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These North Jersey Teachers Are in Need of School Supplies

by The Montclair Girl Team
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With the back-to-school season coming up in a few weeks, students are gathering supplies for school and teachers are prepping their classrooms. Many are in need of supplies such as notebooks, pens, erasers, and more. However, shopping for school can become overwhelming and costly. That’s why The Montclair Girl decided to make the process of purchasing school supplies easier by helping out our local North Jersey educators. Read on for a list of North Jersey teachers’ wishlists for the 2023 school year.

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Myra London — 3rd-6th Grade

Myra is a 3rd grade ESL teacher at Eleanor Van Gelder School in Edgewater. Myra is in need of a new printer, markers, and books for her classroom this year.

The Ivy at Chatham

Link to Wish List

Manon Mincieli — 3rd Grade

Manon will begin her first year of teaching at Riverside Elementary School. She is looking for supplies to add to her very first classroom. She is in need of pencil sharpeners, classroom decor, a wireless keyboard, and more.

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Mindy Marcus — 4th Grade

Mindy teaches 4th grade at Whittier Elementary School in Teaneck. She is looking to make updates to her classroom library as it is very outdated. She is in need of drawers, books, headphone sets, and more.

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Andrea Golden — 2nd Grade

Andrea is a 2nd-grade teacher at Montebello Elementary. She will be going into her eleventh year of teaching where she will teach a 2nd grade bilingual class. Her wish list includes scissors, wipes, math games, and more.

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Nicole Rossi — Kindergarten + 1st Grade Special Education

Nicole has been teaching for seven years in a special education classroom with Kindergarten + 1st-grade students at East Ward Elementary in Newark. To make her classroom as safe + comfortable as possible, the items she is requesting are interactive toys, math games, laptop charging docks, and more.

Link to Wish List

Stefanie DiMeola — 8th Grade Special Education

Going into her 19th year of teaching, Stefanie will be teaching an 8th-grade special education class at Emerson Middle School in Union City. Her wish list includes hygiene products, snacks, and classroom supplies.

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Heather Stetz — Preschool Special Education

For this school year, Heather will be teaching a preschool special education class at Spring Garden in Nutley. Her wish list looks a little different than others because her classroom was destroyed in a school flood back in May. She is requesting books, learning resources, cleaning products, folders, and more.

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Melissa Natale — 5th + 6th Grade Special Education

Melissa will be teaching 5th graders and 6th graders at Little Falls Public School in Ringwood. Her classroom is in need of building blocks, fidget toys, books, and more.

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Jennifer Rose — 2nd Grade

Jennifer is going into her third year of teaching 2nd grade at Nathan Hale Elementary in Carteret. She is requesting items such as books, storage pins, markers, and more.

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Meredith Gray — Kindergarten to 8th Grade STEM

For the first time ever, Meredith will be teaching STEM to kindergarten up to 8th grade at Franklin Elementary School in Newark. For her very first STEM classroom, she is in need of whiteboard paper, stickers, building toys, and more.

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Hendi Cumberton – 9th-12th Grade

Going into the eleventh year of teaching, Hendi will be teaching 9th to 12 graders English at Passaic County Tech in Jefferson. Hendi is requesting markers, card games, whiteboard, and more.

Link to Wish List

Stefania — 4th Grade

Stefania will be teaching a 4th-grade class at Wyoming School in East Hanover. She is requesting notebooks, box organizers, educational posters, and more.

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Cindy Moreno — 5th + 6th Grade Special Education

Cindy will be teaching a 5th-grade + 6th-grade special education class at Harry L. Bain School in West New York. On her wish list, she is requesting books, erasers, organizers, and more.

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John Supel — Kindergarten to 2nd Grade Special Education

Working for over 10 years, John is going to be teaching a kindergarten to 2nd-grade class at Nishuane School in Montclair. To further enrich his students’ learning, he is in need of items such as a calendar, interactive toys, and other fidget toys.

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Kimberly Roche — 2nd Grade Special Education

This upcoming school year, Kimberly will be teaching a 2nd-grade special education class at Watsessing Elementary School in Bloomfield. To better organize her classroom, she needs items such as folders, a storage cart, pencils, staplers, and more.

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Felicia Keelen — 6th to 8th Grade

Working at a Title I school district, Felicia hopes to gather as many supplies as needed for her classroom. Her classroom is in need of a storage cart, tissues, paper, and more.

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Maddie Gerike — 5th Grade

Starting her fourth year of teaching this school year, Maddie will be teaching a 5th-grade class at Leonia Middle School in Leonia. She is requesting items such as wipes, decals, glue, markers, and more.

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Cassie Smith — 5th Grade

Working as a Title I school teacher for six years, Cassie will be teaching science to 5th graders at Passaic Gifted and Talented Academy School 20 in Passaic. Cassie is in need of science books, decor paper, tape, and more.

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Kristina Grieci — Pre-K to 3rd Grade

Kristina is a speech-language pathologist who just moved from a private practice to a school setting. She will be working with grades Pre-K to 3rd. For this school year, she is requesting classroom games, a keyboard + mouse set, toys, and more.

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Mimoza Zaku — 6th to 7th Grade

Mimoza will be teaching 6th and 7th graders the subject of English-Language Arts at Daniel F. Ryan School 19 in Passaic. Her classroom is in need of wipes, markers, decorations, and more.

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