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Sweet Stevie is Looking for His Forever Home

by Katherine Chaves Diaz
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Meet Stevie, a beautiful American Staffordshire that is ready to be adopted and apparently a dog model – look at that face! Stevie is currently in a foster home and is more than ready to be taken to his happy home. He had cataract surgery and is seeing for the first time in a very long time. Stevie is currently being fostered at PAWS. The team shared all about him including his personality, how well trained he is, what his ideal home is, and more. Keep reading to learn more about Stevie from his foster mom and how he can be adopted.

Name: Stevie

Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier

Age: 5-7 years old

Ideal home: The more the merrier! This guy loves attention. Preferred to have a yard for him to run in otherwise he will require more exercise.

Kids: He has shown nothing but love towards all ages of kids, he just wants to give them kisses.

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Dogs: He is good at meeting dogs. He does get very excited and he wants to play rough. We believe he would be happy sharing a house with another dog as they could play together, he just needs to learn how to play with them and he has already shown much improvement in this category.

Cats: He is sweet with everything and everyone and he always wants to play with cats. He would need a cat who would be okay with his energy as he gets very excited.

Crate-trained: Yes, give him a fluffy bed and he will sleep wherever it is located.

House trained: Yes

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Other training: He is excellent at sit, he knows “wait,” due to the past medical needs he understands stairs and “watch,” as we used these to tell him his surroundings. He is in the process of learning “down.” He knows paw and touch if your hand isn’t very far from him.

Leash Manners: He is very good on the leash but when he gets excited or smells something new he does like to pull – if you give him a clear strong tug back and say “enough” or “no pulling” he tends to be more gentle.

Personality: He loves exercising. His favorite would be hiking or a steady jog with a few breaks here and there for him to sniff around. He also loves long walks and a nice big yard. Stevie is nothing short of hysterical, loving, and sweet. He enjoys his naps when he is not exercising as well as sunbathing during the day. He does have quite an amount of energy but calms down nicely. He comes when called and when you whistle and when you want him to stop something. He honestly is the perfect all-around dog. Also, he is not a fan of water but loves to go for walks/runs in it – towel drying is his favorite part!

For more information about Stevie and to inquire about adoption, please fill out an application at [email protected].

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