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Studio Air in Montclair: Not Your Average Fitness Studio

by Kristina Helfer
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Studio Air in Montclair is an aerial silks and pole dancing studio that keeps workouts fun and exciting. At the studio, clients’ spirits and bodies are lifted in more ways than one. We chatted with the owner of the studio, Linda ChwanJye Tseui Carrington, about why she founded Studio Air and what to expect. Read on for an inside look at Montclair’s Studio Air.

Founding the Studio

studio air montclair

(Photo credit: @studioair)

Studio Air was opened in September of 2016 by owner Linda Tseui, a local raising her three children right here in Downtown Montclair.

studio air montclair

(Photo credit: @studioair)

Linda’s major inspiration for the studio came to her after becoming a mother. She had just had her second child when her brother sent her a video of a famous pole dancer working on her conditioning. The dancer was deadlifting into an Ayesha (an advanced pole-dancing move) over and over, showing real power and grace. Linda originally shied away from it, admitting she was too scared to try the workout herself.

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After her the birth of her third child, her body was weak from stress and from her core muscles being damaged during childbirth. Linda went back to that video, feeling a need to recapture her identity and strength. This time she didn’t shy away.

Studio Air montclair

(Photo credit: @studioair)

A former classically-trained ballet dancer, she was used to rigid workouts defined by rules. Linda relished the freedom of the aerial silks and pole dancing workouts she was enjoying. It became a pathway to self-discovery and freedom for her, and she wanted to share that with others. Linda finally took the plunge and opened her own studio after seeing how the practice helped her improve her physical and mental strength.

About the Studio

Located just steps away from Bay Street Station in Montclair, the studio is easily accessible to people from all around the area. Linda says she never thought the average person would have access to this type of fitness. It’s a challenging workout that is also fun at the same time. Linda feels the workout is both “surreal and very human,” as it dares participants to step outside their comfort zones.

When asked what sets her studio apart, Linda says, “I think the coolest thing about our classes is that when you first see it you think, ‘I can’t do that,’ and slowly you find yourself doing things you never thought possible. Also, there is a tremendous amount of freedom that comes with this practice. You find yourself enjoying and discovering your strength, your own thoughts and emotions, and in many ways your voice and beliefs. It’s absolutely beautiful to witness.”

The Classes

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There are approximately 13-14 trainers at the gym. There are two categories of classes offered for adults and one for kids. From there, it breaks down into three apparatus for the adults and two for the kids.

The most popular class is the Pole Fundamentals Class – an adult beginner’s class for pole. Linda says that it will improve strength while also giving students the foundations to build upon for more advanced classes. 

The second most popular is the kid’s program called Mavericks, which runs for 12 weeks and concludes with a showcase. The Mavericks program starts at 9 years old and students work on the foundational moves of aerial yoga. Linda says, “The Mavericks absolutely love the wow factor so their favorite things to learn and show off are flips and drops. Our level 3’s who work on Lyra [hoop] love top bar tricks.”

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Heel and floor work options are available for the adults. There are three levels of children’s classes offered that are based on skill and training time. Both groups have access to an additional aspect of training—flexibility—and kids that want to train on the pole are placed into classes with the adults depending on their skill and schedule.

Pole classes are offered on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and silks and hoop classes are offered on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. There are also morning class offerings on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

The Pandemic Effect

studio air montclair

(Photo credit: @studioair)

When the Covid pandemic shut its doors, Linda was unsure if Studio Air would reopen. Linda said, “I have to say a big thanks to our community who really stood with us and pushed to get us back and running. My teachers all took pay cuts and many taught classes for free during the worst of it and brought as much as they could virtually.” Thanks to the dedication of its students and teachers, the studio is open and back to fully in-person classes.

To keep up with the latest from the studio or to book a class at Studio Air, click here.

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