobster tacos.

The Ivy at Chatham

Santokh Yoga | 18 Lackawanna Plaza

In English, ‘Santokh’ means contentment. The latest addition to the ever-growing list of fitness studios in Montclair is Santokh Yoga. Though much information isn’t available about this Yoga and Wellness Center, a ‘Coming Soon’ sign at Lackawanna Plaza has kept Montclair residents waiting for the big announcement.

BoomChia Superfoods | 427 Bloomfield Avenue

This superfood cafe offers quick, tasty, and healthy meals to go all served in a bowl. Customers can customize their meals, allowing them to choose from a range of superfoods as the base and a wide assortment of all-natural performance-enhancing foods as toppings. The menu will also include other offerings such as cold brew coffee, kombucha on tap, fresh and healthy snacks, and wholesome smoothies.

Tino’s Artisan Pizza | 250 Bellevue Avenue

Tino’s Artisan Pizza’s newest New Jersey location is under construction in Montclair, joining its existing locations in Kingston, Ocean Grove, Madison, and Jersey City. The restaurant offers home-style food with fresh, organic ingredients and the time-honored method of terracotta oven cooking. The interior will be similar to the other locations, with warm earthy colors with barn wood and vintage lighting.

The Vestry Montclair | 147 Bloomfield Avenue

The Vestry offers luxury rentals in the heart of Montclair. It is a desirable location for anyone who seeks the advantages of the suburbs but wants to maintain a cosmopolitan lifestyle. The property offers resort-like comforts. With restaurants, delis, and fitness studios all nearby, this is sure to be a prime spot to rent in Montclair.

Illuminate Food | 113 Grove Street

Illuminate Food promotes seasonal and sustainable eating. Illuminate Food chose Montclair as the location for its flagship store because owner/founder Danielle grew up locally in Maplewood and spent much of her time at the height of the pandemic there. Illuminate Food’s storefront will serve as a mini farmer’s market. Customers will be able to pick up fresh produce and products from Illuminate vendor partners in the store. 

J.McLaughlin | 219 Bellevue Avenue

With over 140 retail stores across the nation, J.McLaughlin’s is finally coming to Upper Montclair early next year. The location will be deeply Montclair but still, have a ‘distinctive flair of color and signature portfolio of prints’ seen in the other J. McLaughlin locations. Patrons are eagerly looking forward to the store’s opening in Montclair.

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop | TBD

The concept for the Brooklyn Dumpling Shop was founded by NYC restauranteur Stratis Morfogen, who took his family’s legacy trade, the New York diner, and reinvented it as this winning combination: diner dishes served in delectable dumpling form. The Brooklyn Dumpling Shop — as a concept — will be an automated experience. As a direct effect of Covid-19 and restaurants aiming to offer customers a contactless exchange, The Brooklyn Dumpling Shop will have metal detectors scanning customers’ temperatures and glass compartments with food that open by scanning customers’ smartphones. Patrons can choose from dumplings in over 32 delicious flavors at the shop.

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